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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 19 results

  1. Having been priced out of gold at the mo, I have been thinking of changing strategy to under valued silver numismatics. I first thought of adding 90% thrupenny bits however theses have also rocketed from 50p to £3 each when I last checked. Ouch! Can anyone give me some tips of what to look out for which has the potential for impressive gains?
  2. Hi people. Very new to this, don't really have a huge amount of time to go through all of the forum threads, which to be honest, to a newcomer are quite overwhelming. So a couple of questions. Where are the best places to buy silver from? What is the best coins to invest in? Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks P.
  3. Hello Community, I am a very softspoken person by nature so I will keep this short. I am very new to coin & bullion collecting for investment purposes as well as the mental stimulation it offers. To date I have only been any in these types of persuits for a year. My hope and purpose for joining this forum is to be around like minded individuals who have wisdom to share and hopefully a little will trickle into my think skull. I will likely be very quiet for awhile until I get a good understanding on how discussions work here and I gain some proficiency in using the archival forum. I find it good form to navigate the landscape first. My ultimate goal is be an active member through mutual discovery, purchasing, selling and dialogue. Thank you.
  4. I'm weighing up the relative merits of the 1oz gold queens beast bull verses perth mint gold emu? Does anyone have an opinion on which might appreciate better and the practicalities or holding one over the other? I know some of the queens beast series in 1oz have done really well eg the lion and griffin whilst others such as the dragon havent made much gains.
  5. I wanted to show how with just 2 purchaced you can get FREE Gold. 1 gram! Honestly I don't know why I didn't do this earlier. Please subscribe and click the notification bell. I will be sorting my membership out soon. But if I can get to the 100 milestone I will be over the moon. I am looking to start doing give always soon but obviously not until I have regular subscribers and likes. THANKS again. Jon
  6. I’m relatively new to the silver game. Although I’m building a foundation stack with standard bullion I want to invest in the odd collector coin to maybe flip in a few years. What would you say is the best coins to invest in at the moment? Always Proofs? Privy? I have my own ideas but wanted to hear from seasoned stackers.
  7. I’ve been around the Forum for a few weeks now, following various postings, watching videos, buying the odd coin or bar, signing up to all sorts of Bullion sites, scrutinising the rise and fall of spot prices on an hourly basis, learning basic German, keeping an eye on EBay and going quietly fretful and frighteningly obsessive as the days go on. My wife has even begun to use phrases like: I don’t know you any more...... Why do we never eat together? Like we used to....... If you mention the words BU, proof or low mintage once more....I won’t be responsible for my actions..... I realise this could take over the whole of my life, alter my ability to reason, affect relationships, destroy my bank balance. I need a sound, reasonable strategy to the business of collecting or stacking, which will be acceptable to a wife who is growing more suspicious and dubious. Tell me, those of you who have successfully negotiated this dilemma.....What is your strategy?
  8. I'm sure new members generally ask themselves why they are doing this particular thing of getting into collecting, seeking knowledge, investing in the interesting but difficult markets of coins, bullion and all things related. I'm so new to the idea that I've not formulated any preconceptions nor prejudices. I have some time on my hands being retired and I've decided to do a little investing in my old age. This may take the form of the stock market or of collecting things: e.g. Coins, stamps, bullion bars. Who knows and even, more importantly why? I know these are very personal decisions, by the way and since there is money involved have to be taken with a degree of seriousness. In time and after listening to advice and reading a lot I'm sure I will settle on a particular journey. But, as I'm setting out I'd appreciate some help, advice as to what others have done and why. I'm very late coming to these matters........
  9. Guys what do you think about investing in 9ct gold jewellery? Do you think it's worth investing in it? If yes, why? If not, why? I want to add jewellery to my investment portfolio, hence why i'm interested in your views on this topic. I'm asking about 9ct gold jewellery in particular because of its affordability. Have any of you guys invested in 9ct gold jewellery? I know that 9ct gold jewellery contains only 37.5% pure gold with the rest made up of other less valuable metals, but does the very low gold content put you off from entertaining the thought of investing in it? Would love to know your thoughts.
  10. No need to say your cumulative ounces, of course. Discretion/Modesty and all that... Mines 57.89, much better than I thought. Only shame is it's silver to gold, not the other way round!
  11. Hi everyone, I am just wondering where everyone believes silver and gold can go? I have invested in both metals and I am very much in this for the long haul. I do believe both metals will go up in price and I very much believe silver is highly undervalued as do many but my question is how much can it go up? Current fix on Silver is around £14.43oz and Gold at £987.39oz I for one can see silver moving up into or over £20 an ounce. Gold on the other hand I believe will struggle to break £1050, unless real instability happens in the world. I am just really interested in everyone's views, lets say within the next 2 years so by the end of 2018, where will gold and silver be? I look forward to your reply's.
  12. educating future generations is one of the best investments anyone can make. I trust that peter schiff is no liar, I just question how widespread this standard of education is? are future generations spending less time in school and learning less with the time that they do spend in school? do people who fail in business, teach? HH
  13. housing is probably one of the best investments if you are doing it for the right reasons. it's hard to go wrong if you own your own home. peter schiff makes good points on investors in housing being associated with rent value and interest rates. those who choose to invest in housing that is not their own home should have a watch. will interest rates stay at near zero? who decides what the interest rate is set at, lenders or borrowers? HH
  14. I've never used abundance investment before so asking for opinions and experiences. this could be one of the few council projects that deserves a fighting chance, as everything needs energy of some sort to stand any chance of succeeding. not so much as an investment in the the conventional sense, (to make money). putting money into something that I can hope to succeed plays a big part here. Am I being naive? edit: I think the annual interest is fixed at 3.7% but you get 5% of your capital back each year. HH
  15. Golds gone up and up since january as you all know, its nearing 900 now but how long do people think it will take to breach the 900 mark? im guessing 2 weeks from today. ideal for me becuase i invested in early january when price was 709 :-)
  16. Would you as a customer prefer a 2015 sealed sovereign or a Victoria Young head 1887 sovereign?. We are trying to find out what our customers prefer & coins you are looking out for? Melbourne mint. Sydney mint? Old? New? George, Edward, Victoria, Elizabeth.
  17. Hi guys, and girls, been away for a while, but I’m back on it and back buying. I just got my first high relief coin. its a pert mint 2013 Kook. I think its a thing of beauty, so ive also ordered the 1oz koala HR. Now i paid about £43.xx for it. which is less than i paid for the new koala. here is where things get a little tricky, 2012` kook high relief is going on ebay for 65-80 after costs and shipping, thats not much more than a new one will cost added to an order from most of the german sites, about 60 euros. So the crux of the question, Do you guys think they will increase in value? (they are so small )
  18. What would your tips be for picking up coins that appreciate in value? There are so many coins/rounds out there that it's hard to know. I understand that it depends on luck sometimes, since certain designs appeal to the masses but are there other coins/rounds that are seen as "must haves" in a collector's box for their appreciatory qualities?