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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 379 results

  1. For a good portion of the summer I stopped buying any coins, gold or silver, proof or bullion, because I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the series that are available. There's the Chinese Panda series, the Chinese Lunar series, the Britannia Series (my personal favorite, but not much love from a lot of collectors nowadays), the Great Britain Lunar series, the Perth Lunar series, the Canadian Lunar series, the Rwandan Lunar series (these are quite lovely, but I didn't set aside cash for them or buy any 😥), the Canada Predator series, the Kangaroos, the Kookaburras, the Saltwater Crocodiles, the Birds of Paradise, the Emus, and the Sharks. The Queen's Beasts, the Lion Dollars, and the Bisons. Not to mention the Ukrainian Archangels, the Isle of Man Nobles, the Niue hawksbills, superheroes, and star wars coins. Colorized coins, incuse coins, concave coins, egg shaped coins, coins that are square, coins that have scalloped edges, and privy marks on everything! Just tossing a discussion out to the Forum in general. Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by all of these? Are there forum members that have culled down their collections and eliminated collecting certain series? If so, which series are you avoiding or stopping?
  2. jonrms

    Surprised!!! DSM

    The Second featured pourer that I am funding to showcase and collect hand poured silver from around the world. This time it's DSM. And boy oh boy did she go out of her way to help.
  3. Nice new coin series coming out in silver 1 oz, gold 1 oz and fractionals, and some set I aint impressed with that the only difference is colours on the back of each coin.
  4. I just bought one and can't wait. I also bought the appropriate solution for it. I wanted to know opinions. And what about tumblers??? Anyway going back in my workshop before my new video game arrives CALL OF DUTY... Will be here before 6pm. But apparently I am not able to load it until 6pm tonight. If it crashes I will be p155ed
  5. Ok folks. I have the last two English versions of the Bullion Book: Silver Coins for Collectors and Investors. Lucky last ones. Posting Monday. £10 or 15 Euro - other currencies, please ask. Please message in interested.
  6. Thought I would start a topic of items made from precious metals that are works of art, I am not going to concentrate on the price nor what they are worth but the work that has gone into them either in skill or their uniqueness, I will continue adding to this post as I discover things that leave me in awe while surfing the net and invite the members of this forum to, too, dont worry what others might think, put stuff on here that matters to you, it does not even have to be something you would want to own, but just like it, I have many links to stuff I really like but will not flood this topic straight away. I will start things off with this, I think they are gorgeous, I wouldnt like to carry one in my pocket though as they are legal tender, I think one of those antlers might mash one of my lovespuds There is others in this set, a wolf and a ram, I think the one above looks the best though, maybe as it does not look to reflective.|productpage|youmayalsolike|10_oz_Pure_Silver_Gold-Plated_Coin_-_Sculpture_of_Majestic_Canadian_Animals_Bighorn_Sheep_-_Mintage_1200_2017&
  7. Getting closer. Thanks to the Forum and @BackyardBullion for his advice
  8. Croatianstacker

    Show your stack.

    Hello maybe we can make a thread where we show our stack and discuss about it ?
  9. All is great, fantastic buy from a forum member.
  10. caloundracats

    Don't die in Switzerland!

    We might all like our precious metals, but not so sure about this. I'm not planning on being in Switzerland when my time is up - are you?
  11. BobbySpags

    Home made silver bars

    Hello everyone! I have been collecting silver for years, but only recently got a home made smelter set up going. I would love to find other people who are seasoned smelters and pick their brains with some questions. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be most appreciative.
  12. Here is a video I have wanted to do in different parts but decided to make in to one
  13. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    Chards - VAT Free Silver

    Good morning, *NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT* Following on from a number of customer requests for VAT free silver we are proud to announce we have finally got a handful of products live on the site which include 1 ounce silver coins and a Metalor 1 kilo per owned silver bar. Like other providers of VAT free silver we offer storage outside of the the UK but instead of Switzerland like others our storage facilities are in Guernsey - a bit closer to home if you ever plan to pick up your coins or bars in person! It is worthy to note if you do take delivery you will be subject to pay the required amount of VAT. For those not fussed on taking delivery (we understand this is not all customers) and happy to leave their silver in storage we do hope our premiums and storage costs are to you liking. You can find all of our products available VAT free on this link here. Watch the link above for the addition of more silver products in due course. All the best, Ian
  14. NuCoin

    ZAR coin collectors

    I was wonder if there are much people that collect ZAR Paul Kruger coins, the numismatic coins, I’ve been working on the collection for sometime now and building up to try and find some good conditioned add to the collection I’m building up..proof coins are extremely rare and are only minted in the years 1892...especially finding high grade 5 shillings (crowns) they are rare, and abit pricey. Though I must say the ZAR coins have a really nice history to them from the time Paul Kruger was president of South Africa
  15. Hay Guys from South Africa, thought I’d finally join the silver forum, I’m mostly numismatic silver collector.. very big in to older coins ...specially when it comes to designs of older coins, I’m currently working on my South African PRE-Union ZAR collection and building it up, I do aswell collect other foreign coins aswell when I’m not busy with the ZAR collection,
  16. danmc82

    Best Looking Coin

    Following on from the worst looking coin thread, what do you think are the best looking ones? I'll start, mine are quite random but I've always loved the look of these...
  17. I did a bit if a shout to the Silver Forum, and 2 members @kimchi and @arshimo2012. I hope you enjoy, I think the first proofs are good, but the only one I would sell ( if I poured these for sale purposes) would be the 2nt ACE. The poppy came out good but was just short of silver to finish, so it will stay in my proof collection. Now I will get onto making ones which are perfect, and I will finish these off by stamping them, 1) for practice 2) to ensure they remain as my FIRST ever produced proofs.
  18. I hope you all enjoy, Added 0 minutes later... Stamped by me badly now too. LOL.
  19. Croatianstacker

    When should i buy silver ?

    Hello, I'm planning to buy 20 oz of silver but I do not know when should I buy it now when it's cheap or should I wait longer to see how much low could silver go ?
  20. jonrms


    I hope you enjoy.
  21. Kev1990

    What’s this spot on kilo bar

    Hi I’m new to stacking I made my first order from jm bullion on eBay a kilo bar ,I got this bar with a unusual spot on it any ideas what this is?
  22. how well has silver been a store of value since 1900? HH
  23. VonHaida

    My first attempt at antiquing coins

    I was a bit bored tonight and decided to give it a go. I must say I was scared that I am gonna ruin the coins but overall fairly happy with the result. The only thing which bothers me is the tiny little holes in the small letters and around the edges. Any experts around here who could help with the hard to reach spots ? I used dremmel with the buffing accessory.