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Sweden's Crypto Coin

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No this will be real.


i expect this is part of the same agenda as Swedes being micro chipped.


It is part of the grand scheme. Everyone is to be chipped. Everyone can then be tracked. All details will be on the chip. All currency will be on the chip. A central bank virtual currency is ideal for this. If you are not a good little slave your cryptocurrency will be deleted. Chips will replace keys and passes, all in the name of convenience and security. Those without a chip will be viewed as terrorists and criminals. There will be no cash.

There is the basic income for everyone - Finland is running it. A central bank crypto would mean the chips could all be credited with a keystroke. Sweden will no doubt copy from her neighbour. You give people just enough to survive until you have sufficient dependency and control. Do you want to eat? Then have the chip. There will be celebrities promoting the chip. i have predicted children were be 'abducted' and found mutilated. Children with a chip will be found safe. Parents will rush to have their children chipped. It will be like not allowing the State to inject your child with toxic vaccines is viewed as child neglect, the same will be for the chip. The child cannot go to school without a chip. i see it coming.

Sweden is run by Leftist Feminist White genocidal traitors. No doubt what i have posted here is hate speech in their eyes. They would delete me in one of the re-education camps.

It is all quite predictable. What is happening today, what has become 'accepted' by the mindless masses, was unthinkable a few years ago. It is in the plan and people are going along with it.

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