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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 6 results

  1. New 2020 from New Zealand Mint, 15000 mintage What is your view?
  2. Wait for a bus and 2 turn up, in my case 4 and these are not buses 😂😂😂
  3. BH Mayer's mint Lunar series review.
  4. Looking forward to seeing you later today.
  5. Milk spotted new Tesla 2020 Silver bullion coin
  6. As the title suggests, what a shocking outfit to try and deal with. Im possibly out of pocket £500, or over £6500, at this point i just dont know. Last week on Thursday I placed an order at £6500+ and provided my ID because apparently to be their customer they want your ID. They emailed the next day asking for proof of my address. My driving license ID contains that address, but they wanted a 2nd item, a posted letter from a bank or uitility company. As this is the 21st century thats all done online, so not really something im going to have. I did however have the covering letter for my replacement bank card, so I sent that. They rejected that as its not dated. I advised them I dont have anything else thats been posted by a bankor utility company on Friday, (5 days ago) and suggested if they were unwilling or unable to fulfil my order they should cancel it and return my money. I heard nothing back so I phoned them on Monday afternoon. I was told the (unspecified) person i needed to speak to wasnt in, but they would call me the next day. No call was received dear reader. I finally got an email on Wednesday saying that I cant cancel my order (im not cancelling, its them refusing to fulfil it) as they have already hedged my order when I placed it??? Im ordering PHYSICAL bullion here, not placing a market trade. They can however, fulfil my order as a guest they now tell me. So a week after I placed the order request, I can now pay, or can i? I havent actually been sent an invoice or payment details, but fortunately i did get an automatic email from them with a final demand to pay the balance. So I (grudgingly and very unwillingly) transferred the £6k+change balance online last night (wed 11th) I also emailed to complain about this ridiculous set of hoops which when i said i couldnt pay, mysteriously vanished. So, why am I so angry at 1am today? I just received another automatic email, this time telling me my order has been cancelled and deposit forfeit as i havent paid. Its literally been about 40 mins since i paid them. Im hoping its just crossed in the post, but from the treatment ive had so far, i wouldnt be surprised if they have a policy of not correcting this mistake of theirs unless the buyer can demonstrate 5 ball juggling while doing a handstand on a flaming highwire. What a joke folks, honestly, i highly recommend sticking with the European Mint, Harrington & Byrne, The Gold Bullion Co, Royal Mint,, BackYardBullion or from forum members on here. Ive bought thousands of pounds of gold and silver between all of the above, and even organised a few group buys for friends from and every one has been flawlessly executed by every seller. We are talking about almost £20k a year ive spent between me and my friends, without a single hitch and zero stress. I almost didnt post this, ive waited an hour to see if i change my mind, but i think folk should share my experience. I will of course update it later as i'll be right on the phone to them when they open Thursday morning.