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Well I’ve I have just suffered the worst experience ever of buying from a dealer. Someone recommended GOLDSILVER.BE I believe they are based in Belgium .

I ordered a 1oz gold coin and a 1oz silver coin. 

The total came to £1018 they emailed me an invoice straight away for 1155€ when I went to pay the price wasn’t £1018 it was £1037 and we are talking a few mins . I double checked the price on their site it was still £1018 so I emailed to query the price . 

Wow I have never had so much abuse ? a girl named Eva told me not to order from them again amongst other things.

I sent one back saying they had been recommended and explained their £ rate seemed wrong . I told them thier customer service was dreadful speaking to me like that and I wouldn’t use them again. 

I also sent pictures to back up what I was trying to say re the £ price .

I got another back saying “we don’t care” I have the emails and screen shots I will try to upload they may be in the wrong order but you can see what happened .

I am in shock and very upset , I never had any company treat me like this ?











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I find a good way to get an apology and a refund even, sometimes more is to send an e-mail that goes something like this -


Thank you for your correspondance regarding my first purchse from you and your overchrarging me, blunt bordering on rude, actually no just plain rude - nice, I will be posting this on all the various precious metals sites I am a menber of as well as all the social media sites I publish to, Youtube, Dtube, Twitter, Facebook etc highlighting my experience with your company as a warning to anyone contemplating dealing with you.  Once they are up and running I am happy to send you links so your customer services can learn from it if they choose to, and I would highly recommend they do.  I will be shopping elsewhere and will be recommending everyone else does the same.


On a personal note I have had half a dozen transactions with Goldsilver.be, all a few thousand pounds worth and they all went fine.

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Awful reply from them and not at all a surprise to seasoned stackers here, its happened before and will probably happen again @Janeey

Sadly the transfer between currencies will fluctuate in micro amounts, if they are taking their rate from their own bank and you are taking it from xe.com

For your own part xe.com isnt the exact correctly in its rate

from xe.com own FAQ's

XE Currency FAQ

I compared your rates to other rates and they don't agree. Why?

Our sources are global, which means that data for a currency can be updated even when the markets of its home country are closed.

Because there are many currency markets all over the world, specific rates will vary from market to market.

For example, prices in the New York and London metal exchanges generally follow each other, but are very seldom exactly the same.

You may also be comparing our mid-market rates to your foreign exchange provider's "buy" and "sell" rates that include overheads and profit margins. To transfer money at the best "buy" and "sell" rates guaranteed,

It only takes a small couple of fractions on tenths of a percent to make a gap 

Not that you will probably ever want to deal with them again but i believe folk here have used services like transferwise or currencyfair which use near bank to bank forex rates an and you send them the exact correct amount in euros.  have not done it personally myself but i know lots of folk here have and have posted about it

Easy just to buy in the UK and save these hassles in no particular order of preference or price Chard, HGM, Atkinsons, Baird & Co will always treat you well in my experience & are trusted

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I was just using XE As an example but it was actually transfer wise which I was using to send payment and the amount on their site was way off in £ . I was just hoping for them to explain why as it meant I could buy cheaper in the U.K. . No excuse or reason for anyone to respond in that way . They are probably fine until you need to return or challenge them . Very very bad ?

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14 minutes ago, Janeey said:

Yes, you are right I have not replied.  I can’t believe they are still in business with customer service like that 

And, if you make an unboxing video and upload it to YouTube I will send you a free oz of silver too!

details are here:


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1 minute ago, PansPurse said:

Does it? ****! :unsure:

Using the falsified figures I give my wife of the valuations I believe silver should be ... yes. By using real figures and charts ... no. Silver is sh*t but many people on youtube tell me I will be very rich any moment now .... I am using these projections and you cant stop me :P.

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43 minutes ago, BackyardBullion said:

@Janeey if you want to buy gold from Europe, check out the European mint.


They will see you right and their customer service is infinitely better.


You might want to have a word with them about their outrageously incorrect £ exchange rate, as it topical.  (I noted it... they didnt reply);)

Edited by Martlet

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1 hour ago, Bullionbilly said:

Wow... thats harsh ! 

Its been said in the past there is a breakdown in comms with the launguage barrier but that takes the biscuit ! 

Ive had 1 mishap with there "tone" in emails before but what you got is terrible .

As an English teacher to foreign students alas I have to say imvho that response can only have been learned with intent, absolutely shocking. And I thought Eva was meant to be one of the 'nice' ones :o

1 hour ago, Stu said:

Does anyone mind that chef who became famous for abusing (verbally) his customers, anyone mind his name?

Marco Pierre White.

Another absolute tosser of the highest order. Ramsey is a poor wannabee pretender, stole his schtick and made a career out of it. Interestingly (perhaps, to some) our supposedly good-natured 'blokey blokey' Naked Chef is a complete **** in real life off-camera and one of the most unpleasant people you could ever hope to meet, I've heard from more than one person who's worked closely with him.

Edited by kimchi

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16 minutes ago, Martlet said:

You might want to have a word with them about their outrageously incorrect £ exchange rate, as it topical.  (I noted it... they didnt reply);)

Personally I think you should ignore all £ costs for European dealers. They probably use outdated and/or a wordpress app to do the conversion.

Just note the price in € and hop over to transferwise and plug in the numbers.

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When i dealed with these idiots Eva played the nice guy. It was the guys that hit me with all the cheek.

i do the group orders but dont order myself from them. 

Theyll get what is coming to them one day when their business fails. First sign of a decent competitor would ruin them.

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