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Article in the Guardian today

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*sigh* It saddens me when someone in supposed authority misuses term such as "ponzi scheme".  For its problems, this doesn't describe any of them and discredits the banker for saying so.  It leaves him open to counter-argument "so is all currency/markets".  There are no revenues given from cryptocurrency, no one makes makes promises and people simply chose to trade amongst themselves for more and more relative value.  Oh well, more financial dumbing down for the masses :rolleyes:

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1 hour ago, kimchi said:

So none of us missed the Senate hearings yesterday?

More to this than meets the eye imvho.

SEC hearing?  That was pretty positive, let it grow, keep an eye on it for fraud and light regulation if needed, seem to be the take away message. 

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" BIS head says cryptocurrency is a ‘Ponzi scheme’ that poses a threat to financial stability "

So the Bank of International Settlements head, no doubt a Satanist Child murderer (see exposé by Ronald Bernard) says it is a threat to the fiat currency Ponzi scheme. If cryptos were a worthless waste of time how could it ever become a threat? It is like saying a damp fire cracker was a threat to the Chinese Red Army on the march. The mere fact he says it is a threat says everything and that the mind control (govern ment) cabal fiat waste paper scam is anything but an illusion ready to collapse.



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