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Found 7 results

  1. Dedicated thread for the General Election December 2019 Please use this thread to avoid cluttering up others.
  2. For those who think the UK should leave the EU, this is a very interesting Kickstarter project... SM
  3. So it seems to me that the G.E. was a second brexit referendum in all but name.Theresa May chose to **** it up deliberately as she was never intending to go through with it.Cameron is a traitor who basically signed away our sovereignty with a 50 year military alliance with France.Even PUTIN has come out and said that it will never happen. The tories have decided to go into an alliance with the DUP which is sure to stir up sectarian problems in Ireland.We have the "progressive alliance" salivating at the prospect of the tories falling apart and derailing brexit in true fabian style. It seems the only organised well funded protest movement is the anti brexit brigade which makes sense as its the establishment side as it truly appears brexit was a real genuine grassroots revolt against tptb. Are we about to experience a "strategy of tension" campaign ie.IRA,ISIS attacks so the sheeple run into the arms of the establishment and beg for European protection? Discuss..........
  4. What are the chances of the Glass - Steagall act (1933) will be reinstated? In the US obviously! What sort of reaction could happen to the pm markets?
  5. Ok its Breitbart!However is the point he's making wrong?Is globalism a bad thing?Afterall if it wasn't for globalism we'd all be driving British cars and watching British T.V.'s and drinking British wine.I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be buying British Gold and Silver as we don't really have gold and silver mines in the U.K. so in that context globalism is no bad thing.In my opinion the problem is when the U.K. as a supposed "nation state" has a welfare system and an NHS that can be exploited by the entire world and is paid for only by taxing the indigineous population(British taxpayers) so what is the solution?In my opinion its either the end of the welfare state(over the long term) or the end of the "nation state" .A pretty complicated topic but what are your opinions?
  6. I have created a poll as per the 'UK, Leave the EU' discussion. What do you think? (I've selected "Voter names will not be shown" option).
  7. I think it was Churchill who said that the more you understand the past, the more you can predict the future. Very true. Look at the history of great empires and fiat currencies and you'll realise why gold and silver always win in the end. For those of you interested in history of gold, and seeing a nicely documented account of the movement of gold to the US vaults since the 1940s then take a look at this The idea of "slow history" as he puts it is an interesting way to understand what really happened in the past, rather than relying on half-baked, subjective views that we are pumped with in this country.