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Found 12 results

  1. The sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne are the same weight as any sovereign from were ever. First a sovereign from H&B, second 1895 sovereign. It looks OK to me. Are we looking for a fault as the price is so low??? I HAVE JUST PUT A POLL UP ASKING Would you buy sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne. 20/04.
  2. There has been a few comments on my first post sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne. 17/04. Thats why Iv put this poll up. Happy voting Thanks ☺️
  3. The results from the two polls I posted which finished on the 27/4 1. Would you buy sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne. Yes 42 No 12 2. What form do you buy your precious metals. Coins, gold or silver, bullion, proof or slabbed. 14 Bars, gold or silver. 1 Bars and coins. 12 Thank you all for voting.
  4. Hello ! New member here, starting to collect Pre-Victorian Sovereigns. Would be grateful if someone can tell me the tentative grade of the coin below. Thanks in advance. Leprechaun
  5. Hello fellow SilverForum members. I have just uploaded video No 7 to my new YouTube Channel showing an unboxing of sovereigns & gold Pandas just back from conservation and grading. Please can you take a look, like comment and hopefully subscribe. Here is the link to my channel. Thanks for looking. Coin Struck
  6. What I don't understand is that the prices for modern sovereigns seem to have no relation to published mintages. In my Coin Yearbook for 2018, the mintages for 2013 (BU Bullion) and 2016 (BU bullion) are 2,695 and 1,500 respectively. (Both figures being substantially lower than the proof mintages for the same years). So by any measure these BU bullion sovereigns are really quite rare. However, these low mintages are not reflected in the price asked by dealers and on EBAY. Do collectors not realise that these are scarce coins, or are the published mintages suspect? Another puzzle over pricing is the very high price asked by a well known postal supplier of sovereigns for a 1968 sovereign (mintage in excess of 4 million). Is this year really difficult to find?
  7. Hello fellow SilverForum members. I recently uploaded my first YouTube video called "Coin Struck`s First Video". It's an introduction to what I love to collect - sovereigns, Chinese Pandas and Perth Mint coins. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Also yesterday I uploaded video 2 which is about a coin fair held last weekend in Perth in Western Australia. Thanks for reading. Coin Struck 2019-02-10_FIX.mp4
  8. We're paying intrinsic for sovereigns - that's right 100% for bullion sovereigns. You can see the live buying price here
  9. Hmm, here's an interesting conundrum. We're in the process of adding an unusual sovereign on to the website - and we have quite a few opinions in the office as to whether it is 3 over 2, a 3 over 8 or is it a rotated 2 under the 3? Or something else? We'd be interested in your thoughts - the fourth photo is a macro of the overdate.
  10. My proof full sovereign collection from 1979-2018 complete. A great coin to collect and to put together as a collection
  11. Been collecting a year now , thought I would just say hi and get to know everyone. Saw the forum on numistacker and backyard bullions YouTube videos so here I am.
  12. Hi all Just bought my first set of sovereigns from Gold and Silver NI and thought I'd give them a recommendation In my opinion its the best and cheapest place to buy sovereigns or even any bullion gold and silver, I bought 10 Georges and 1 random sovereign, the Georges where 190 each and the random was 188.50 (turned out to be pre decimal Elizabeth) plus 10 pounds shipping and they arrived within 24 hours, absolutely chuffed! I'm writing this especially because when I was researching the company I couldn't find any reviews or recommendations on the web so I was naturally suspicious to being ripped off, in the end I just went for it The difference is with Gold and Silver NI is that its a single investor that runs it and is doing it to increase his buying power rather than for profit, at the same time providing other investors with gold and silver at low premiums So what you have to do is wait for the spot price to be low or just check atkinsons for a good price, and then email this guy for a quote for what you want, when he replies you transfer the money to him and he then puts the same order in himself to his supplier to replenish his own stock. this is the website'> What's also great is that he sells for his buy price so it doesn't matter if you buy 1 or 20, its the same price per coin based on spot at that time Anyway hope this makes sense and is a help to anyone who is looking to purchase gold sovereigns I'll also post a picture of the sovs I bought if I can