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Found 15 results

  1. Hello all! I'm from Michigan, United States. Just recently got into the stacking and collecting communities. Only just began my stack with a 2017 Canadian Maple Leaf and a 1994 Silver Eagle. (Along with minor junk silver) I'm also currently in the process of collecting every circulated coin from 1994. I've got a spreadsheet going and I chugging along, making a small dent! Very much looking forward to my future coin collecting. Have a wonderful evening, TripleStacker
  2. Hello to all, My name is Michal and I stay in Scotland. I am a stacker, right now am focusing on silver but ll go gold as well at some point. My story is simple I was cliff saver for most of my life because saving money was taxed by inflation but at some point in 2017 I realized it is way to nowhere. I started to explore options and gain knowledge about various investments. Get rich quick mentality is fare behind me I just want to save my money and not been punished for it and that is why I am in PM now. I ll trade some of my stack if need fiat for other opportunity when it happen but i realy appreciate peace of mind which something physical provides. I was thinking what if I have/want to sell my stack, merchants are rip off, so I was looking for PM enthusiasts which ll give me better deal and it will be win win situation and found this forum. Regards to you all.
  3. Hi All, I'm a stacker from West Country UK. Got into it five or six years ago. Just short of a thousand ounces atm, with a few extra in gold. I've done a bit of selling on ebay in the past, thinking of getting into it again and also looking to get kitted out to try a few pours of my own soon. Used to get my bigger chunks VAT-free from Estonia via, never had any problems with them- recommended. I've been impressed with BYB on youtube and found this place through them. Hoping I can be a part of the next group order, and maybe score a ripple bar or two in time. Also hoping to connect with a fellow local stacker or two - I'm always up for a bit of trading. Its great to find a UK based silver community - they don't make it easy for us do 'em! Regards
  4. Never bought silver online before. Here is what I got with my first ever purchase!
  5. Hi guys my newest Close Up video thanks to anyone that gives it a watch ?
  6. Hi uk silver stacker here ! Fairly new to silver so joined to learn of you lovely people. Started buying silver and was hooked so I made a YouTube channel to showcase my buys and so I could react with other YouTubers, the people on there a super nice so I thought I’d come on here aswell ! If I make any mistake on the forum please let me know . This is the first forum I’ve ever joined ,if your interested here’s my channel thanks guys
  7. Hi, finally I have signed up for this website after a long time of thinking about it! I have been stacking on and off for the last two years and now as I buy more and more I am starting to turn to the collector side of things(occasionally). Hopefully I will start uploading to youtube some of my coins and bars I have so far. So for when that day comes look me up JCRJM Production. Good to finally join the community!
  8. Hi All, This is my Youtube Channel. Please leave a comment on a video if you watch it. The channel will have fresh content daily, the purpose is to help others. [1] - Should I buy fractional gold coins? [2] - What gold coins to buy for investment? [3] - How much do you spend on precious metals? [4] - What coin did i buy from Australia? [5] - How to store precious metals? [6] - Perth Mint Lunar Series 2 (UPDATED)
  9. This may have been done before, but i dont think a poll. Was just looking back over some old stuff and got to thinking about how i have been stacking 4 and half years now. I wonder if i will still be doing it in another 5? Maybe its become put of the routine to put that little bit of money to the side every pay day for buying some silver. Would be interesting just to know what type of mix up we have here on the forum, some people stacking for longer than me would have gone through the 2011 jump, others stacking for longer may have bought silver at under £4-5 spot!!!
  10. As the titles asks, Do you ever think to reevaluate your stack? I dont have a huge stack but its decent at around 500 oz with 30 on the way. I have 132 different pieces according to my excel sheet, of course this number grows with every order. This in time will make my exit plan very time consuming. I often think about what if i stuck to buying my core coins, the 12 coins i stack every year religiously and cut out the rest, all the fun coins i buy just cause they look nice are, are new release coins that everyone else is getting them so i have to get some too What if i sold everything i have except for my core 12 and used the money to reevaluate my stack into those 12 coins from years 2015+ I started stacking at the end of 2013, learnt from mistakes in 2014 and got more organised in 2015. I know if i did this, i would roughly gain 25-35 oz's in the process and i would have a clean catalogued stack that would be easier and quicker to exit with. Core 12 - China panda, Congo gorilla, libertad, koala, Kookaburra, Perth lunar 1/2 oz, 1oz & 2oz, Somalian elephant, Uk britannia, Uk lunar series and finally kangaroos added in 2016. Some may think that 12 is still to many but i stack these because everyone knows them, they are easy to resell and i enjoy watching the date runs grow every year. I would make some personal stack with my brit date run, SBSS coins and 1 offs for under the bed, no more than 50 ozs. The master plan is to stack my core 12 for 5 years. Then each year after i will flip the oldest coin and buy that years. So in 2020, i will flip my 2015 coins to buy 2020's, maybe sell 20 to buy back 23-24 and get my stack to become self-funding. Oz's over premiums. Plus i would like to invest else where in a couple of years so my pension is not in 1 pot, still have 30+ years to go so plenty of time. But the self fundng thing is important to me, semi-passive pension fund with a few weeks of selling and buying each year. Nice wee pot off the rader away from the tax mans preying eyes. Second thought, my new avg per oz would make me cry Anyone ever thought of doing something like this are has done it? It seems like a good plan but it maybe boring not getting those 1 offs, the spice to the stack, Any thoughts?
  11. Hello, This is something i have been looking to try for a long now, maybe 18 months but i cant seem to pluck up the courage to pull the trigger. I have dozens of times filled the basket at one of the US dealers with everything i cant get over here, decent rounds and bars. We are very limited to what can get at a decent price in the UK. Even with vat taken into account, the prices are still ok. That can be overlooked for the selection of stuff you get. The killer for me is postage. For me to be able to justify the postage cost, i would need to put in a £1000 order. My norm is around £500, so that would mean saving twice as long the make an order. Just really looking for someone who has ordered and received silver a few times from the US to share some wisdom. Cheap shipping, cheap transfer from £-$ (I have transferwize), best places that do not mark there parcels bullion if there are any, all that stuff. The stuff you cant find in guides, first hand experience.
  12. New stacker (silver hoarder) here from London - mainly after bullion, best value for money not too concerned with numis but I can see how this may change over time. if in the UK (or ship to the UK when you sell stuff) add me on IG: londonstax always inspiring to see and connect with other investors and learn more, we are a small percentage of people!
  13. Hi, I have been lurking for a while but have finally made an account! I am interested in super slow stacking. I got started by sending my smoking money to the local odds and sods shop and then got into eBay. I was going to start using stg but the prices crept up too much after brexit.
  14. hi everyone, i am steve from liverpool.i have just got into silver stacking and trying to learn as much as poss. my current holding is 5x 1 gram silver pieces, 2 x 100 gram silver bars, 2 x somali 2016 elephant silver coins and 1x 2016 britannia silver coin. so hello to everyone and look forward to learning from you guys and geting involved with you.