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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 7 results

  1. What made some of you start collecting or stacking, I used to see the odd program on the TV decades ago where they brought up precious metal bars from shipwrecks etc and thought to myself I would love one of those, then I think the thing that finally did it for me was when the first ever Bullionbypost adverts were shown on TV, they highlighted the fact that the ordinary man on the street could now buy something like this and there was sizes/weights for all pockets available, I then spent a while doing a lot of research, looking at prices and feedback for different dealers, read lots of articles on this forum, subscribed to channels like Backyardbullion, cybercurtaintwitcher, numistacker, silverslacker and others on youtube before making my first purchase about 4 months later. I stack only bars from CML, SAO and Albion, I love the simplicity of them and the fact they are poured, British, hallmarked. I prefer silver to gold (always have colourwise since a kid, I was the one who wanted the silver glitter to make a picture when everyone else wanted the gold ) luckily for me its much cheaper, I stack firstly because I like the shiney stuff (like Golum out of Lord of My Ring) and secondly in the hope that it will make a profit for me when I fully retire in the not too distant future. My first ever piece was a 100g Sheffield Assay Office bar
  2. Could not find anything similar via the search function ( Please let me know if I missed an existing thread) As per title, Show us your stack!
  3. jayboat

    The Royal Mint signature gold service

    Hello, Ive been stacking silver the last few years and own a very small amount of gold but after emptying my ratesetter amount, i need to move that money somewhere else. I had thought about just buying a load of sovereigns but then i came across this and seen you can invest from only £20 and they claim you get close to spot. You are charged 0.5% of your holding vaule once per year for storage fees and you can not take deliverly as you are buying into a 400 oz bar, hence the close to spot price. I am not sure about it because i have always read if you dont hold it, you dont own it and i have told this the people as well. I am thinking the royal mint should be safe enough but its still breaking the rule. Was just thinking it could be a very liquid way to hold gold while adding little amounts here and there, while continuing to adding to my silver stack. I tried to search the forum and google with little results are honest reveiws. Has anyone ever used this are something like it?
  4. Greetings everyone, I have only been stacking / collecting for a few months now. I have been watching many YouTube videos and have started subscribing to some great channels. Numistacker sent me here from a recent YouTube video and I have already watched many videos from members of this forum. Boy is there some great information out there and I have much to learn. At this time I am unsure if I am a stacker or collector but am leaning towards collector first. There is so much wonderful silver out there I have a hard time thinking price will be my only consideration. I look forward to being part of the community.
  5. This may have been done before, but i dont think a poll. Was just looking back over some old stuff and got to thinking about how i have been stacking 4 and half years now. I wonder if i will still be doing it in another 5? Maybe its become put of the routine to put that little bit of money to the side every pay day for buying some silver. Would be interesting just to know what type of mix up we have here on the forum, some people stacking for longer than me would have gone through the 2011 jump, others stacking for longer may have bought silver at under £4-5 spot!!!
  6. jayboat

    Ordering from the US to the UK

    Hello, This is something i have been looking to try for a long now, maybe 18 months but i cant seem to pluck up the courage to pull the trigger. I have dozens of times filled the basket at one of the US dealers with everything i cant get over here, decent rounds and bars. We are very limited to what can get at a decent price in the UK. Even with vat taken into account, the prices are still ok. That can be overlooked for the selection of stuff you get. The killer for me is postage. For me to be able to justify the postage cost, i would need to put in a £1000 order. My norm is around £500, so that would mean saving twice as long the make an order. Just really looking for someone who has ordered and received silver a few times from the US to share some wisdom. Cheap shipping, cheap transfer from £-$ (I have transferwize), best places that do not mark there parcels bullion if there are any, all that stuff. The stuff you cant find in guides, first hand experience.