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Found 41 results

  1. Creating this thread for anyone with an overdate, variation, errors etc who want to ask questions or have them checked out by other forum members. Makes sense to keep a single thread for them all!
  2. Came across this, quite basic but informative! guide on the Royal Mint website. It defines the three main strike types in producing coins. I think in light of some of the quality issues that have come to the fore recently, the Mint should consider being more proactive with its customer facing information. I don't know about others, but I'd quite like to see some videos from them on the minting process. Has anyone seen videos of the minting process they can share or other information collectors might appreciate viewing.
  3. What's route should I take? Double sovereign seems to be more rare, but I quite like full sovereign. Look forward to reading all your opinions!
  4. Just picked up this half sov am I right in saying its a low shield? if so shouldn't it have J.E.B on the head? comments please
  5. Seasider


    DNW have an 1833 Sovereign in their September auction which is described as "mount marks on edge and has been SWEATED". That is not a term I have heard before and wondered if it was a strange form of cleaning - as in a Turkish bath?
  6. 1989 full sovereign or 1989 double sovereign? Which one would you buy and for how much? Its premium seems to be steadily increasing every year since mid 2017 if you have any other coins which you think is more collectible than the said coin, feel free to mention!
  7. Is paying £1,064 too much for a full sovereign on (Sorry. I'm relatively new to collecting)
  8. I’m trying to obtain the 1989 Gold Proof three-coin-set Sovereign. I’ve been offered the price of almost £3000 for this set from a very reputable firm. Am I getting ripped off? It comes with original certificate and the original case. What are the grades normally like when buying historic coins for reputable firms like Royal Mint, etc.? Where else should I look for to buy this coin? Thanks!
  9. Hi. I’m trying to buy the 2017 gold proof Piedfort sovereign. I can get one for £1595 on Is it too expansive? They say it’s brand new from the Royal Mint two years ago. Is Chards a reputable firm? I’ve never heard of them and I don’t know if I should buy the coin from them. Where else can I buy this coin? Also, how likely is this coin going to be sought after in the future? As some of you might know, I am trying to decide whether to buy the 1989 gold proof 3 coin set sovereign for about £3000 from a very reputable firm (original case & COA) or the 2017 Piedfort from Chards. Which one should I go for? Thanks!
  10. The picture is taking form google search! Is there I way to restore coins the rim "to almost original" after being used in jewellery? I know that there are people doing this in cutlery and silver tea sets... I presume the coin loses some of its value, right? I guess a serious collector might not want a coin like that.
  11. hey guys, I'm thinking about ordering a C grade sov from chards for £248.19 Do you have any experience with that... or shall I better pay £2 extra and get a "better" looking one for £250.
  12. hey guys, I don't want to overcomplicate things, this could go either way, you would all lough at how stupid I'm or it might be very interesting for many of us (specially the newbie, like me)... to know how you all go about this... I was just thinking about gold SPOT price and SOVs prices and PREMIUM. Am I right, in this excel calculation: Sov price - (Spot x 7,98) : (Spot x 7,98) x 100 = PREMIUM if we take the crazy B&H price of last week £224 and a SPOT of £33.22 Gold price a gr. 224 - (33.22 x 7,98) : (33.22 x 7,98) x 100 224 - (265) : (265) x 100 -36 : (265) x 100 = -15.5% at 224 we bought (estimated +/-) B&H sovs at minus -15.5% Premium? at 249 we are still under Spot Price by 6+%... right? DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE 22c or 24c AT ANY POINT? Or how do you think/calculate PREMIUM? Is there any app or page that might do this much easier...? Thank you all.
  13. There has been a few comments on my first post sovereigns from Harrington & Byrne. 17/04. Thats why Iv put this poll up. Happy voting Thanks ☺️
  14. Hi all, I am a new member and hope this is the right place to post. Please move i am wrong. For several years now I have wanted to own and hopefully collect sovereigns, I can’t decide what type of collection I would like to go with so date led to me making my first purchase. I was browsing the sale room listings and stumbled across an 1898 full sovereign being auctioned locally to me the following morning and i ended up winning it in my first non eBay auction experience. The sovereign is an 1898 M veiled head that from my understanding is quite common, I would like to know what you guys think and if the purchase was wise. The diameter is 22mm x 1.4mm and weight is 8g, it cost £237 in total. I have attached photos and was hoping to get an idea of grade and value, I’m almost certain it is probably BV however i am here to learn. Thanks in advance.
  15. I'm still learning about sovereigns but I was wondering why the newer sovereign's seem 'browner' compared to the older ones? I don't own sovereigns yet to compare myself. I do understand they are struck in 22 carat (11/12 gold and 1/12 copper?) to make the coins harder and more durable but I can't help wondering why modern sov's seem browner and especially seeing this photo on this thread: Thanks
  16. Hello fellow SilverForum members. I have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel showing my first Canadian sovereign. I have now reached 100 subscribers and will run a give away competition, look out for that video this weekend. Also a big thank you to all of you who have watched and subscribed to my channel. Here is the link to my channel. I hope you take a look and enjoy. Thanks for reading. Coin Struck
  17. Hello All, Has anyone seen this 2019 Bullion Coin advert in the Daily Mail, seems too good to be true @ £234.99 its cheaper than anywhere else i can find, (inc Chards/Bullion by post). Has anyone dealt with them, checked out website and facebook page, shows clips of them sending out these bullions, must be worth a go? Cheers, CB_1975
  18. I have been looking at the RCM's website recently and I noticed that they had produced a gold plated silver sovereigns to commemorate the one hundredth year anniversary of 1908 sovereign as it was released last year. Since most of your on the forum are from the United Kingdom I wanted to know what your thoughts are one the coin and what makes 1908 a special year. Here is the link to the coin: P.S. I wish the US mint would allow customer to buy back dated special coins for a while instead of having them "sold out" like some other mints allow. I think the Royal mint does a fantastic job this by allowing the public to buy classic sovereigns with the assurance of obtaining real gold with fantastic designs.
  19. Hello fellow SilverForum members. I have been offered a 1913 Canadian sovereign graded MS63 by PCGS for around £2,800. Mintage on these coins was very low and they don't seem to come to market very often. Would really appreciate for any feedback on value, recent sales etc. Coin Struck
  20. Pump House Auctions have some sovereigns in their 25 February auction including a very shiny 1837 and a 1917 London Plus a 1902, a 1911 and a 1937 proof set for those who can afford them
  21. Hello fellow SilverForum members. Have just uploaded a short video to YouTube showing three beautiful sovereigns that have just returned from grading by PCGS. Please come & take a look and let me know what you all think. Appreciate is you can subscribe to my new channel. Have a great day. Channel link below. Coin Struck
  22. Hello, Uploaded my second video to YouTube this week. It covers my visit to the ANDA coin fair in Perth, Western Australia, and my pick-ups from the fair. Please take a look at my video and let me know what you think of it. Am keen to build up the channel and will be adding a third video soon with a few unboxings. Thank you all & I hope you subscribe. Link to the channel below. Coin Struck 2019-02-12_coin_festival.mp4
  23. Seasider

    1937 Sovereign

    Does the edge of this coin (from 8 o'clock to 10 o'clock look dodgy to anyone else?
  24. Hi Guys, I have the opportunity to buy a sovereign gold coin, but I have a choice to make. Either the 2019 bullion coin or a Proof Gold Sovereign - Grade B. Also a 2012 Gold Sovereign Diamond Jubilee. All at 10 euros difference in Price. What would the wise in this community advise ?? Thanks a bunch !
  25. I haven't seen anything posted on quarter sovereigns in my few months on this forum - not queries, discussions or buying and selling. Plenty on the full and half sovereigns. Is this because they have a bit more of a premium over their larger counterparts? Because they have only been around since 2009 so aren't as established? Because (I believe) they only come in proof (ties in with the premium suggestion I just made?) I have had one for a year and while I really like it I'm not sure there is much love for them out there. What do you think?