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The Four Generations of Royalty 2018

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What does everyone think of The Four Generations of Royalty 2018 coin that has been released from the RM today? I've already got the House of Windsor coin from last year and I think they go quite well together with the design of the leaves / wreath going around the side slightly.


What do people feel about these proof crown coins, would you say they are a good buy? Or should it be for the people that really want the coin for the design?

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Agreed.... I avoid all modern Royal like the plague. Always going to end up having to sell it for less than you bought it for.

The UK as a whole is fairly positively royalist, but the types who have a pic of the queen on the wall and buy every piece of royal tat produced are few and far between.

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There are just simply way to many commemoratives for the sake of them imo.............each to his own though and if its your thing go for it,for me I'll keep searching for my elusive mint marks,letter overstamps etc all relating to one or two coins,but as said if its for you go ahead.....................

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