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Good job we're leaving the EU!


Vacuum tubes and valves to be banned across the EU from 2019

Vacuum tubes and valves to be banned across the EU from 2019  ·  Source: gearnews.de

First came the war on filament lightbulbs. Now we’ve heard of a planned EU directive banning valves and vacuum tubes across the EU from 2019. The as-yet unannounced piece of legislation cites “an unsafe, inefficient technology invented in the 1920s” and is, we understand, to come into force from 1st January 2019.

The announcement was allegedly posted on a website run by the European Commission that outlines technical standards applying to all EU member states. The piece was, it seems, pulled a few hours later, yet our staff received a copy from an anonymous email address from someone within the EU legislature.

Spearheading the new law, apparently, is Switzerland’s  EU commissioner on technical affairs, Helmut Ampless. He is quoted as follows:

This ancient so-called technology is inherently unsafe and should be banned as soon as possible. It’s easy to electrocute yourself on these little things, and imagine if a child broke one and was sucked into its vacuum. It’s terrifying.


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Many of the best guitar amplifiers and some accessories rely on valves ( tubes ) as solidstate devices simply do not match their analogue action or the sustain and sweetness of a valve. I hope an East European country or maybe a USA manufacturer will continue to provide tubes especially for vintage products.

I should have read the article before commenting - an April fool ?

Edited by Pete

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