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Found 76 results

  1. Recently I bought a very large box of mixed world coins, I have quite enjoyed sorting through them into their different countries and am now in the process of researching the ones I don't know and sorting them into denomination and dates, then cataloging what I have to sell, I have pulled out quite a few beauties for myself the rest will be going up for sale, I took a gamble offering £10 for the coins, but my back wouldn't stop nagging at me while I was looking through them so it was worth it at the time, I have made a separate topic as I don't want to bore anyone shiteless on one of the main topics who is not interested, as I go through them country by country I will photograph them and stick some pics on here. First up I had an experiment with cleaning a coin in a way that I hoped wouldn't ruin it looks wise, none of these are grade worthy though some are minty and I am not bothered about sending off for grading so I thought I would have an experiment with different things, I found two equally grimey Norwegian 2 Ore coins in that box, a 1931 & 1937, one I cleaned with baking soda, warm water and lime juice (had this festering in the back of the fridge) in an old pie dish lined with silver foil, seen it done on silver, wanted to try it on other coins that are not valuable, I was pleased with the result.
  2. Does anyone know anything about the 2020 panda. Will it be released? Will there be a different design between the gold version and the silver version? Will there be a platinum version like the design for the year of the mouse lunar series III? When will it be released if it does come out?
  3. Some proofs to find new homes. 1985half, 1999half, 2003 half, 2007half, 2008full, 2009full, 2010 half, 2011half, 2004tenth Britannia. please feel free to ask for better photos or individual pictures of your preferred coin. All comes with box and COA in perfect condition. 180 each for halves, each 340 each full sovs. each Free special delivery postage. 2011 SOLD on FaceBook Forum
  4. I am humbled, honoured and blown away with the support and love.
  5. Hi people. Very new to this, don't really have a huge amount of time to go through all of the forum threads, which to be honest, to a newcomer are quite overwhelming. So a couple of questions. Where are the best places to buy silver from? What is the best coins to invest in? Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks P.
  6. This is @BackyardBullion next group order in new yodel/royal mail proof packaging.
  7. Hello Community, I am a very softspoken person by nature so I will keep this short. I am very new to coin & bullion collecting for investment purposes as well as the mental stimulation it offers. To date I have only been any in these types of persuits for a year. My hope and purpose for joining this forum is to be around like minded individuals who have wisdom to share and hopefully a little will trickle into my think skull. I will likely be very quiet for awhile until I get a good understanding on how discussions work here and I gain some proficiency in using the archival forum. I find it good form to navigate the landscape first. My ultimate goal is be an active member through mutual discovery, purchasing, selling and dialogue. Thank you.
  8. Hello, Uploaded my second video to YouTube this week. It covers my visit to the ANDA coin fair in Perth, Western Australia, and my pick-ups from the fair. Please take a look at my video and let me know what you think of it. Am keen to build up the channel and will be adding a third video soon with a few unboxings. Thank you all & I hope you subscribe. Link to the channel below. Coin Struck 2019-02-12_coin_festival.mp4
  9. Hello fellow SilverForum members. I recently uploaded my first YouTube video called "Coin Struck`s First Video". It's an introduction to what I love to collect - sovereigns, Chinese Pandas and Perth Mint coins. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Also yesterday I uploaded video 2 which is about a coin fair held last weekend in Perth in Western Australia. Thanks for reading. Coin Struck 2019-02-10_FIX.mp4
  10. Hey stackers! Just before 2018 ended I made a full stack video after running a poll on my youtube community tab. I hope you enjoy the video and find some exciting pieces. Do let me know below or in the comments section
  11. First a HUGE Thank you to @caloundracats for sending this Truely AMAZING AND welcomed gift. You blew my mind!!!! My boys will love going through these!!! 😍😍😍😍 To @BackyardBullion I didn't show or read your mother's card, but I did thank her at the end. That letter which is personal was very kind, and I was honoured she wrote to me.
  12. Is the rise in silver prices this January normal for this time of year or is it going to continue to rise to a new higher level?
  13. Hello everyone, Next month in the US, the Florida United Numismatic show will be held from the 10th-13th in Orlando. My goal for the time I'm there is to spend up to three hundred dollars to get the best looking coin(s) I can get. I like collecting 3 cent nickels, biblical ancient coins, British large pennies with the Britannia on the reverse, half dollars of either walking liberty or Kennedy, and silver pandas. I did get a bunch of coins for Christmas from my dad and Barbra dime cufflinks from my aunt. Also, because of people like @Numistacker and my aunt, I'm considering getting a classic sovereign or some more Barbra dimes. Ok now on to my reason for wanting to spend somewhere around three hundred? I figure that since the winter show only runs for four days, and I'm most likely going to only be there for one of the days it's going one, I firgure to make it my goal for 2019 to buy some very nice coins and have that be it for a while. Witn that in mind, what are some nice coins from what I like that would fit the three hundred dollar price range?
  14. From reserarching the last few weeks it seems like APMEX is more expensive Also what are the best brands for retrading? Is it best to get a Government mint like the Canadian mint for Silver bars? Or is it good to get premiums from private companies Asahi, Engel, Silvertowne, or RMC etc? To me I see cheaper to get certain companies like Sunshine, but if I resell am i gonna lose that "over Spot' premium I really am attractted to some of the 'poured silver bars' from Engel and some of the olds school looking rustic bars but they have premiums Seems like the Silver coins from places like US mint ie silver eagles or from countries like Canada, England or South Africa are super high over spot prices. I was wondering when I resell will i get that 'over spot' premium too My goal is to resell in 2-10 years, and continue stacking. I also already have a lot of '90% junk silver' for SHTF scenario My question is how to retain the most bang for your buck and ability to resell Like should I keep the same types of companies... so keep all bars the same from Silvertowne or all from the RCM royal canadian mint versus mixing a bunch of differnt brands/countries
  15. What do the forum members think of the UK coin sets that come out every year? I've seen two sets available in recent years - one is the "definitive" set which has all commemorative designs on coins made from base metal and intended for circulation and the other an "annual" coin set which is more like a date set with high quality strikes of coins meant for circulation. I haven't been buying the sets, but I do love the designs of most of the bimetallic 2 pound coins! Related question, which one of the below would you rather have an MS 65 DPL or an MS 67 without the DPL designation?
  16. Moocher

    South Korea

    My daughter is popping over to South Korea for a few days,anyone know if silver is cheaper there and readily available
  17. Hi everyone, I am new here and am looking to start a Silver and Gold stack but starting with Silver for now. Hoping to pick up some tips and share in the knowledge and grow with the community.
  18. Thought I would start a topic on some of the coins and bars that we think are really naff or just lacking at so many levels like the designers just couldnt be bothered, or just plain hideous looking. First up is some of the Star Wars coins out there, now I am a fan of the original trilogy and rogue one (cant stand the other new releases), this theme should be so good that it makes me want to dip my foot into the coin world, but some of the latest coins out just make me think 'is that it' , take for example this Stormtrooper coin, I actually dont mind this design, its ok, but then they bring out the most bland 2 oz coin out I personally think is naff, they could of put some detail on the background, the rim, had different finishes and textures like on the the first coin, but no, it might just be me, what do you guys think and what stuff out there do you think there is more life in a cup of tea. I totally understand for every item out there, there will be a 1000 haters and a 1000 lovers, its just your personal thing, and I dont mean to diss anyones pride and joy, at the end of the day I would have any of these if given to me at spot price as a stacking coin. Original design, not amazing but not terrible and a bit artsy in the drawing of the stormtrooper, I would own this, just. Then they bring out this , bland, badly drawn coin, And this, he just looks like an old turd on a bad stretch of road to me And poor old Jabba just looks like a melted spitting image puppet, wouldnt pay a premium for owning a gold coin like this.
  19. I was wonder if there are much people that collect ZAR Paul Kruger coins, the numismatic coins, I’ve been working on the collection for sometime now and building up to try and find some good conditioned add to the collection I’m building up..proof coins are extremely rare and are only minted in the years 1892...especially finding high grade 5 shillings (crowns) they are rare, and abit pricey. Though I must say the ZAR coins have a really nice history to them from the time Paul Kruger was president of South Africa
  20. Hay Guys from South Africa, thought I’d finally join the silver forum, I’m mostly numismatic silver collector.. very big in to older coins ...specially when it comes to designs of older coins, I’m currently working on my South African PRE-Union ZAR collection and building it up, I do aswell collect other foreign coins aswell when I’m not busy with the ZAR collection,
  21. Anyone else have a silver coin they just don't like the design of? I think the Austrian Philharmonics are really boring and bland and that puts me off getting them, even though they are the best value for money 1Oz coins just now (from Europe). Violins are the last thing I would put on a coin. Anyone else have a coin design they don't like for weird reasons?
  22. Here is 2 bags I pulled out to show you which is just over 100g of gold bullion.
  23. Hi all, total novice to the group and to be honest forums!! Any help and advise would be welcomed, especially help with getting coins graded as I have been let down on my normal way of submitting.