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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm new here so would just like to introduce myself, my name is James I'm from Manchester UK, I have recently started stacking silver as a way to save for my daughter's 21st who is currently 1 years old so for the next 20 years, my budget for silver is around about £100 per month, may increase in the future, I'm currently paying between £20 and £22 per ounce, but as a noobie I'm not sure if that is acceptable, any advice or tips you guys can give would be much appreciated.
  2. I have 2 pocket wat h chain I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with make year and value any help will he much appreciated . I have a few photos but will not let me upload can email them directly if needed.
  3. Pulled the trigger last night on an order and decided to add it into my excel spreadsheet. As i was adding in new coins, i noticed that the total oz's was not going up. I decided to explore and found that my formula was only adding upto a certain point about 10 coins from the bottom. After correcting the mistake, i seen that i had gained 24oz. At first i felt excited like i had just gotten something for free, FREE SILVER But than after a few seconds, i thought, wait, i have not gained anything here. These ''extra'' 24oz were stored away safely the whole time, i already had them. Got me to thinking that maybe i should just manually count the whole stack every year are so just to make sure i have what i think i have. And on the plus side my avg per oz want down nicely as my undated stuff is at the bottom of the sheet and i had a 10oz stacker bar in there that i bought for £110. £11 an oz days are gone i think. So i feeling very happy about that, Anyone ever think they have gotten some silver/gold for free somehow? Are ever did?
  4. As he title says, this is my 2016 silver stack round up. Woke early today and have been finishing off my 2016 excel sheet and getting 2017's sheet ready. Looking at the numbers, im very happy. I was able to buy alot at the beginning of the year when the price was down and got a few more decent orders in before brixit. I can see that i finished stacking my yearly mint releases in July with the libertad being the last coin release. I am hoping i can finish 2017 a little more early so i can buy some other stuff like bars are bits of gold before new coins are released in Sept. The i am happy is because as far as im aware i only take £30 out of my pay every week for silver but i have stacked 257 oz's with a complete stack avg of £16.20......... go figure My complete avg at the end of 2015 was £16.45 so im winning there. Bargins were plentiful this year for me, on ebay i got a 10oz scottsdale stacker for £130, 2004 kook for £21.30, 98 brit for £21.99 and some good mixed coin job lots, all .999 bullion. Then there was that brittannia offer were a stamp website from Denmark i think, sold brit's for 19 euro each, they had from 1999-2005, then released 06+07 later on. I filled my boots with want i had in my silver account, i think they offered free postage for orders over 140 euro. Alot of people will remember that one, it was a very hot tread. I did my first swap and buys from the forum. Sovereignsteve swapped me 3 brit's that i needed to complete my date run in exchange for 3 brits that were worth more but i only paid 19 euro for so win/win there I got a tube of 2012 brits from a vat free Atkinsons offer which was nice, got those for £1840 each. Got my second NGC coin from silveraddict90, uk lunar sheep for £30 posted and finally my first zombuck from moterbikez for £24 posted. Had a polish guy from work bought a 2008 5oz Libertad after we were talking about silver in work and when he moved back to Poland, he swapped it with me for 8g of herbal tabacco. He basically smoked a 5oz coin in 3 days and i will still have that coin in years. I also added a few SBSS coins this year as i have done all my ordering with They seem to have a wider selection and are cheaper. My ordering this year has been better compared to others. 2013+2014 was mainly small order from ebay, atkinsons and a few uk off shore sites. 2015 was mainly STG and atkinsons and 2016 has been all goldsilver. Of course there are a few other under £25 buys here and there but always goldsilver for all bigger orders. So to sum it all up, i doubled up my stack in oz's, complete stack value is up 156% from 2015, completed my Britannia date run and have enjoyed every minute of it. Its really turned into a hobby investment for me now. On the forum every day, checking for bargins on ebay are for vat free silver from atkinsons every day, then watching videos and other stuff. Its been a good year for my little silver stack. Whats your silver stack year been like?