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It would be interesting to find out what the total weight in kgs (or even tons :o ) all the members silver put together would weigh, I know it would only work for participating members and members who actually see this and want to participate,

I will start the tally for a laugh, I have 1850 grams of 999 silver






added pics

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1 hour ago, LittleJohnSilver said:

A measly 466.56 grams so far :unsure:.

Nice uniformal looking bars. What brand are they?

Nah dont be down mate, any amount is great even one 1/4 ounce coin is better than nothing at all, I only spend my bob a job money on these so its been about 6 years I been stacking, infact I think I bought more for my daughter over the years, she stacks silver coins.

The bars are SAO = Sheffield Assay Office, and CML = Capella Metals Ltd (no longer running sadly), my mate teamed up with somebody who took over the business and has started selling the bars again under the trade mark Albion, he is the sole seller of these now (new ones anyway), he is very reasonable, open to a bulk discount and very friendly and helpful, especially when I first started stacking and was worried about getting stung or paying over the odds, this is a link to his bars.


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36 minutes ago, JCRJM said:

It looks more in grams ?

We will hopefully move to tons when it gets tallied up, I hope someone is adding it all up.

1 hour ago, Argentknight said:

I have a total of 65,000 grams of 999 silver.

Stop buying so much, leave some for the rest of us, your gonna push the price up as we will run out :P

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58 minutes ago, Bullionbilly said:

Sheffield Assey office. Very nice bars, ive had a few.

Nice bars, you've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
You did what you had to do , you saw it through, with (marginal VAT) tax 'exemption'
You planned each silver buy, each careful step, eyeing the spot price
And more, much more than this, you did it youuuuuuuuuuuuur weigh


Edited by kimchi

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2 hours ago, sixgun said:

Now the authorities will know how much you have when the time comes. i don't have any gold or silver, just used tea bags.

Well would you believe it, I appear to have suffered the sudden misfortune of losing all of my silver in a tragic boating accident.


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