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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I was thinking about the posts I see on this forum, what comes up for sale on eBay, and what is mentioned in auction sites and on coin websites and came to the following conclusion. If it isn't old copper (think US large cents or British Colonial currency), ancient (non-PM roman coins for instance), or a Mint Error (some lovely mules, off center strikes, and planchet errors) then people seem to only want to buy, sell, trade, and talk about "silver & gold". Of course, the whole idea behind the silver forum is for people interested in silver (and gold), but I've noticed that trend in almost every other aspect of coin collecting. I mention this because some of my favorite coins are base metals and, at least in the US, some copper/bronze cents can go for significant amounts of money depending on condition and mintage figures. Is the PM market flooded because there is significant variety? speculators? an ideology? easier to collect these coins? Just trying to share my love of non-PM currency and find out if I'm simply strange or a part of a larger community that is a bit quieter.
  2. Hello, Everyone I need your advice on my purchase. I've been looking for good distributors where i could buy collectible coins cuz i am in collectible coins and i have just started collecting. Many reviews reffered to PowerCoin. And i was about to place an order to Power Point. However, I have just founded this Korean website named TODAY ., LTD. As you can see the difference in prices so I am thinking to place and order from them. I emailed them, furtunately there is a russian speaking officer and we could have a full conversation on orders and procedures. Hopefully, based on what he said that he's been sending stuffs to russia i placed the order on following items.
  3. Does anyone else think that the rise of bitcoin has led to the drop in silver and gold? I have seen a lot of articles saying that bitcoin is the new gold and I think people are buying into it. I personally have some money into bitcoin because I think it is going to keep going up. But I think that it will crash sooner or later and as soon as that happens I feel the price of precious metals will go up because investors will realize that they want the hard assests, something they can hold and something that is not as volatile. Anyone agree or disagree?
  4. Hi everyone! I am a representative of We have a section on our website where dealers post their best deals: low-premium items, silver at spot, discounts, flash sales, special offers etc. We have daily announcements about precious metals that are currently on sale. I'd like to share these discounts with you to provide you with the best deals announcements. For example, this week we have the following announcements: Gold on sale: 1g Gold Bar from Perth Mint from Coin Invest on sale till 14/08/2017 2016 RCM Predator Cougar 1oz Silver Coin As Low As $1 Over Spot! from BOLD Precious Metals till 21/08/2017 2015 Panama-Pacific Commemorative Proof Gold Coin NGC LPM Precious Metals till 14/08/2017 Pamp Suisse 100 gram Gold Cast Bar Only $12.99 Over Spot SD Bullion till 08/08/2017 Save On Gold Lunar Goat Coins - Reduced Price! Perth Bullion till 15/08/2017 Silver on sale: Vintage 100 oz Engelhard Silver Bars on SALE BGASC, LLC till 14/08/2017 Silver LUNAR SKULLS on SALE Power Coin till 14/08/2017 1 oz Silver Britannia SALE Bleyer Bullion till 14/08/2017 Only $0.59 Over Spot for SilverTowne United States Flag Silver Bar SD Bullion till 11/08/2017 90% Silver Half Dollars & Junk Silver SALE from BGASC, LLC till 11/08/2017 2 oz 2015 Looney Tunes™ Classic Scenes | Birds Anonymous Silver Proof Coin Silver Gold Bull till 11/08/2017 28% OFF 2017 Silver Shield Winter is Here 1 oz Silver Putin Round SD Bullion till 11/08/2017 2016 1 oz Lunar UK Year of the Monkey Silver Coin from Coin Invest till 17/08/2017 Palladium on sale: 21% Off Palladium Canada Maple Leaf Provident Metals till 14/08/2017 These are current sales, gathered on our website. We are working on making the list bigger and bigger to get as much valuable info about sales from as many dealers as possible. I am not leaving links as I am not sure yet what your reaction would be (don't want to make it look like spam). I would like to receive your feedback to learn if our announcements are useful for you. I can post here daily sales, or weekly sales. I hope to cooperate with you guys.
  5. Hi Everybody, I cannot believe it's taken me this long to sign up for The Silver Forum. Many of you may already know me from my Silverpicker youtube channel (, but for those of you who don't, hello I'm Silverpicker! I am an avid PM enthusiast/coin collector and I am here to have fun and get to know more like minded people. Looking forward to exploring the forum and learning from all of you guys! Best wishes, SP
  6. Guys what do you think about investing in 9ct gold jewellery? Do you think it's worth investing in it? If yes, why? If not, why? I want to add jewellery to my investment portfolio, hence why i'm interested in your views on this topic. I'm asking about 9ct gold jewellery in particular because of its affordability. Have any of you guys invested in 9ct gold jewellery? I know that 9ct gold jewellery contains only 37.5% pure gold with the rest made up of other less valuable metals, but does the very low gold content put you off from entertaining the thought of investing in it? Would love to know your thoughts.
  7. Hello everyone, Im Silverwings and I have been collecting silver and gold for 3 months. I had inherited a few gold and silver coins many years ago and decided to research about these coins and found a wealth of information on youtube and I started collecting silver and gold from that point on. Im learning a lot from other stackers as we share information and I couldn't be happier to share with such a wonderful community. Now I found the silver forum and I look forward to communication and learning with more wonderful collectors. Thanks. Below is a link to my first video explaining why I stack in 2017.
  8. Firstly, thank you to the other members who have contributed to this thread! This thread is a collection of useful links to videos, articles, mintage numbers and any guides you find useful for precious metals investing. Anything that helps people's understanding of PM investing and the wider economic/poltical/historical connected to these are welcome, so please send me what you have stored in your bookmarks and we can begin to build a great reference guide to help spread understanding. ------------- How to add a topic/article/video to this thread: Please post the website address below along with the country the dealer is based in. A moderator will then add to the list and remove your comment to keep this thread nice, simple and clean. Please DO NOT post other comments below. Only reply to this topic if you are adding a suggestion to the list. This will ensure that a simple list is created for reference. ------------ Informative YouTube Channels / Videos SilverfishVT - US Silver stacker BigstackMgee - US Silver stacker Belangp - A study of gold, silver, oil, wealth preservation in turbulent times. Informative and easy-to-understand explanations. DogSoldier1973 - UK CyberCurtainTwitcher - UK SalivateMetals - US Silver stacker The Difference between Proof, Brilliant Uncirculated and Bullion Coins - The Royal Mint Data about Gold and Silver Supply and Demand World silver supply and demand stats (2004 - 2013) Comparison of the Dow / Gold / Silver Ratio Historical Examples - Understand the past to predict the future Roman currency debasement/devaluation The Rise and Fall of Roman denarius Mintage Figures UK Gold Sovereigns Perth Mint UK Gold sovereign mintage numbers Numismatics / Coin Collecting UK - Key dates of predecimal coins PCGS - How coins are graded List of UK coins values by denomination - last updated Oct 2013 - coin specifications and values from around the world - coin specifications and values from around the world Dealers who will buy your scrap silver / gold Bullionbypost Hatton Garden Metals Political News Around Precious Metals Austria - May 2014 - Seeks audit of its Bank of England held gold China - Jun 2014 - Gold consumption info / soaring Chinese Demand & its geopolitical strategy Germany - Jun 2014 - Germany happy to leave gold in New York