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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone collect the non-precious metal 2 pound coins in the UK? If so, do you use a coin book? The annual or definitive sets released by the Royal Mint? Graded and slabbed versions? I've got a few now - the 2015 reintroduction of the Britannia portrait both in circulated condition and from the definitive coin set slabbed, the WWI aviation definitive coin set slabbed, and am very excited for the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's Modern Prometheus (Frankenstein!) coin this year. I love the Kew Gardens 50 pence and the Sir Isaac Newton of the same denomination, but only have the latter slabbed by NGC. Photos below are mine and of my coins.
  2. A List of Online Precious Metal Stores Accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin and/or other crypto-currencies. Amagi Metals - (Some mixed reviews. Delivery received OK from them 25th July 2015. See Below.) Bitcoin Commodities - (Also accepts many altcoins and CryptoBullion) Bitgild - Coaex - FiniteByDesign - J M Bullion - Shire Silver - SilverGoldBull - Suns of Liberty Mint - Veldtgold - Please comment in the thread if you have purchased precious metals via any of these online stores or if your online store accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and/or other crypto-currencies.
  3. Dear Members of The Silver Forum, As a fellow silver stacker, numismatics collector and long-term supporter and user of digital 'crypto-currencies', such as Bitcoin and Litecoin - I hope to present to you an easy and perhaps revolutionary concept in " How to use crypto-currency to verify value and secure your PM trading." Aside from the actual benefits of crypto-currency as 'money' or as a 'store-of-value', most people are perhaps unaware of the added security or proof-of-ownership potential when buying and selling goods and/or services online (or in person) that crypto-currencies can already facilitate. Watch: - How to sign and Verify messages with your Bitcoin Adress from your Software wallet - https://www.reddit.c...d_verification/ Practical use cases: Lets imagine that you want to make a trade with someone on this forum (you don't even need to make the payment using crypto-currency or even hold a balance in said crypto-currency to sign and/or verify messages). You could request that the seller posts a 'signed' message of an address that they own and includes it with a screen shot of the actual item that they are selling, thus presenting cryptographically verifiable proof-of-ownership to you as the buyer. As the buyer proposing to purchase an item with crypto-currency you can also demonstrate to the seller that you have the currency/money to pay them and/or that you own the particular wallet address. As an online vendor (whether choosing to accept crypto-currencies for sales or otherwise) you could present screen shots of physical bullion to your potential buyers of items which are signed and verified as being your own wallet address. Lets say that you are selling a 5 Kilogram Silver Bullion Bar - you can post a screen shot of this item on your website with a signed statement that you own this bullion. This is 100% verifiable to anyone who verifies your message. To further build trust as an individual seller or as a vendor you can sign the statement to include both the item type and weight and even back it with an address containing the corresponding denomination in crypto-currency. So, in the case of the 5 Kilogram Silver Bullion Bar you could present a Bitcoin address that also contains £2000 to £2500 worth of Bitcoin (approx. example at the current silver price). This is also providing a potential buyer (or investor) with proof-of-value or proof-of-capital. If you are a small retailer of 1 Oz Silver coins then you might post a signed image and statement to verify said stock. In short, this is a better way to do online trading in precious metals. It is more secure for both the buyer and the seller. ... With regards to the above I endeavor to build up a fully decentralized Proof-of-Value network on top of an existing crypto-currency known as cryptobullion. Here is my post on the Bitcoin Talk Forum - cryptobullion thread topic, where I first announced this concept: https://bitcointalk....494#msg11844494 Proof-of-Concept - Back-to-Basics - Phase 1 CBX Proof-of-Value Network Certification - Building a Decentralized Value Network using the CBX blockchain. CBX Wallet Address: 5aPRwXQXXBaZF9WDv3FWD8fRc9fxgQsQCh Message: I BitcoinFX hereby back 1000 CBX with 10 Troy Oz of .999 Fine Silver. Should I divest either my CBX and/or physical bullion holding then this statement is automatically considered null and void within the CBX Value Network. I hereby endeavour to provide a separate notification should I divest this personal holding. Verify Message: IMUhmkIFFnWEJ9APS+CXnEFCEN3P42N6puqZlQzEqVsg3vBilnpeAa+svSMsQcAYbs3lSo4xRTafd2pPh9HBR24= Obviously, this message is only verifiable using the CryptoBullion wallet software and not with the Bitcoin or Litecoin software, as each crypto-currency chain uses its own signing message and verification system linked to that chains address system and applied cyptography. You could however choose to use any crypto-currency with said signing and verification system built in, being agreed by the buyer and seller. ... I look forward to community discussion and participation in this unique concept. Kind Regards, SilveriteFX / BitcoinFX
  4. SilveriteFX

    Hello fellow silverites!

    New-ish UK based silver stacker here. Foremost, a numismatics and coins collector. Into crypto-currencies since early 2010 (Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.,) also an open source software advocate, of sorts. I have some retail Forex trading experience, hence the (FX). ~ - Why Silver And NOT Gold. Cheers!