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100g Silver Forum Bars Reservations - NOW OPEN

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So here we have the reservation thread for the 100g Silver Forum Bars!


This thread is specifically for reserving 100g Silver Forum Bars. I will be collecting payment for these bars at a later date (probably starting next week). 

Want a specific number?

So how this will work today is you can reserve specific serial number(s) or just have a random serial number(s) assigned to you from the unclaimed ones. Maximum of 5 bars per person at this stage. 

These reservations will be done on a first come first served basis and ONLY on this particular thread. PM'ing me or reserving on another thread or YouTube etc will not count. 

If there are people who claim the same number I will adjudicate based on the order that your comment appears on this thread. Ultimately I am the referee here so my decision is final. 

Don't mind which number you want?

For those of you who do not want a specific serial number but still want a bar, please type "x1 Any" or "x2 Any" etc. and I will assign you random numbers in due course. Please note that people who reserve "Any" will have preference over people who reserve a specific number later on based on the first come first served basis of this thread. 

I will do my best to update as the thread progresses which serial numbers are available. Please look through previous comments before asking to help with this.

Remember, I am only human and I hope if there are any issues or situations where duplicate numbers are requested we can sort it out cordially!

The following numbers are not available to reserve at this time:-

#1 (reserved for @ChrisSIlver)

#2 (reserved for me!)

#150 (this will be raffled off at a later date)

Good luck everyone!

As a reminder here are the important facts about these bars

Total Mintage: 150

Delivery date: First week of October 2017

Prices: Based on membership as follows

Standard member £83

Premium member £75

Premium gold member £67

Postage: +£3 - However free postage will be offered if you purchase more than one bar. International postage will be more - if you would like an accurate quote please get in touch. 

Maximum order per person: 5 bars (initially)


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3 minutes ago, AgD said:

13 and 15 please BYB


3 minutes ago, Lr103 said:

I'll take 1 bar, any number. 


3 minutes ago, sgcoins said:

I would like to reserve bar No 10 to match the 1 oz bar!!!


3 minutes ago, Rat said:

1 please. Number 35


2 minutes ago, Trumar said:

Number 12 please BYB

All done guys thanks!

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