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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 610 results

  1. Hello, I'm 21 years old what would be the best to start investing in gold or silver coins? Thanks
  2. Trying to do a poll but it's not letting me... hope this will fix it So the title says it all, I want to do a giveaway for my subscribers, to help promote my channel. Wanna do something in the 200-250$ range so I am thinking about 10 oz silver bar or 1/10th oz gold coin If you have suggestions I am all ears (eyes?)
  3. Wow, I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. And a special thanks for the donation
  4. What a shame in my opinion to have a great design let down by packaging
  5. Thank you all and everyone who has been supporting my channel. Thank you to the unsung heroes who are working hard to help with verification.
  6. APMEX


    APMEX, Inc., based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is the world's largest online retailer of precious metals, with over $6.5 billion in transactions since its founding in 1999. The company offers more than 10,000 gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins, bars, bullion, collectibles and other numismatics products from various mints. APMEX is an authorized purchaser and dealer of the United States Mint, The Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, The Royal Mint and others. You can check price of precious metals here: Gold Spot Prices Silver Spot Prices Platinum Spot Prices Palladium Spot Prices
  7. Thank you @morezone I have started to fill her up.
  8. What are your thoughts on hand poured silver? I've been a stacker for quite some time now. I got bored with coins so I started pouring my own products. Check out my page and please comment in this thread! Cheers!!
  9. First to show the New released Dinosaur series from the South African Mint
  10. I’m looking at getting a couple of the Star Wars silver coins but I’m wondering what people think of them ? Do you think they will be worth getting I’m thinking that they could go up a lot in value but not sure
  11. Hi everyone, Looking to purchase some silver Britannia coins. I've used bullionbypost for my first purchase and had to pay VAT. I have found and Wickham silver today and am wondering has anyone used these sites before and if so how was your experience using them/were your orders satisfactory? Kind regards, Alan
  12. Hey guys I'm a new member of the forum and I just made my first silver purchase. It was from SD Bullion for their 5 oz liberty bell bar at spot and I added 5 "generic secondary rounds." Well I got an Apmex, 3 SilverTowne buffalos and then this one which I need HELP finding out who makes it. I've included 2 pictures to show you the round! Tysm!
  13. Hi. Does anybody know any good cheap glass single pass or multiple section distilling system that can get close to nonconductive water in purity? I'm wanting to get extremely pure water to use with my silver well (silverpuppy) colloidal silver maker. I have been sick and using an off the shelf purified water in recent times, but the results have been from unimpressive to bad. I found that using my kettle like distiller, distilling the same water seven times worked like a charm, though doing three times wasn't far off that. But this is expensive and takes days to get through, and the stainless steel in the device adds it's own pro inflammatory impurities (and if you use the charcoal filter to get rid of that, you are back at square one with impurities). So, I've resolved to explore a more continuous single or multipass distilling method, but don't know what I'm looking at? Many thanks for any constructive help.
  14. Got this in my christmas box from my daughter this year, will come in handy for all the expensive books I got for christmas, makes a nice change silver usually only goes one direction with her
  15. A big thank you to everyone, I was hopeful to be over 1000 subscribers by now, but sadly this hasn't happened. However I am determined to reach this milestone with help from friends and the community.