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Zeek.me - GIFT CARD re-sales

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Thought I would share a nice little experience i have had this past hour. 

I have doing some boring bank stuff, end of year tax self assessment things here  today and getting info from various sources around the house. 

In getting this stuff together and looking in files folders, draws and wallets.  I have found x6 different unused gift cards. 

Given as gifts, kick backs, thanks for good work,  thanks yous from suppliers

* Did they have a balance ?

* when did i get them ? 

* some I know have been in drawers for a couple of years.  If i have not spent now, am i ever likely in future ?

As i kind of adopt a minimalist lifestyle these days and don't hanker for shopping or accumulating things and stuff they are not much good to me

I have a little search on MSE site and they suggest a site called zeek.me a site for gift card resales

So I have a look, nice and easy to register to make and account and give the gift card details.  

Then to my great surprise, every card has sold in under an hour ! Super, super fast indeed. 

The bottom card has sold since i began typing this message! 

Clickerty click. Job done, Nearly £100 in fiat debt tokens coming my way to my bank this week  to get a 1/10's of gold or a few oz of silver of my choosing.  

OK you do give up a little of the gift card value this is where the site makes their cash.  

I would certainly use again.   


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Zeek related....

Topcashback are currently boosting the Zeek payout to 30% from their usual 15%.  Get cashback when buying through Topcashback and then boost it up when exchanged for Zeek credit and then exchange for discounted gift cards.  Some good savings to be had.  You also get Topcashback when buying the gift card from Zeek and the retailer your're buying from using that gift card might even pay cashback as well.  Quidco also have a 15% Zeek boost and during last weeks promo it was upped to 25%.

I bought something a couple of days ago.  After Quidco promo boost, Zeek cashback, Giftcard discount, Retailer cashback I got 40% off retail.

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