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for exchange 2004 Proof Double Sovereign

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Very rare opportunity to get your hands on this limited edition, special issue proof double sovereign.

This extremely low mintage proof coin was released exclusively by the Royal Mint in 2004 and will surely be the shining star in any collection.

In 1804, Richard Trevithick built a steam engine that managed to move ten tons of iron, for a total distance of nine miles. He completed the journey in 4 hours and 5 minutes!

The Coin itself celebrates the 200th anniversary of this monumental achievement that changed the world forever. Only 1,500 proof gold £2 coin sets were issued this year.

It is struck to proof standard and is twice the weight of a sovereign.


Weight (grams): 15.98

Pure gold content (grams): 14.63

Fineness: 916.7

Dimensions: 28.4mm diameter x 2mm thickness


Will exchange for:

2017 Proof Sovereign

2017 SOTD Sovereign

2012 Proof Sovereign

1989 Proof Sovereign

Fantastic chance to offload that high mintage standard weight sov that you've been trying to shift for yonks.

# I've just checked. There are none graded PF70 with NGC OR PCGS!!! What a fantastic opportunity, you could be the first B)





My apologies for the camera reflection: This is common with proof quality coins.

(there's no harm in trying :ph34r:)

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I have got a very rare 2017 sovereign with a 200 mint mark – because everyone went for that 200 year old design, almost nobody picked up this first ever sovereign with a special mint mark :ph34r:

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