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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all! I'm from Michigan, United States. Just recently got into the stacking and collecting communities. Only just began my stack with a 2017 Canadian Maple Leaf and a 1994 Silver Eagle. (Along with minor junk silver) I'm also currently in the process of collecting every circulated coin from 1994. I've got a spreadsheet going and I chugging along, making a small dent! Very much looking forward to my future coin collecting. Have a wonderful evening, TripleStacker
  2. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie collector and investor and stumbled upon this forum whilst doing research on how to invest in gold and silver. Looking forward to learning from the pooled experience of all the members. Hope you all have a wonderful evening! Best regards, Alex
  3. Hello, I have been watching @Numistacker videos closely and have been meaning to start an account and see the silver forum for myself. I have been a collector of gold coins for over 6 years and have built quite a collection. I would love to be directed to peoples favourite Topics so i can start reading some interesting content (I only collect gold ) Thanks in advance, TheGoldAngel
  4. Hi everyone, I am new here and am looking to start a Silver and Gold stack but starting with Silver for now. Hoping to pick up some tips and share in the knowledge and grow with the community.
  5. Hello all, Can't say enough about how resourceful this forum and it's sister youtube channels have been so far. In a 45 months, I have gone from nothing to 500 Oz of mix and match - gold Britannias, Silver Britannias, Silver bars, Canadian Maples, American Eagles, Philharmonics, Maple Superman, Silver 30g Pandas, Queen's Beasts (2Oz and 10 Oz) - paid ridiculous premium for Lions and I am so ashamed to even share here ūüėĄ Going forward I would like to learn from you and share about my pit falls with fellow newbies. I am from London, anymore active Londoners here? Also, what's the best place to buy Silver and Gold in Europe? I figured out have great prices for most of the products if not all. Best, LS
  6. Hello there to all fellow silversmiths! My name is Ty and I am pouring silver here in the pines of Georgia. I am grateful to be part of this forum. I am an amature just learning and I am hooked for sure. I have been working on purification methods and electrolytic cells. After much blood sweat and tears :) , I am staring my art bars with .999 now and I am amazed by the difference! Thank you for helping me to learn, Backyard Bullion, Mrzeke and Hiho at Bunker Bullion. Fine folks doing great works. i hope to put some videos up soon, for now I only have enough inventory to stock my auctions about once or twice a month. My page is I look forward to participating on the forum and appreciate most kindly advise from fellow smiths. My highest Regards and Gratitude, Ty
  7. I recently started stacking a couple of months ago because I thought it would be nice to have a physical investment in something that has stood the test of time and can use in case of emergency. I am hoping to get along with everyone and have fun discussing on precious metal related topics.
  8. Hi all. Im a relatively new to silver. Im at 22oz at the moment, ive just got a bunch of random coins. Im currently trying to fill my 1st tube of Britannia's to tidy my stack. Im looking at the backyard bullion group order to get some britannia's. He's the person that got me into silver on his youtube channel. Nice to meet you all
  9. I recently bought the 4 available Queen's Beasts coins because i think they look fantastic, have a great story behind them and the set will look great when all 10 are mounted. This has been my introduction into precious metals. Now, I have been reading up on the subject of silver stacking and one thing puzzles me. Why is it seen as an investment and not a loss making hobby? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but if you buy a 2 ounce coin at £39 with a silver content worth about £24 this has a premium mark up of £15. Which is fair enough. Now, if I sell this coin and I'm only offered around the Spot price, I basically lose around £15. So how can that be seen as an investment? YouTube is full of videos of people with piles of identical coins. I would really like to know the reason why. Thanks
  10. Totally new to this collecting hobby, watched a few videos and realised there is a lot to learn - including some royal history. I guess every stack starts somewhere.
  11. I'm sure new members generally ask themselves why they are doing this particular thing of getting into collecting, seeking knowledge, investing in the interesting but difficult markets of coins, bullion and all things related. I'm so new to the idea that I've not formulated any preconceptions nor prejudices. I have some time on my hands being retired and I've decided to do a little investing in my old age. This may take the form of the stock market or of collecting things: e.g. Coins, stamps, bullion bars. Who knows and even, more importantly why? I know these are very personal decisions, by the way and since there is money involved have to be taken with a degree of seriousness. In time and after listening to advice and reading a lot I'm sure I will settle on a particular journey. But, as I'm setting out I'd appreciate some help, advice as to what others have done and why. I'm very late coming to these matters........
  12. Hello everyone, As it might be the same with most newbies, the combined force of the queen's beast with all its iterations has gotten me into numismatics and stacking. Not much to the name, just condensing aurum and argentum and the hope to see the signs (augur) into an alias. I wish everyone milk free silver (beasts) and look forward to draw on the combined wisdom of the forum for future forays into precious metal. Have a nice one augur
  13. Hello everyone, Im Silverwings and I have been collecting silver and gold for 3 months. I had inherited a few gold and silver coins many years ago and decided to research about these coins and found a wealth of information on youtube and I started collecting silver and gold from that point on. Im learning a lot from other stackers as we share information and I couldn't be happier to share with such a wonderful community. Now I found the silver forum and I look forward to communication and learning with more wonderful collectors. Thanks. Below is a link to my first video explaining why I stack in 2017.
  14. Hello everyone! My name is Henry, I bought a few coins in more prosperous times and have unfortunately had to sell alot of them recently I only just found this forum and have in the past been charged alot for selling on ebay. Im not quite sure how things work here but i have a tube of 25 VG condition silver maples that i also now need to sell. Any recommendations or help greatly appreciated.
  15. Hello everyone my name is Carlos, I started stacking on my birthday which was 7 months ago. The reason why I started stacking was because I was on Youtube and saw a youtuber making a "silver button" out of real silver, he mentioned that what kind of silver he was going to use like some silver he retrieved from PCs, some from the mines and some he had for a while that were in bar form, this was interesting to me, I thought silver bars were really big (he had a couple 1 ouncers), I thought they had to be maybe a couple of kilos. I did some research and silver was not as pricey as I thought, I always thought silver had prices like jewelry some a couple hundred dollars. I went to the LCS and bought 3 one oz bars. That's where it all started. Anyways thank you so much for accepting me into the forum, I did create a topic yesterday, but I thought I could introduce myself and say how I started. P.S. Special thanks to Numistacker, I always see his videos and that's why I came
  16. New stacker (silver hoarder) here from London - mainly after bullion, best value for money not too concerned with numis but I can see how this may change over time. if in the UK (or ship to the UK when you sell stuff) add me on IG: londonstax always inspiring to see and connect with other investors and learn more, we are a small percentage of people!
  17. Hi everyone im new to PM's and to the forum. Just wanted to say hi. =] Already have a few thing but im here to learn more.
  18. SilverCloud

    Coin Vs Bar

    I tried searching but couldn't find anything relating to this. I thought bars had a smaller premium but upon looking from dealers i can get a 1 kilo coin for around £630 (inc shipping) but the bars (1 kg) are closer to £700 Could anyone explain or suggest why I wouldn't get the coin over the bars?? Cheers SC
  19. Hi all , as per the welcome e-mail I am just checking in with you. As a potential gold/silver buyer I came across this forum by way of researching the topic. I have yet to purchase any bullion or coin's , however I have opened up a Royal mint account and deposited funds but I am currently reading through the forum gleaning as much info as I can before taking the plunge. I will carry on reading through the forum post's (which are both informative and funny to read , the banter is excellent btw) before making my much anticipated first purchase. I must commend the forum on it's layout and structure and the obvious (even to a novice) knowledge of it's member's, Thank you for the welcome and I hope to post soon about any purchases. Kind Regard's Deadwood.
  20. Hello everyone im a newbie to silver stacking, only been doing it for just over a month and just found this site. I'm from the UK in Hampshire. Iv got about 10 oz in my stack so far and like to see it grow! Haha I look forward to buying, selling, trading and getting to know and talk to everyone in this great community. Many thanks Aaron
  21. hi everyone, i am steve from liverpool.i have just got into silver stacking and trying to learn as much as poss. my current holding is 5x 1 gram silver pieces, 2 x 100 gram silver bars, 2 x somali 2016 elephant silver coins and 1x 2016 britannia silver coin. so hello to everyone and look forward to learning from you guys and geting involved with you.
  22. Hi there, I'm a newbie to this forum and to commodity investment in general. I'm looking to start a collection of precious metals and I've been wondering around the internet looking for a place to start. I've read that silver is cheap, but rarer than gold, premiums are always higher on bullion over bars, gold is VAT free (UK), some locally minted coinage is CGT free (UK) and lastly, diamonds are bad, avoid or buy only for the value of the metal they come embedded in. So, with this in mind and a few other things, I'm thinking of dropping a bit of cash a month on either one or two gold sovereigns, or a tub of 20 to 25 1oz silver coins. Maybe once every so often I'll splash out and pick up a 1oz gold coin (or some equally shiny expensive metal). Given I have no coin collecting experience (yet), I'll just stick to bullion quality coins for now. Does it sound like I'm on the right track? At the moment I'm a little bit torn over whether I should really be thinking about bars instead of bullion coin given the lower premiums. Can I command any kind of premium for bullion coin in the future or would they only be worth the value of their metal? Sorry for the long post, cheers. oohshiny