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Found 63 results

  1. I've recently started making videos of a few of my silver purchases - most of these videos are purchases from APMEX and BullionByPost, but hopefully once I start purchasing or trading here, some pickups from this site might be featured too. Feel free to check them out, if you like (I'm not sure how to make these show up as embedded videos, so the URLs will do for now)
  2. I made a rapid fire video for my push to 1k, but have included a few more surprises. I do hope you all enjoy.
  3. Hello fellow SilverForum members. I have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel showing my first Canadian sovereign. I have now reached 100 subscribers and will run a give away competition, look out for that video this weekend. Also a big thank you to all of you who have watched and subscribed to my channel. Here is the link to my channel. I hope you take a look and enjoy. Thanks for reading. Coin Struck
  4. Hello fellow SilverForum members. I have just uploaded video No 7 to my new YouTube Channel showing an unboxing of sovereigns & gold Pandas just back from conservation and grading. Please can you take a look, like comment and hopefully subscribe. Here is the link to my channel. Thanks for looking. Coin Struck
  5. Hello fellow SilverForum members. Have just uploaded a short video to YouTube showing three beautiful sovereigns that have just returned from grading by PCGS. Please come & take a look and let me know what you all think. Appreciate is you can subscribe to my new channel. Have a great day. Channel link below. Coin Struck
  6. Hello, Uploaded my second video to YouTube this week. It covers my visit to the ANDA coin fair in Perth, Western Australia, and my pick-ups from the fair. Please take a look at my video and let me know what you think of it. Am keen to build up the channel and will be adding a third video soon with a few unboxings. Thank you all & I hope you subscribe. Link to the channel below. Coin Struck 2019-02-12_coin_festival.mp4
  7. Hello fellow SilverForum members. I recently uploaded my first YouTube video called "Coin Struck`s First Video". It's an introduction to what I love to collect - sovereigns, Chinese Pandas and Perth Mint coins. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Also yesterday I uploaded video 2 which is about a coin fair held last weekend in Perth in Western Australia. Thanks for reading. Coin Struck 2019-02-10_FIX.mp4
  8. How does the Forum feel about the sustained online attack of free speech by the internet giants? Youtube are now effectively shadow-banning any independent news outlets that do not conform to corporate media narratives. Any channel that produces 'borderline content', as deemed so by Googletube, will be targeted for digital isolation. They've already had several recent crackdowns after tightening fair use conditions: purging 'extremist' channels completely; deleting videos they or someone else has deemed offensive; restricting channel functions for minor and highly debatable infringements; politicized demonetization of channels, and loads, loads more; and the clamp down has been coordinated between Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal and Patreon. This latest one is nasty though; the most professional channels and content creators, who have already managed to raise their game and survive the restrictive and hostile environment in which they are forced to work, are now being isolated to a digital prison. A couple of weeks ago they even took down the Rage Against the Machine music video for Sleep Now in the Fire. That's fkd up. It isn't just digital era book burning - they're on the verge of digitally torching whole libraries, banning the public discussion of anything that questions authority and purging cultural history of anything that offends the corporatocracy. This guy seems to be one of the most prominent targets of the latest clampdown, which makes his analysis and ongoing experience well worth watching:
  9. Not to sure what to say but here it goes. I would like to share a little edit I made showing my small collection of perth mint Kookaburra coins (also I hope any fans of kellys heroes like it and hopefully agree silver> gold ). Link to video : Video contains the following : 2018 1kg Kookaburra 2018 10oz Kookaburra 2018 1oz x 20 Kookaburra 2017 1oz x 20 Kookaburra About Me: I study theoretical physics in uni and also like silver . I think that is all that needs to be said Also 2 other things I have a custom spreadsheet I use for tracking my stack and its current value (either based on = spot, buy bag prices or prices on dealers websites) so do let me know if you have any interest in seeing it and maybe using it (still working on some app scripts for getting price of coins based on price offered by dealers) . I will hopefully start posting some photos of my stack .
  10. I am looking for pourers of Silver Bullion to feature in my "pourers section " on You Tube. I have been emailing all my contacts and new ones that were recommended to me. If anyone knows a pourer that I have NOT featured yet can you ask them to get in touch please.
  11. Dear friends. I hope that this is not too much of a self-advertisement, but I would like to introduce you to my YouTube channel. I have published a lot of videos on coins, bullion, grading, fake coins etc. on YouTube in German, but now I want to start a weekly video with English speaking news. Are you interested in what a fellow stacker from Germany has to say? Here you find a short introduction on my channel and myself: Here is an overview on the German coin programme for 2019: Here is a sneak peek on the Kookaburra, Lunar and Somalia Elephant coins for 2019: Here is a report on a recent scandal of an 18 year old who managed to sell fake gold for 300.000 euros to a local bank: It is still very hard for me to be relaxed while speaking in a foreign language, but I supposed that I will get in the flow while shooting more and more videos. I will upload one English video per week and start subtitling the other German videos with English translations (I do a lot of grading videos, for example). Please let me know what you think of my YouTube activities ... and if you like them, please become my follower 🙂 Best wishes and greetings from Germany Sebastian