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5 hours ago, Roy said:

What a nuisance. It's going to have to go back though. No 'it's only bullion' BS here.

'I honestly don't know why I bother my arse with the RM',  me too but then I see these5784bccc8654c_2shieldsrev.thumb.JPG.7ad05c386a97b6b54e87fb074a303164.jpg

...and they are instantly forgiven. :P

(pic gratefully stolen from our steve)

Different bunch entirely, but to be fair, in Vicky's day they didn't have to worry about QC and the odd bag mark etc.

Pay homage to William Wyon and Jean Baptiste Merlen.

Edited by sovereignsteve
My memory for spelling of French names isn't good.

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1 hour ago, Roy said:

Quite so.

I wonder though Steve (let's move this to Sovereign Talk by all means), the standard of proofs in that era?

We should but not sure there's much to discuss. There were a few but they are rare, I've never seen one. One thing - they weren't as shiny as the ones we have today. That's all I've got:P

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5 hours ago, Kman said:

@prophet800 mark aside, wow that 1/4 looks beautiful! lovely looking coin and great photography 

Thanks. It's a great looking coin I must admit.

3 hours ago, sovereignsteve said:

We feel your pain :(, hope your luck turns soon.

Three in a row now so hopefully that's it 😏

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Full 5 coin 2017 sovereign set to go with the 3 coin premium set I received the other week. I would post photos but I would have to get on a plane to do so. Technically, the set will arrive after the new year as i dont want it getting caught up in the uk post right now but it is confirmed :) so it counts :) 

Edited by Oldun

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On 17/12/2016 at 22:38, Numistacker said:


Griffin tiny mark on queen so ungradeable

Had two tubes turn up today and only looked at the top one currently but it was spotted... Any spotting on yours?

Now I remember why I've not bought any silver for essentially a year.

Edited by sg86

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