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Found 64 results

  1. From reserarching the last few weeks it seems like APMEX is more expensive Also what are the best brands for retrading? Is it best to get a Government mint like the Canadian mint for Silver bars? Or is it good to get premiums from private companies Asahi, Engel, Silvertowne, or RMC etc? To me I see cheaper to get certain companies like Sunshine, but if I resell am i gonna lose that "over Spot' premium I really am attractted to some of the 'poured silver bars' from Engel and some of the olds school looking rustic bars but they have premiums Seems like the Silver coins from places like US mint ie silver eagles or from countries like Canada, England or South Africa are super high over spot prices. I was wondering when I resell will i get that 'over spot' premium too My goal is to resell in 2-10 years, and continue stacking. I also already have a lot of '90% junk silver' for SHTF scenario My question is how to retain the most bang for your buck and ability to resell Like should I keep the same types of companies... so keep all bars the same from Silvertowne or all from the RCM royal canadian mint versus mixing a bunch of differnt brands/countries
  2. What do the forum members think of the UK coin sets that come out every year? I've seen two sets available in recent years - one is the "definitive" set which has all commemorative designs on coins made from base metal and intended for circulation and the other an "annual" coin set which is more like a date set with high quality strikes of coins meant for circulation. I haven't been buying the sets, but I do love the designs of most of the bimetallic 2 pound coins! Related question, which one of the below would you rather have an MS 65 DPL or an MS 67 without the DPL designation?
  3. Moocher

    South Korea

    My daughter is popping over to South Korea for a few days,anyone know if silver is cheaper there and readily available
  4. Hi everyone, I am new here and am looking to start a Silver and Gold stack but starting with Silver for now. Hoping to pick up some tips and share in the knowledge and grow with the community.
  5. Thought I would start a topic on some of the coins and bars that we think are really naff or just lacking at so many levels like the designers just couldnt be bothered, or just plain hideous looking. First up is some of the Star Wars coins out there, now I am a fan of the original trilogy and rogue one (cant stand the other new releases), this theme should be so good that it makes me want to dip my foot into the coin world, but some of the latest coins out just make me think 'is that it' , take for example this Stormtrooper coin, I actually dont mind this design, its ok, but then they bring out the most bland 2 oz coin out I personally think is naff, they could of put some detail on the background, the rim, had different finishes and textures like on the the first coin, but no, it might just be me, what do you guys think and what stuff out there do you think there is more life in a cup of tea. I totally understand for every item out there, there will be a 1000 haters and a 1000 lovers, its just your personal thing, and I dont mean to diss anyones pride and joy, at the end of the day I would have any of these if given to me at spot price as a stacking coin. Original design, not amazing but not terrible and a bit artsy in the drawing of the stormtrooper, I would own this, just. Then they bring out this , bland, badly drawn coin, And this, he just looks like an old turd on a bad stretch of road to me And poor old Jabba just looks like a melted spitting image puppet, wouldnt pay a premium for owning a gold coin like this.
  6. NuCoin

    ZAR coin collectors

    I was wonder if there are much people that collect ZAR Paul Kruger coins, the numismatic coins, I’ve been working on the collection for sometime now and building up to try and find some good conditioned add to the collection I’m building up..proof coins are extremely rare and are only minted in the years 1892...especially finding high grade 5 shillings (crowns) they are rare, and abit pricey. Though I must say the ZAR coins have a really nice history to them from the time Paul Kruger was president of South Africa
  7. Hay Guys from South Africa, thought I’d finally join the silver forum, I’m mostly numismatic silver collector.. very big in to older coins ...specially when it comes to designs of older coins, I’m currently working on my South African PRE-Union ZAR collection and building it up, I do aswell collect other foreign coins aswell when I’m not busy with the ZAR collection,
  8. knighthawk

    Silver coins you don't like.

    Anyone else have a silver coin they just don't like the design of? I think the Austrian Philharmonics are really boring and bland and that puts me off getting them, even though they are the best value for money 1Oz coins just now (from Europe). Violins are the last thing I would put on a coin. Anyone else have a coin design they don't like for weird reasons?
  9. Here is 2 bags I pulled out to show you which is just over 100g of gold bullion.
  10. Hi all, total novice to the group and to be honest forums!! Any help and advise would be welcomed, especially help with getting coins graded as I have been let down on my normal way of submitting.
  11. May I suggest there be two new sections for topics. One that allows members to post about coins that are not necessarily precious metal (there are lots of old copper coins for instance that people collect!), and one section that is for general coin news. General coin news might include new releases, coin series information, NGC or PCGS information, etc.
  12. TylerSilver

    New Swan Coin incoming?

    As I went to the comment section of the Perth Mint youtube page on their new videos of releasing the new 2018 designs one commenter asked "Swan 2 ???" and the official youtube channel of the perth mint responded with "Stay tuned :)". What do you think, does this mean that they are coming out with a new swan design or a coin similar to the swan?
  13. Hi everyone. I’m from the United States, and excited to be here. I, like lots of other people, discovered the Silver Forum from Numistacker, and I’m looking forward to interacting with this coin community. You can find my instagram (or as I like to say, “coinstagram”) account at avid_coin_collector.
  14. AndrewBowen

    Is this coin fake?

    Hi, I found this 1800 u.s coin from my grandmother's safe. However there is one problem. As soon as I saw this coin it looked fake. I don't know much about it and I would like your opinions on it. Thanks. (I can only upload one picture of coin to see the other check my other post)
  15. What do most people think is the best investment when exchanging fiat currency into precious metals?Notice i do not use the word buy as all we are doing is exchanging one form of money into another that hopefully will increase in value over time rather than decrease with inflation. My personal opinion is silver coins starting with the cheaper end such as Eagles,Britannias and Maples before moving on to the Lunar coins and Krugerrands .Once you have stocks of these i would suggest looking at M.S.70 limited edition coins as longer term investments. I much prefer coins to bars because of the collector value and silver to gold because of the cheapness of silver at the moment when you consider the historical price ratio.Also one has to consider when purchasing bars they have to be bought at near spot price as possible and with the current manipulation of spot by governments and banks there is no possibility of short term gains.
  16. I'm pretty new here and loving the forum (yet to see any negativity at all) I think a pod cast would be a great addition to the forum A live platform for news debate and all things silver and gold Guest could feature with all manor of subjects up for discussion, references to YouTube channels, any shows or exhibitions (like a calendar feature) advice on stacking and the like This may not be feasible or possible but it's just a suggestion from a keen newbie looking to soak up as much knowledge and information as possible Cheers for your interest SS
  17. Just wanted to start a thread with some drawings I plan to do overtime when I get some spare time. I used to be pretty good but haven't drew in ages so my talents have went down hill. So gonna show here hopefully an improvement every so often and then topic will fit in with the forum. All drawings will be my take on any coins that have came out. If you wish to post drawings to of your take on coins Id love to see them. Some of my drawings including the first may be worse than others as its just for fun to come up with new ideas so any critique or feedback is welcome Anyway here is one I started tonight when I came up with the idea to get the thread going. My (unfinished) take on the Britannia coin. Tried to make the shield look cool with the lines that are usually in the background of the Britannia design which didn't turn out well. The trident going behind the shield while she holds both. Side view was best for me as I'm not great at faces so the helmet done fine. The writing was hard to get correct maybe in future will change the way i done it on my drawing board with a protractor and compass. Recently liked the oriental border on the new 2018 Britannia and this is kind of where i got this idea from. Also see the bezel of some Rolex before looking like this with diamonds. So thought the border was cool going in and out all the way round so it wasn't just plain. So yeah will try and do at least one a week and might even sometimes do a better design than the real thing ( hmm the zombie dog).
  18. What would be the safest and most simple way to purchase/store cryptocurrency. I am put off with, oh, you have to carry out complicated mathematical formulas, if that's so is it worth the bother?
  19. Photoplay

    Why is it

    Why is it that on a silver forum site, the most popular coin by far, is a Sovereign? Not that I mind, I have them as well as silver