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Found 236 results

  1. See the links in the comments section to enter in the 1K #R21K giveaway!!!! And to watch the pouring live see the link pinned. Thank you for supporting me Ace Bullion in a small but growing venture.
  2. Clairesummers

    Hallmark help

    Hi I am trying to identify a ring but after a lot of searching, I can’t work it out. So far I can tel it’s UK and 9crt gold but I don’t know the other stamps? Any help would be appreciated
  3. Please watch to the end, I have gold up forsale to help fund Ace Bullion's new CNC machine.
  4. Holy moly
  5. Does anyone know anything about the 2020 panda. Will it be released? Will there be a different design between the gold version and the silver version? Will there be a platinum version like the design for the year of the mouse lunar series III? When will it be released if it does come out?
  6. silver stackers can expect a ~70% outperformance versus gold if they pick the exact lows and highs? (edit: over a 25 year time frame) HH
  7. Hello All! I have a quick question. Just to be 100 safe. I want to place an order with Geiger in Germany. I pulled up the German website and added what I want in my cart. Of course I can only send within the EU. So, my question. Do you just use a middle person and have him/her send it on to the US? Does Customs interfere at all? I can only imagine the drama. Any info would help. Thank you so very much. PS I am brand new here and love all the info I am gaining from the discussion forums.
  8. Hi Everyone! I'm in search of Geiger Cast/Poured bars. If you have any for sale/trade or know of where to find them, I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks, Ed
  9. Some proofs to find new homes. 1985half, 1999half, 2003 half, 2007half, 2008full, 2009full, 2010 half, 2011half, 2004tenth Britannia. please feel free to ask for better photos or individual pictures of your preferred coin. All comes with box and COA in perfect condition. 180 each for halves, each 340 each full sovs. each Free special delivery postage. 2011 SOLD on FaceBook Forum
  10. Just joined the community. Been a collector for 2 years and looking to introduce myself. Hello!
  11. Came across this, quite basic but informative! guide on the Royal Mint website. It defines the three main strike types in producing coins. I think in light of some of the quality issues that have come to the fore recently, the Mint should consider being more proactive with its customer facing information. I don't know about others, but I'd quite like to see some videos from them on the minting process. Has anyone seen videos of the minting process they can share or other information collectors might appreciate viewing.
  12. I just got back into stacking a year ago, and just started on youtube a couple weeks ago. Lots of familiar faces here Anyway, here is a link to m y one year stack vid. Thanks!! It was also the first video I did and I was super nervous, still learning and getting more relaxed
  13. I sent in a gold 50 peso coin to NGC under express tier with the Mexican special label request. After a week (not the promised 2 days) my coin was marked as shipped but still said "grading and quality control". I couldn't see the grade and there were no pictures uploaded to the database. I got the coin today (no special label just the standard NGC one) and the serial number and bar code come up as invalid by my NGC app. So if I were to try and sell this coin it wouldn't even register as a legitimate NGC graded coin.
  14. I recently purchased a second gold 50 Peso 1947. The 1947s are the last year the coin was officially minted and also the date that all restrikes carry. I believe the second one I purchased that is currently ungraded is an original. What does everyone think based on the subtle differences in the pictures.
  15. Hello everyone,in this topic i would like to discuss about the current price of gold. I'm currently planning in buying some of it but i have seen that lately is getting higher in price,i remember buying a Sovereign just around the same month in the last year and it was about 258€ and now is around 300+ €. I'm not sure if i should wait for the price to drop or if i should buy right now considering it might go even higher. As we have seen many countries are buying gold right now such as China,Russia,Poland and so on and that could be the thing that is getting these prices right now. What do you think guys,should i buy right now or wait a couple of months hoping it drops a bit? Really want to know everyone's opinion about this but mostly from veterans that have been buying precious metals for a long time. Thanks for stoping by and have a nice day. ⚜️
  16. Hi. I’m trying to buy the 2017 gold proof Piedfort sovereign. I can get one for £1595 on Is it too expansive? They say it’s brand new from the Royal Mint two years ago. Is Chards a reputable firm? I’ve never heard of them and I don’t know if I should buy the coin from them. Where else can I buy this coin? Also, how likely is this coin going to be sought after in the future? As some of you might know, I am trying to decide whether to buy the 1989 gold proof 3 coin set sovereign for about £3000 from a very reputable firm (original case & COA) or the 2017 Piedfort from Chards. Which one should I go for? Thanks!
  17. Hi everyone. Just to let you know we have an ongoing offers page here. There's gold, silver and palladium, with premiums as low as 0.9%! We're also trying to add a mixture of low and high value, and bullion and numismatic items. We are adding to it daily so make sure to check back. If there's anything you'd like to see in the offers, let us know and we'll see what we can do.
  18. Hi, Wanted to get people's opinions on what is an acceptable condition/standard for a bullion coin? Was recently offered a coin, which after looking very closely at the pictures (taken from a bit of a distance) I noticed it had a distinct scratch on it and also had pit marks, the seller was asking for a high premium over spot (£335 for 1/4oz) on the coin and when I mentioned the condition, I got a sarcastic patronizing response about how it was bullion and that the condition is that of a bullion coin. Don't know what others think but for me that's unacceptable...or am I being persnickety? Cheers
  19. Hi everyone, Up until now I have been buying all my numismatics and bullion directly from APMEX. Yesterday I was surfing ebay and found a lovely 2 Sovereign 1983 coin apparently graded by NGC at PF69. I want to hit the button but I've heard of a lot of fakes on ebay. Is it safe or will I get a penny slug instead of a Sovereign?