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Found 213 results

  1. Hello , I am new the the forum. I tried searching some of the tags I included in this post into the website search engine. The search did not seem to turn up what I was looking for. I have attempted to do research on Google and some other web browsers regarding the subject but I seem to be fed with a continuous stream of recycled or limited information. I am interested in learning more about the purchasing power of precious metals, most notably silver. Not necessarily the currency denomination assigned to their weights, although I understand that is how we conceptualize it at this time. I'm seeking both additional information on a historical basis in mankind's recorded history, and in a more recent sense in places like Zimbabwe and Venezuela. More specifically, what does a silver dime or silver quarter buy in these places? What might we expect in the future regarding gasoline, flour, coffee, ECT? I am seeking this information to both help myself and help me help family and friends during the coming financial meltdown. Sources would be appreciated.
  2. In India we have limited options when it comes to 24 Karat Gold jewellery, these days we are seeing 24 Karat Gold pendants that we are buying because of bullion goals. Let me know what you think about these 4 Gram Pendant in 999.0 Gold 2 Gram Variant of the same in 999.9 Gold EDIT: Adding videos for better view angles (please let me know if it’s against rules) 4 Grams 2 Grams Varun Kumar Indian Bullionaire
  3. Paid over $1500 for this 1 ounce of 99.99 Perth Mint gold from APMEX in January 2020. I was skeptical about its authenticity, so I conducted a test to see whether this alleged 1 ounce of gold is truly diamagnetic. However, test results seem to show that this bar of gold from APMEX isn't diamagnetic; in fact, instead of being repelled by the earth magnets, it is attracted to them. Suspicious. Below is a YouTube video: Images Thoughts? Perhaps I performed the test incorrectly?
  4. We Don’t Just Sell Coins, We Know Coins With over 50 years in the coin and bullion trade, we really do know our stuff, although we learn new things every day! All of our team are trained in identifying fakes, grading coins and buying and selling all coins, bullion and jewellery. We guarantee that every time you telephone Chard your call will be answered in-house by a trained member of staff - and if you should happen to get a trainee they will let you know and ask if you are happy to be a part of their learning journey. Inform, Educate and Inspire We would love to say that our motto is to "inform, educate and entertain” but unfortunately Lord Reith beat us to it at the BBC about 100 years ago, so our motto is “Inform, Educate and Inspire.” Our websites are about a 50 / 50 split of information pages and product pages. We prefer to give our customers good quality, impartial information and advice, to help them come to the best decision, rather than use pushy hype and salesmanship. In an industry where knowledge is key, we believe it is extremely important to be transparent, and we publish our premiums so they are there for all to see. We are happy to discuss our margins with anyone who asks and will not hide behind prices or complicated formulae. Over 50 Years In The Industry It’s hard to believe that we have now been in business in sunny Blackpool for over 50 years. We have seen precious metal prices fall and rise, VAT added to investment products and then removed, the United Kingdom join and (possibly) leave the EU and we have seen nine prime ministers! From our small beginnings, we have now developed into a multi-million-pound business, employing fifteen members of staff, serving customers all over the world and still working on the same basic principles. 2018 UK Bullion Dealer of the Year For the fourth year in a row, we have been voted the UK Bullion Dealer of the Year. We are proud of our Blackpool roots and are determined to go the extra mile - the Golden Mile! We're adding more items all the time to our website If there is something that you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01253 343081, email us at or send @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer a message.
  5. Trying to do a poll but it's not letting me... hope this will fix it So the title says it all, I want to do a giveaway for my subscribers, to help promote my channel. Wanna do something in the 200-250$ range so I am thinking about 10 oz silver bar or 1/10th oz gold coin If you have suggestions I am all ears (eyes?)
  6. APMEX


    APMEX, Inc., based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is the world's largest online retailer of precious metals, with over $6.5 billion in transactions since its founding in 1999. The company offers more than 10,000 gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins, bars, bullion, collectibles and other numismatics products from various mints. APMEX is an authorized purchaser and dealer of the United States Mint, The Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, The Royal Mint and others. You can check price of precious metals here: Gold Spot Prices Silver Spot Prices Platinum Spot Prices Palladium Spot Prices
  7. just need 999 more for the OZ
  8. I was just wondering, does anyone know the earliest year of a gold coin that has managed to receive a PR/PF 70 (if proof) or MS70 (if BUNC etc). I'm sure there is a way to search on NGC or PCGS without the need to go through census tables? The challenge is on, either list link of state year, country and denomination!
  9. Stacker2020

    Budapest LCS

    I'm going to check out a few LCS in Budapest over the next few days. Just wondering if anyone has visited any they would recommend? Of course I'll report back with anything I think is worthwhile visiting...or avoiding!
  10. So, I won an auction on great collections today for a 1913-m sovereign greater MS63 by NGC and paid about $330 for it. Did I get a good deal and it a key date for the sovereign series? I’m really curious about the different sovereigns and their mints which produced them.
  11. Barely has the dust settled from the INSANE March group order and we are now ready for the next one! So, welcome to the APRIL 2018 Group Order, this time from PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY AS IT CONTAINS IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT and JOINING THIS ORDER. Also, if you are interested in joining this order please "follow" this thread so as and when I have updates I can more easily share them. Disclaimer Joining this group order is at your own risk. Please make sure you read the following carefully. I (Backyard Bullion) cannot take financial responsibility for lost/damaged items that are part of this order. By joining this group order you agree to this. What is the group order all about? This group order is a way to combine shipping costs for buying silver from Europe. We pay drastically less for our silver because we essentially do not pay VAT. I organise these orders so that people can get cheap silver but also so that I can unbox a large quantity of silver for my YouTube channel. It helps grow my social media, my BYB brand and my reputation within the community. Last month we used - one of the cheapest bullion dealers in Europe and ordered over 1000 as a community! This month, we are going to be swapping back to This does not mean we will never use again - it is most likely that we will rotate between the two throughout the year. The European Mint is based in Estonia. I have personally met the manager and owner and have an established business relationship with them. Unlike they are incredible with their customer services and general ethos on supplying bullion. Their products tend to be newer, of a better standard and also handled better. This leads to a better level of service. I also think it is very good to be able to give other dealers a chance because the only way that will ever improve is if we act and take our business elsewhere. It is important to note the above disclaimer and re-iterate it again. I cannot be held responsible if items are lost/damaged when arriving from the European Mint. However I have the upmost faith in them as an organisation and the fact that I am in direct contact with the owner means that I am able to ring him to ask questions, sort out issues and we have a very good business relationship already. Int he unlikely event something went wrong feel so much more confident working with The European Mint than with - and as I am the one taking some of the burden and risk organising this order I think that should count for something! Let's address the ELEPHANT in the room - PRICING! are known to be the cheapest in Europe. However - The European Mint has offered some exclusive price match guarantees to members of the forum who join this group order. The European Mint has a great ethos. They want to be the next big dealer in Europe. To that end they are always trying to compete. This order is no different. EXCLUSIVE PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE They have offered to price match the following items with Any coins from the Queen's Beast Series (bullion), 10 oz & 2 oz - including the 10 oz dragon & 2 oz bull Oriental Border Britannias Perth Mint Dragon Bars Regular bullion coins, Britannias, Maples, Philharmonicas, kangaroos, koalas, pandas, kookaburras and eagles (2018 versions). Back dated years is on a case by case basis. The new Royal Mint two dragon coin Other items will have to be on a case by case basis. Some items cannot be price matched because of the volumes that The European Mint buys them in does not allow any room for movement in price. However for the list of coins above we are able to get the same unit price per coin. There is one last thing to mention - The European Mint does not have as wide a selection of coins as - this is simply down to an economy of scale. As I mentioned earlier in this post we will be going back to in the future but for this month this is where we are going. How will the order work? The way this works is simple. You will decide what you want by looking at their website and send me a shopping list of what you want (preferably with hyperlinks to each item!). Now, some of the prices will be different on their website as the price match guarantee is EXCLUSIVE for the silver forum group order. So - once you have sent me a shopping list I will give you a total which is based on the price match to + any items you want that are not price matched. ***It might be that the 10 oz Dragon is not listed on their site and that some of the 2 oz Queen's beast coins are not in stock. The European Mint will have these items in stock ready for this group order so we can still order them now. I will send you a screen dump of the basket and total on their website and then I will send you another screen dump from showing the conversion and total in £. You then send this via PayPal F&F or Banks transfer and as soon as I get the funds I will place the order. Your order is then locked in and confirmed, you cannot cancel after this stage. When to order and pay Backyard Bullion? I will only be placing orders on the weekends. I will not be able to place orders mid week unless there are extenuating circumstances. This is simply because I am a busy person and organising and keeping track of these orders is difficult. Feel free to send me your shopping lists during the week but understand that I will not be able to lock it in until the weekend - this is just the way it has to be so be aware that prices may fluctuate in the run up to the weekend. I would rather do it like this than potentially forget or miss recording orders and making mistakes. Deadlines & Timelines for this order The order will close on Sunday 22nd April 2018 @ 8pm UK Time You will need to have got funds to me by then if you would like to order anything. Please note that this order is going to be dependant on certain items being available for shipping, namely the new 10 oz QB dragons. Should there be any delays in this it will mean the group order will be delayed and I will communicate any changes out to people via this thread. It is therefore likely that you will not receive your coins before the end of April at the earliest - I am happy to combine shipping with 1 oz Forum bars in May. Shipping costs & Share of international postage. With our previous Belgian dealer, shipping was free if the order was more than €5,000. There was a reason for this - they used cheaper and less reliable shipping providers. European Mint uses the likes of FedEx/TNT/UPS etc. which will be more expensive but provides a much better quality of service and peace of mind. So there will be a share of shipping for people joining the order. I have agreed an exclusive 20% off for shipping for this group order so whilst the shipping will be a little more - it won't be that much of an increase for a decent sized order. So - even with the discount the shipping will be a little more than people are used to. But, split out between all the orders it will not add up to much. As I have said before the risk and burden of this group order lies with me - I would prefer to pay a little more for that peace of mind than have my parcel left in a bin or in the neighbours garden. So, here are the prices based on the weight of the order. How do I get my coins from Backyard Bullion? You will have to pay for onwards postage and packaging from me to you. We will sort out the onwards postage and packaging once the order has been completed. Onwards shipping is at your choice and risk via Royal Mail. It is at this stage that we will sort out the share of international postage (if any applies). Here is a quick guide as to what the onwards postage costs will be. THE BELOW TABLE IS NOT UP TO DATE WITH THE NEW POSTAGE INCREASES - I will update it when I have some more time! Please note that the maximum that you can send via Royal Mail Special delivery for a decent price is 2kg (about 55 oz). If you would like to order more than this please get in touch to discuss shipping options. Is it worth it to join? Yes - buying silver from Europe is the single cheapest way of buying silver. Doing it as part of this group order is cheaper still. Some of their coins may be more expensive (the more collectable type coins) but certainly not by much. Another reason to join the more you buy the cheaper it gets for everybody! Does Backyard Bullion charge for this service? I do not charge for you to join this group order. But I do ask for an optional "service charge" in the form of a tip, the suggested amount is £1 per person. I will not be offended or angry if you choose not to pay the "tip" - but bear in mind that proceeds from the tip help feed Mrs BYB a slap up curry as a thank you for helping to package up all of your orders! The main benefit for me is to be able to unbox a large quantity of silver for my YouTube channel which helps grow my channel, brand and reputation. What happens in the event of an issue with delivery? As I said in the disclaimer at the top of this thread, I cannot be held financially responsible for the loss/damage of any items in this group order. The European Mint and their delivery partner company have insurance for their parcels but I have never had to put a claim in and I do not know how likely it might be that something is refunded should it go missing in transit. There is an intrinsic risk in ordering from any international company but I am confident that we will be able to resolve anything that might happen. Please bear this in mind before joining the order. Have you got any questions? If you have any questions or would like any more information then please don't hesitate to ask here or via PM. In the meantime - get me your shopping lists! Backyard Bullion
  12. Hi guys, I'm new here and have started stacking silver, however alot of people have told me to switch to gold, I normally have around £100 per month to spend on silver which normally gets me around 5 Oz, however if I was to spend this monthly budget on gold how much would I be looking to get per month on average, and would it even be worth buying £100 worth per month, any help is appreciated. Thank you James.
  13. Hi all. After having a great time last Saturday, I've taken a table at the Midland Coin Fair this coming Sunday, 9.30am to 2.30pm, 10th November at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham B92 0EJ - Junction 6 on the M42. I shall be bringing along around 60 Gold Sovereigns (about 40 or so graded) for sale. I will use it as a Tester to see if bringing "The Silver Forum" to Birmingham has "legs" / demand - so come and say hello. Interestingly - Mike Veissid who organises the Birmingham (Monthly) and London Coin Fair at the Holiday Inn, Coram Street 4 times a year said he tried to take a look at TSF Lounge last Saturday and couldn't get in!! I bet he was after a free Doughnut!! I hope to see you on Sunday from 9.30am to 2.30pm - come and say hello. SovTracker (Peter Withers)
  14. Hello everyone, im Brad a new member. What are peoples thoughts on gold dropping before xmas? I read a forecast that had a prediction that the price in december may have a low of $1414 and a high of $1562. I have a fair bit of savings and have not invested in any gold yet but I want to get started.
  15. Hello everyone. What are your thoughts on how to invest 10k right now? I was originally going to invest the lot on britannias, but after looking into silver, i was thinking maybe 7k gold, 3k silver?
  16. Does anyone know anything about the 2020 panda. Will it be released? Will there be a different design between the gold version and the silver version? Will there be a platinum version like the design for the year of the mouse lunar series III? When will it be released if it does come out?
  17. Where is the best place to sell a sovereign? Bought one early 2019, thinking might be fun/worth having one for the brexit year, but now this is starting to look very unlikely and gold prices are going up and up!! 😕. The new Britannia is out so want to buy one of these asap, thinking about selling it back to royal mint but the price is really bad, have never liquidated gold before. Thanks for suggestions in advance. Goldbrittanialover
  18. silver stackers can expect a ~70% outperformance versus gold if they pick the exact lows and highs? (edit: over a 25 year time frame) HH
  19. Clairesummers

    Hallmark help

    Hi I am trying to identify a ring but after a lot of searching, I can’t work it out. So far I can tel it’s UK and 9crt gold but I don’t know the other stamps? Any help would be appreciated
  20. Holy moly
  21. Hello All! I have a quick question. Just to be 100 safe. I want to place an order with Geiger in Germany. I pulled up the German website and added what I want in my cart. Of course I can only send within the EU. So, my question. Do you just use a middle person and have him/her send it on to the US? Does Customs interfere at all? I can only imagine the drama. Any info would help. Thank you so very much. PS I am brand new here and love all the info I am gaining from the discussion forums.
  22. Hi Everyone! I'm in search of Geiger Cast/Poured bars. If you have any for sale/trade or know of where to find them, I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks, Ed
  23. Some proofs to find new homes. 1985half, 1999half, 2003 half, 2007half, 2008full, 2009full, 2010 half, 2011half, 2004tenth Britannia. please feel free to ask for better photos or individual pictures of your preferred coin. All comes with box and COA in perfect condition. 180 each for halves, each 340 each full sovs. each Free special delivery postage. 2011 SOLD on FaceBook Forum
  24. Just joined the community. Been a collector for 2 years and looking to introduce myself. Hello!