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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 26 results

  1. Hi Everyone I am looking to purchase fine silver bars and coins. I am looking for 100g, 250g, 500g and 1kg or 1000g silver bars or 1oz and 2oz Silver Britannia's, Beasts or Luna's. in Tubes are prefered. I happy to negotiate and purchase other silver if offered to me. I am a serious buyer and looking to purchase immediately Best Silgo
  2. The title is semi-self explanatory - If you have any world silver in your collection that isn't what most people go for, what would you say is one of your personal favourites? For me, it has to be the .600 1958 Japanese 100 yen coin I found in an eBay listing - it's got a very pretty design featuring a Phoenix on the obverse, which wasn't used again after the currency made the switch to base metals. It's not a particularly rare coin, or even one that's especially valuable from a numismatic standpoint (mine's quite worn) but it's definitely a pretty design.
  3. I am living in U.K (Near London). There are lots of chances to buy bullions, but the price from my country (Korea) is the same, so I don't need to stack those right now. I am interested in old European silver coins (For example, Spanish 100 PTA in 1960s), Especially british silver coins. I want to buy them in bulk (500 grams ~ 1kg) at the silver spot prices because I know that sellers get them with -20% ~ -10% below silver spot price. Any advice on where and how to get them? I looked at the buy and sell section but cannot find any. I can take trains to London, or mail buy is ok for me too, as long as customs dont put tax on it. Thanks in advance~
  4. Last week, I went ‘all in’ and picked up no less than five 5gram Monarch Precious Metals silver bars (0.8oz in total), mainly to dispose of my remaining ‘loose change’ prior to heading home from the USA. Although this might have put me in danger of challenging records for stacking frugality, the bars did have pictures of eagles on them, so clearly a no-brainer! Like others, I tend to steer clear of buying smaller denominations of silver owing to the higher premiums involved. Typically, any coins or bars that weigh less than 1oz are generally not up for consideration as part of my stack. But, I was able to liberate these from the “bargain bucket” for around $3 a piece, which didn’t seem overly excessive based on the current price of silver, and get rid of all my leftover small change at the same time. Anyway, this mini ‘micro-stacking’ experience made me curious about what others feel about fractional silver … -Does fractional silver have a place in your stack? -Would there be a place for it if more competitively priced (i.e. lower premiums)? -When it comes to size or weight, how small is too small? Interested to know your thoughts. NeutronJack
  5. I've decided to branch out a bit and try and complete collections as I believe it will add significant value if a coin set is completed, and will also quench my OCD. However I'm finding it incredibly difficult to actually find the information and work out where a series starts and finishes; surely the distributing mints would have that information on their website? I'm trying to figure out what the first coin of Austalian Lunar Series II is but I'm not having much luck. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me being imcompetent?
  6. Greetings to All, I will shortly be visiting the USA on business (spending time in Las Vegas and LA) and thought I might pick up the first few American coins to add to my hitherto UK-centred silver stack. With that in mind, I'd very much welcome any advice or recommendations that fellow members of the The Silver Forum might be able to offer regarding ... a) What would be the best coin store(s) to visit in each city? b) Any particular stand-out American silver coins it might be worth targeting? For the record, I'm not planning to 'fill my boots' on this occasion (... unless things go extraordinarily well at the casino!), but rather pick up a few representative examples of modern American silver bullion. Thanks very much in advance. NeutronJack
  7. Hey all check out my First ever sliver stacking video! I am super new to silver and would love advise on stacking and your thoughts on what I should be doing. Thanks!
  8. Warm greetings from Montreal to all in the Silver Forum community. If we have any fans of what I describe as "Luxury Class" collector coins (low mintage, contemporary legal tender issues with deluxe presentation boxes and certificates of authenticity) please consider a visit to Art in Coins where we specialize in just such collectibles. Perfect for those hard core collectors who have to have the most exclusive "objet d'art" or those friends and loved ones who are impossible to shop for, we have a large selection of beautiful coins from all around the world. We provide highly personalized service and fast shipping. Come check us out, if you find anything of interest in our gold or silver collector coin collections, you can get 10% off your first purchase using code WELCOMETOAIC at checkout. Kind regards, Michael Art in Coins
  9. My top five "want list" of coins currently. The group order allowed me to get my last 10 in, however these would be great to have in the collection. What are yours? 1 Oz Silver Fiji Mermaid 2018 Proof-Like 2018 Republic of Chad African Lion 1 oz Silver Fr5,000 Coin 2018 St. Helena 1 oz Silver British Trade Dollar Restrike 1 oz Silver Round - Hobo Nickel Replica 1 oz Silver Antique Round - Angels & Demons Series (Theodosia)
  10. Has anyone else come across this toning? This is a coin that has been in display, however, the obverse has been facing the pad and is not exposed to light. There are other coins on display but this is the only one in the series with toning. The guilloche design has helped to create some particularly attractive warm toning - which I love. This is often the step before the iridescent toning which we tend to see on much older coins. The photo doesn't do it justice. It is odd though, as the reverse with the unicorn design has been continuously exposed and shows no sign of toning. Interesting as this is the latest in the series. What do you think?
  11. We couldn't wait until tomorrow to share this. For a limited period we've reduced Newly Minted Half Sovereigns to 3.5% - the same premium as our Secondary Market Full Sovereigns! The more you buy, the lower the premium. If you're looking for a silver bargain - we've introduced Secondary Market 1oz Silver Coins - these are our cheapest one ounce silver coin. Check out our prices here:
  12. Ciao, io sono un nuovo membro in Italia. Questo è il mio video su YouTube:
  13. Just a quick pander? I for some reason, a reason i do not know, i refuse to buy anything American. I dont think i have any dislike towards America are americans, a few of my best mates from Thailand are yanks. I just for some reason dont like any of it, even not biding on good ebay job lots (8-12 oz) because there was an eagle in there. I just thought that was abit strange I can understand people dont liking certain mints cause of milking are scratch's on coins but i was wondering if you have a mint are country to never buy from are even go out of your way to avoid.
  14. When I started out Investing in Silver, I came across a Silver "Krugerrand" coin. (As per the image attached) At first this intrigued me as I instinctively thought it was well known worldwide. I was obviously mislead by the fact that this Silver coin was simply a privately minted "commemorative" coin which attempts to ride on the back of the popularity of the well known Gold Krugerrand. Being from South Africa I can assure you that this is not a government minted coin and no-one here I've ever spoken has even heard of the coin. Thankfully I did not buy it as it would have been very hard to sell in the future. There were many of these little pitfalls that I didn't know when I started investing in Silver. Having been a Silver Investor now for many years, I figured out where many of the beginner mistakes and pitfalls are that most new Silver Investors experience. I decided to create a guide called [link removed] to cover all of the issues and hopefully get more new Silver Investors to start stacking. It explains to beginners how to get started in Silver Investing, how to avoid buying the wrong Silver like the Silver "Krugerrand" above and how to keep stacking even when the mainstream media and financial "experts" say otherwise. I've even added a list of dealers, graphs and other essential resources to make it incredibly easy for people to get started.