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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 8 results

  1. If anyone is interested I have TWO NGC MS70 1/4 oz GOLD GRIFFINS for sale. Population is 16 Also I have FOUR NGC MS70 1/4 oz GOLD LION OF ENGLAND for sale also. Population is 57 They are VERY DIFFICULT to come by. Let me know if interested.
  2. richatthecroft

    New 10oz Queen's Beast

    Atkinsons are now taking Pre-Orders for the new 10oz Dragon of Wales, due end of March. I wonder if will get them in as well, and they will ship in time to get one in the Group Order? Guess that would be too much to ask! Incidently, anyone have the release schedule for the 10oz QB's?
  3. The fourth Coin in the Queen's Beast Series, has just been released for sale today. Please click on the following link , to view the range at discounted prices. Prices start at £12.50 for Brilliant uncirculated version, the silver proof is priced at £74.95 plus £3.50 shipping. Shipping time 2-3 weeks 'The Queen's Beast's. The collection will consist of ten coins, all depicting the famous heraldic statues, that stood on guard outside the temporary western annex of Westminster Abbey for the Queen's Coronation in 1953. Apart from the Lion of England, which was placed in the alcove formed by the North wall of the annex and the entrance used by the Queen to enter the Abbey on her arrival in the Gold state Coach. All ten statues, we made of plaster and unpainted, apart from the a shield, bearing the badge or arms of a family associated with the ancestory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Beast's where the creation of the sculptor James Woodford. Each sculpture stands six foot tall and weigh 700 pounds Below is a list of heraldic figures, that make up the Queen's Beasts collection The Lion of England The Griffin of Edward III The White Greyhound of Richmond The Yale of Beaufort The Red Dragon of Wales The White Horse of Hanover The White Lion of Mortimer The Unicorn of Scotland The Black Bull of Clarence The Falcon of the Plantagenets
  4. ilovesilverireallydo

    Practicing antiquing

    Been learning different treatments to silver. My first antiqued pieces....
  5. Have any silver forum members purchased or seen one of these in the Early Release Black Core holders? I have the Unicorn of Scotland and Lion of England in these Early Release holders which I believe are special from Modern Coin Mart, but haven't seen the Red Dragon of Wales available. I'm fearful I may have missed the opportunity! If anyone has one for sale I'm interested!
  6. ChardLizzie

    QB Unicorn Toning

    Has anyone else come across this toning? This is a coin that has been in display, however, the obverse has been facing the pad and is not exposed to light. There are other coins on display but this is the only one in the series with toning. The guilloche design has helped to create some particularly attractive warm toning - which I love. This is often the step before the iridescent toning which we tend to see on much older coins. The photo doesn't do it justice. It is odd though, as the reverse with the unicorn design has been continuously exposed and shows no sign of toning. Interesting as this is the latest in the series. What do you think?
  7. WestCumbrianStacker

    Queen's Beast Series

    This is my first post on the silver forum as I am fairly new to the silver stacking universe. So I'd like to start by saying to hi to everyone and also by saying thanks for having me on the forum. As I said, I'm new to silver stacking as I have only been stacking for around a year now. I have been mainly stacking for weight. However, I decided to start collection the 2 oz Queen's Beast Series as a little bit of fun. I mainly purchase my silver from Silver-To-Go and Coininvest. However, the 2 oz Queen's Beasts Lion Silver Coin (2016) has a price of around £62 atm on there. I was hoping I could pick this coin up a little cheaper in the UK. Any recommendations/suggestions? Thanks in advance
  8. Hey I took the plunge and purchased the 3 BU 1/4 Gold coins of the Lion, Griffin and Dragon..Big investment for me especially as being a newbie.. I received them today and all look great apart from the Lion coin, the is a small nick on the queen's neck, below her ear ring - what should I do? Should I ask for a replacement seeing as it was advertised as 'New' on the site? Thanks