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Found 491 results

  1. To @rob6 & @mr-dead & @PansPurse Firstly sorry for the delay, your items Gifts, other, and Trades are being posted tomorrow. Just doing the finishing touches.
  2. I was blown away by another amazing review that I had to share it. WOW!!!
  3. @rob6 @terakris @kimchi 1,2&3 and a 4th one poured for good measure.
  4. Hi guys, I know I'm a month late and I'm not sure if I all ready introduced myself here on the forum; if I did let me do it again. My user name is SilverPanFan. I consider myself to be more of a collect and numismatic guy then a pure bullion stacker who only cares about spot price. As my name suggests, I love the silver pandas but I have a real interest in ancients, classic American coinage, some world coins, old currency notes, and odd denomination. I began seriously collecting coins about two years ago when a friend of mine told she collects coins. I started out my collecting journey with the three cent nickel. Yes, I loved the fact that the US need coin worth three cents to be used for converting foreign money that was in circulation and something to help pay for stamps when they where worth three cents. I got into ancients because the same friend also collects ancients. I prefer to collect the coins of the Bible because it helps bring the stories to life in a new and interesting perspective. You don't really understand the angry towards the money exchangers until you see the temple currency that was required to pay for animals to sacrifice. Biblical money also helps you understand the meaning behind give to Ceaser what is Ceasers. Last, I a belive banknote currency is art in your pocket. If you take a look at some the older currency notes in history, they posses rich artistic details that you will never be able to find on a coin. Take a look at some of the older notes from the 19th and early 20th century. You'll find beautiful renditions of elegantly posed women, angels, figure heads of the day, city landscapes in the background, and full color unlike our coinage of today. So with that I would like to thank @Numistacker and @BackyardBullion for letting me know about the forum. Have a great day.
  5. Thanks to a fantastic forum member. Any guesses who made this folks?????😂😂😂
  6. Hi everyone, Up until now I have been buying all my numismatics and bullion directly from APMEX. Yesterday I was surfing ebay and found a lovely 2 Sovereign 1983 coin apparently graded by NGC at PF69. I want to hit the button but I've heard of a lot of fakes on ebay. Is it safe or will I get a penny slug instead of a Sovereign?
  7. I posted @BackyardBullion a link to your channel as you too covered this 2 months ago. i must find out your lighting secret! 😂😂😂
  8. Hello, Any Canadians here have purchased Silver from US suppliers like Provident Metal, Apmex or others? How was your existence or what payment method did You used? How much charges for Shipping ? Any free shipping to Canada? What was your best deal purchased from US with delivery to Canada? Do you have to pay duty for silver? It is better/ cheaper to purchase from Canadian dealers or better deals include shipping can be found in US? Thank you for all the comments and info provided.
  9. How much silver did you have when you maybe started to worry and start to put it in a safe or something of that kind ? I’m not at the stage that I’m that worried , i keep it hidden but I’m interested how you guys and girls keep your silver /gold safe ?
  10. I thought this was soo funny, I made it short, but this could have easily been a long video
  11. lol sorry I shouldnt laugh
  12. Bitcoin took some hard knocks, its shown resilience through a trough and has now risen 124% in the last three months, with gold down 2% and silver down 7% over the same period. Corporate and institutional adoption of BTC is also gaining traction. Where does this leave the metals in terms of comparative investment potential and priority, for people and business alike? Is a crypto 'stack' of equal clout becoming a necessary diversification for all conscientious PM stackers? Is crypto an even better anti-central bank investment than physical gold and silver? If the global trend continues to favour crypto over PMs the metals market could get smoked in terms of gains and utility in the short to mid-term. What are the forums thoughts?
  13. Anyone that can help. Is this pendant costume or silver. Only stamped 1000 on back of pendant?
  14. It is time for the 1 oz Silver Forum bars! So, for those of you who are new to the forum since last year @ChrisSIlver and I teamed up to create 1 oz Silver Bars branded with the forum's logo. And I am very proud to announce that we are creating another 200 of these for 2018! These bars are all hand poured, stamped and finished by myself meaning each and every bar is unique in some way. The weights will vary bar to bar (although none less than 31.1 grams) and the cooling patterns of the silver will also be unique and different for each one. The allure of hand poured silver is growing stronger month by month and these bars are a brilliant way to start collecting hand poured silver and at the same time supporting the forum and my own business too! So, to that end I am very proud and happy to announce the 2018 1oz forum bars are available now to pre-order and reserve. There are a lot of different aspects to tell you about so I have split this post up into various sections, hopefully this will cover most of your questions but if there is something I have not covered then please feel free to get in touch or comment on this thread. There will also be a video going live tomorrow summing up a lot of what I have written here. What are the 1 oz Bars all about? The 1 oz Silver Forum Bars have been created as a way to draw the silver forum community together but also as a fund raising and brand awareness raising exercise. Proceeds from the sales of these bars help keep the forum running in the way we have become accustomed to. Premium and Gold Premium memberships go a long way to helping the running of the forum. To help keep the membership prices as low as practical, the 1 oz silver forum bars proceeds help a lot. Also, it is about raising the brand awareness of the forum and to encourage new people to join the forum and to make standard members think about supporting the forum by upgrading their membership or simply supporting the forum on a one off basis. Schedule, production and delivery I am working towards a deadline of the end of April/early May for these bars to be made, stamped, hallmarked and ready for shipping. They are all individually made and can be quite tricky to pour and make look good at the correct weight. I estimate that I will have made all 200 of the bars by mid April and then have them ready for a release date in early May. If there are any delays or extensions to this I will let you all know. Design Changes & Hallmarking There are a few design changes from the 2017 bars. Part of this is down to the fact that I have learnt a lot and grown a lot as a silver pourer and craftsman over the last year. The biggest change is that the Hallmark is going to be on the front of the bars. The hallmark is the most important thing about these poured silver bars. For those of you who do not know a hallmark means that the bars have been tested and their purity is guaranteed to be what I say it is - 999 silver. Having the hallmark is a really great badge of authenticity and gives the bars a lot more desirability, which is very important when buying hand poured silver. The other significant design change is that this year we are using an all in one "1 ozt" stamp. I think this makes the bars look a lot more professional and much tidier (as well as cutting down the amount of stamping I need to do!) Mintage & Serial Number reservations The mintage for 2018 will be 200 bars. This is set and will not change. We decided not to increase the mintage this year to keep the exclusivity of the bars as appealing as possible. Serial number reservation is probably the biggest question that a lot of you will ask. Now, we are never going to be able to please everyone and to that end we gave very careful consideration to how we would go about serial number reservation. So the following is how we will run things. If you currently own a certain serial number then you will have first refusal at reserving that number for 2018. So, if you bought bar #75 last year then you need to let me know if you want to keep that number. If you do, great it is yours (once you have paid!). If you don't get in touch to let me know before Sunday 15th April then these serial numbers will be opened up to other people. Now, this means in theory that all 200 bars could be reserved and sold to people who bought last year. But, I think it is quite unlikely that this will happen. There will be spare numbers from people either not wanting to get bars, not able to get new bars or not taking up as many bars as they did last year. So, if you are a new member, or an existing member that would like to reserve new bars and serial numbers in 2018 I will be creating a first come, first served waiting list. After the reservation deadline of Sunday 15th April The waiting list will get the opportunity to reserve available numbers. To join the waiting list all you need to do is comment on this thread. To be fair to all users a maximum of 5 bars per person on the waiting list please and we will then see how it goes for the available numbers and demand. I hope that all makes sense. In summary, you have until 15th April to reserve your existing serial numbers if you already own them. If you are new, or an existing member who wants additional bars then you need to reply here and I will put you on the first come, first served waiting list. Prices are set as follows Standard or Non member price - £25.00 per bar Premium member price - £22.50 per bar Gold Premium member price - £20.00 per bar UK Postage: +£2.50 via Royal Mail Signed for delivery for just one bar FREE POSTAGE: if you buy more than one bar International Postage: Please ask for an accurate quote - however I will offer free international standard postage (small top up required for tracked) if you order 5 or more bars. A few notes on pricing These bars are hand poured, hand stamped and polished by me. They take a lot of time and energy and equipment to create. These are premium hand poured silver products, not cheap bullion. They are a way to support me (as a fledgling business), my brand and most importantly, The Silver Forum. As I said earlier, proceeds from the sale of these bars go towards the upkeep and running costs of this forum. This helps keep membership prices as low as possible for premium and gold premium members and ensures that standard members can still use this forum for free. Standard members - The difference in price is as a way for you to support the forum in a one off style payment rather than signing up for membership. But also please feel free to upgrade your membership to take advantage of the discounts available. The price also incorporates the Hallmarking costs, this includes postage of these bars to and from Edinburgh and the application of the hallmark. Payment Information To secure the reservation of your bars and serial numbers you will need to pay me before 15th April 2018 IF YOU MAKE A PAYMENT PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SILVER FORUM NAME AS A REFERENCE!!!!! You can pay by a number of different methods as follows: PayPal F&F: PayPal G&S (Please add 5% to the total): Banks Transfer: Account No: 76626253 Sort Code: 51-70-06 Crypto currencies: Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum. Please not there will be significant additional charges depending on how much it costs me to process and withdraw the funds. If you are interested then please let me know in this thread or via PM. Also, I welcome all feedback and any questions you might have about these bars. Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting The Silver Forum!
  15. 😱😱 I don't want to open this I can't anyway atm because my back has gone. But scared I think there is a 98% chance of failure. Your guess. Here are a couple of pictures to help. Place your bets. This is one of the hardest types of item to sandcast due to soo many factors.
  16. Hey Guys , I know that most of the retail traders are expecting the prices of gold and silver to go up. But my research and studies show different. In fact Gold and Silver are about to crash. Please refer to the following video for more details. shaheen from elliottwavegreen
  17. So whilst I sit at my pouring bench waiting for the temperature to rise, I get a great and welcomed call from @BackyardBullion. Great chat, I will be ordering a few bits I need. He really is a GREAT guy, and friend. I am still amazed that I pour silver because of him! Ok I bought poured silver before, and was already smelting metals, but his advice about a year ago started my journey. Thanks bud. I am grateful daily.
  18. All 5 Germania's at last, now will add photos and list them in the for sale section. But I unbox the last one.
  19. We ( meaning pourers, and silver artists) like to show off our success, some like @BackyardBullion openly show some of the failed attempts. I am not perfect, and nor would I ever want to be because there would never be a challenge. So enjoy these pictures of today's FAILED pours. The Bottle IS 2.25 OZT The Ace Gambling Card is 5.69 OZT. Both will be remelted and will try take 2 later when I have my heart in it.
  20. A purchase is made for proof coin gold or silver from the Royal Mint to have it graded. As we know these coins come with a significant premium, which you can understand for the woke that goes into the coin to get it to that standard has a proof coin. Its a thing of beauty. So the coin goes off to be graded buy PCGS/NGC. On the coins return it has been given a PR69 or even PR68 and not the PR70 we wish for. Should you have the option to return it back to the mint has it is not flawless. There is not a standard for proof its the best the mint does. Would a MS70 or MS70 first strike get a better return for you money than a PR69 or PR68. After paying that premium?
  21. Have you seen the 1 oz Germania "Space Blue" Silver Coin (2019) the Germania Mint have taken coloured coins on to a new level.
  22. Please note, I buy milk spotted coins above spot!!