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Found 17 results

  1. Gothic Crown offered for sale by the Royal Mint. I was browsing the historic coins website and I stumbled upon this thing for offer. Never thought the Royal Mint would offer a Gothic Crown for sale. If this has been posted I apologise beforehand, just thought it was interesting.
  2. I’m trying to obtain the 1989 Gold Proof three-coin-set Sovereign. I’ve been offered the price of almost £3000 for this set from a very reputable firm. Am I getting ripped off? It comes with original certificate and the original case. What are the grades normally like when buying historic coins for reputable firms like Royal Mint, etc.? Where else should I look for to buy this coin? Thanks!
  3. Hello fellow lovers of silver. Has anyone found a good place to buy Royal Mint Britannia bars, 10oz? I have looked at and Europeanmint but they don’t seem to have them. Atkinson’s do but there is the dreaded V word to consider. 
  4. SNOWMAN 50P GIVEAWAY!! - Enter now on facebook - We're giving away a SILVER PROOF SNOWMAN 50P worth over £60! These coins are SOLD OUT at the mint. For your chance to win the coin in time for Christmas, guess the intrinsic value of gold in Callum's Christmas Cracker Competition. If you want to be very precise, we're working on a spot price of £981 🤓 To enter just complete the following:- 1 - Leave your guess in the COMMENTS below. 2 - LIKE this post. 3 - SHARE this post. 4 - Make sure to LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE so you can find out who the lucky winner is! That's it! Competition ends 10am on Friday 21st December. We'll announce the winner at 11am the same day. ⛄️⛄️⛄️Good luck!⛄️⛄️⛄️
  5. Wondered what people thought about the new gold and silver Britannia bars from the Royal Mint. Would these be worth buying for an increase in premium value down the road (Assuming they change the design)?
  6. Hi all New to stacking/collecting and wonder if this was this worth getting? And how best to spot the best coins to invest in, or does it purely come down to mintage numbers and personal preferences?
  7. I noticed the other day while doing some business at the post office that lots of the last year's mintage were on special. I almost bought one yet thought I'd read more on the subject.
  8. The Royal Mint attempt to justify thier design:
  9. Hello, I was hoping The Gold Forum could assist me. I recently purchased this rather nice 1911 full sovereign and it came in this very fragile paper flip-wallet kinda holder. It has 'Royal Mint' on the front and some handwriting. Does anybody know when this packaging was issued and if the writing is significant? Thank you very much.
  10. Released today just ordered mine as I love these coins. Looks like this is a first for the UK as they are usually Alderney coins. Just wondered is there much of a demand for these coins and do other people go for these. Quite a high amount been made. 5000 for standard and 1500 for the Piedfort. 2.5% of the sales is donated to the Imperial War Museums. Which is something good for these coins being bought.
  11. Dear The Silver Forum users, We are happy to announce the 2 oz Silver Unicorn 2 oz Silver Unicorn Coin @ (click here) Share your thoughts about the design with us
  12. Trying to contact the Royal Mint for over 4 days... Each time I ring there is at least half hour wait and the phone line goes dead. Today I have called and I am currently on 45 mins. I will give it to one hour. Looking at Facebook posts there are a fair few comments on how long it has been taking. Anyone else trying to phone up and having problems? They were meant to take a payment from the on the 08/09/2017 but haven't and I don't want a late payment against my name. Last point emailed them and no reply. Anyone have any work email addresses for anyone there as I need to find a way to contact someone about it. Thanks in advance for any help!
  13. Not sure if this has been posted before. The Royal Mint are doing a competition to encourage folks to buy their bullion 30 year anniversary gold Britannia. If you buy one from them before Sunday you get an entry into the competition to win some more gold. Link; Anyone feeling flush?
  14. Hello Silver Forum, I'm in a bit of a dead-end regarding a numismatic hunt and would like your help. I've been a big fan of the Royal Mint's Britannia series and may be an Anglophile in general, so I was naturally drawn to the newly designed 5th definitive portrait design of Queen Elizabeth II. The designer who won the competition to be the engraver for that portrait (most likely the last one ever of QEII), is also the designer of the infamous "booty" Britannia proof coin of 2014 (image below), and the Queen's Beast series of coins that was introduced last year. If you haven't guessed by now I'm a fan of Jody Clark and his work. What I'm having difficulty with is finding more information on his other designs. So far I've discovered he designed the 2014 Ryder Cup silver medal (there are two versions of the medal but same design), a 2014 NATO Summit medal which was given to the Heads of State in attendance, and even the reverse of a Tanzanian coin (all pictured below). Does any other Silver Forum member have information on Jody Clark's other designs which were done for Lesotho (a medal), Costa Rica, Azerbaijan, or any information on the design's mentioned above? I've written to the Royal Mint to find out more information, but they haven't responded and I doubt they will. It wasn't a question about an order and I'm not residing in the UK so I bet my email was tossed. Appreciate the help all! D
  15. Hi, Was just wondering if anyone knew anything about when the next one in the series is going to be released. It feels like it been a long time since they released one and i would be disappointed if they were stop the series, especially after releasing £100 and £50 coins. I have collected a few of each coin so far and am hoping in a few years i will have a pure (all bought on release) royal mint date run collection. Its the only coin i buy from them as im a stacker so its normally STG are for me, but i just like this coin.
  16. I know we are only three coins into the Royal Mint Lunar Series, but the silver bullion and proof edition mintage figures have dropped dramatically since the series began. The 2014 Horse silver bullion mintage was 300,000. Followed by 188,888 for the 2015 Sheep and only 138,888 for the 2016 Monkey - a drop of nearly 54%. The 1oz and 5oz silver proofs have also seen big drops and the 2016 editions haven't even sold out at the mint yet. The director of commemorative coins declared the lunar series a huge success in 2015 and the Royal Mint never seem to shy away from cranking out products for increased profits. So it's puzzling to see the eroding mintage figures for such a "successful" series. Is this a sign of much less interest than expected and a failure with the series? Or does it have to do with silver prices and the premium they can apply? Or are they limiting what they pump out in an effort to control quality? Damn milk spots... I know a lot of people don't like the designs, but I personally like them. But if these drops continue I'm not looking forward to the struggle to get my hands on one of the ten 1oz 2025 Snake silver bullion they release
  17. Anyone here collects proof sovereigns (not the bullion gold sovereigns)? They are going for pretty cheap on eBay (as a proof coin I mean, low premium over spot) unlike recent years proof gold coins from Royal Mint. Are these worth collecting? How's the collector base in UK? I'm looking at collecting date-sets for the proof sovereign, or proof half-sovereign. The proof quarter-sovereign looks really tiny and it does not have fine details like its bigger brothers. Your thoughts please