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Found 16 results

  1. How much would you/have you pay for 1 troy of bullion silver? I usually aim for close to spot BUT for an unusual piece I pay more It got me wondering what an upper limit would be? I just paid £55 each for 4 pieces , since its "only silver bullion" I can't see me paying much more at todays price level how much premium do you pay before your bottle goes?
  2. We have introduced the Cheapest Newly Minted CGT Free 1oz Silver Coin in the UK! Lawrence has secured 30,000 one ounce Royal Mint Lunar Roosters and we're selling them at our lowest premium ever. Have a look and let me know what you think.
  3. Hi everybody, Apparently I posted the following into USA/Canada - Buy/Sell. Sorry. I guess this is more appropriate forum section. I am a bit disappointed by low volume of posts and updates on this forum. I expected much more traffic. I guess everybody abandoned precious metals and run into stocks. I started collecting silver in last 12 months. I bought some in private storage offshore and some in local RBC (Royal Bank of Canada). I have intention to continue buying but at certain point of time I will want to sell some and cash out. I must admit that in my view buying is much easier than selling. I don't have a good exit plan. I don't know what is a best way to sell silver bars when needed? I could sell it back to the bank, or back to that private storage but what you do with small pieces that you have at home? Every stacker has rounds or small sized bars. Everybody says that gold and silver is extremely liquid, universal value all over the world, everybody will accept it, but after on-line research I don't see that this is true Bank and storage have a large spreads where I would lose easy 10% - 15% of the spot value. How is that acceptable I don't know? Coin shops sound even worse. eBay or Amazon sound complicated and un-secure. What else is out there? I hope somebody here in forum will give me some good idea what and how to do it.
  4. Congratulations!
  5. Hi guys I'm new to the forum and was wondering if anyone on here has brought from a company called ? Are they legit and any good? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Byron
  6. If you are looking for new weights, drinks coasters or paperweights, we have the ideal coin for you! The 2018 Australian Lunar Dog 10 kg silver coin is now in stock. Limited to a mintage of only 100 coins, we have managed to secure two of these coins. Popular with international collectors, we're not expecting them to be in the strongrooms for long.
  7. We couldn't wait until tomorrow to share this. For a limited period we've reduced Newly Minted Half Sovereigns to 3.5% - the same premium as our Secondary Market Full Sovereigns! The more you buy, the lower the premium. If you're looking for a silver bargain - we've introduced Secondary Market 1oz Silver Coins - these are our cheapest one ounce silver coin. Check out our prices here:
  8. This may have been done before, but i dont think a poll. Was just looking back over some old stuff and got to thinking about how i have been stacking 4 and half years now. I wonder if i will still be doing it in another 5? Maybe its become put of the routine to put that little bit of money to the side every pay day for buying some silver. Would be interesting just to know what type of mix up we have here on the forum, some people stacking for longer than me would have gone through the 2011 jump, others stacking for longer may have bought silver at under £4-5 spot!!!
  9. Ever think about selling your whole stack? I am not selling my stack, not even selling a single coin but if you were to sell your whole stack, what would you doing with the money? I was thinking about it in work the other day and since then spent a little time on google looking for options and none are appealing to me at all. Stocks are to high, P2P lending and saving accounts are boring, bitcoin is crazy and i dont have much knowledge on anything else. Premium bonds look interesting but would they beat inflation long term? and 50K cap. If i sold my whole stack, i would get around 13K, not a huge amount but not a small amount either. I can really only see myself selling everything to buy a house outright. Right now i could buy a 3 bed council house for 55-60k. So i am a quarter'ish to way there in 3 1/2 years. 15-20 years would be doable i reckon. After you figured out what to do with your money, you have to figure out what to do with your time. How much time do you spend watching youtube videos, on the forum, reading articles, checking charts, searching ebay, updating spreadsheets, planning out orders are anything else silver related. I'd have nothing to do, my abandoned xbox would get much love again. It is more likely i would get bored and start stacking again Morel of the story, silver stacking is the dogs balls and perfect hobby/investment for me.
  10. Just a quick pander? I for some reason, a reason i do not know, i refuse to buy anything American. I dont think i have any dislike towards America are americans, a few of my best mates from Thailand are yanks. I just for some reason dont like any of it, even not biding on good ebay job lots (8-12 oz) because there was an eagle in there. I just thought that was abit strange I can understand people dont liking certain mints cause of milking are scratch's on coins but i was wondering if you have a mint are country to never buy from are even go out of your way to avoid.
  11. So, i received a 1998 britannia, very happy with it but when i was adding it to the stack, i decided to check my tubes as there were 1-2 i had never looked at. I found milk spots on around 80% of the coins. Each spotted coin varies from very little to almost covering 1 side. It seems to be worse of the queens face side but its on both. I remember this happened to some of my 2014's also. Little lost about what to do about this as brits are the corner of my stack. I dont want to be buying nice new shiny slices of heaven cut by the hand of god bruce lee style and sent to earth in coin form and praying for them to not spot up every year only to be disappointed every year. Of course i also lose value which is a bummer. I also have a tube of 2013 1.5oz polar bears and they've turned nasty also but they canadian. In fact come to think about all of my stuff in tubes have milk spotted except for 0.5oz sharks and 0.5oz apmex rounds. Everything else is in quadrum caps. Maybe time for a change to save to remaining few. Just looking to discuss of this has happened to you before and what you've done about it if anything.
  12. Hello, Was just thinking to myself... If silver spot shot to the moon, if i needed cash quickly, i wanted to re-invest are whatever the reason maybe. If i was selling off part are all my stack, what way would i go about it? I have an exit plan in place (swap everything for gold when ratio is 1:40) but life can throw to odd carve ball and your plans change. My stack consists of (never broke it down before, its interesting ) 45% - Semi numismatic (Kooks, lunars, libertads, pandas, elephants, koalas etc) 43% - Brittannia's old and new 11% - Rounds and couple bars -1%- Lonely gold Would have to be the britannia's just for the sheer ease to selling alot at 1 time back to a dealer. Rounds and bars would be next. Semi stuff, this would have to be sold at online market places and forums to get my premium back and hopefully a little extra. Gold - Things would need to be SHTF for me to sell this for all i have. It would be the equivalent of licking your dinner plate. Interested to hear your replys
  13. Hi, Was just wondering if anyone knew anything about when the next one in the series is going to be released. It feels like it been a long time since they released one and i would be disappointed if they were stop the series, especially after releasing £100 and £50 coins. I have collected a few of each coin so far and am hoping in a few years i will have a pure (all bought on release) royal mint date run collection. Its the only coin i buy from them as im a stacker so its normally STG are for me, but i just like this coin.