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Found 474 results

  1. A purchase is made for proof coin gold or silver from the Royal Mint to have it graded. As we know these coins come with a significant premium, which you can understand for the woke that goes into the coin to get it to that standard has a proof coin. Its a thing of beauty. So the coin goes off to be graded buy PCGS/NGC. On the coins return it has been given a PR69 or even PR68 and not the PR70 we wish for. Should you have the option to return it back to the mint has it is not flawless. There is not a standard for proof its the best the mint does. Would a MS70 or MS70 first strike get a better return for you money than a PR69 or PR68. After paying that premium?
  2. Have you seen the 1 oz Germania "Space Blue" Silver Coin (2019) the Germania Mint have taken coloured coins on to a new level.
  3. Hey Guys , I know that most of the retail traders are expecting the prices of gold and silver to go up. But my research and studies show different. In fact Gold and Silver are about to crash. Please refer to the following video for more details. shaheen from elliottwavegreen
  4. Please note, I buy milk spotted coins above spot!!
  5. My hobby and first sales. But an explanation too.
  6. jonrms

    I broke the Mold!

    One word BOOM Stay tuned.😎😎😎😎😎
  7. First time I bought anything from the coin shoppe in Canada
  8. Following on from the worst looking coin thread, what do you think are the best looking ones? I'll start, mine are quite random but I've always loved the look of these...
  9. Hi All, I was thinking about the posts I see on this forum, what comes up for sale on eBay, and what is mentioned in auction sites and on coin websites and came to the following conclusion. If it isn't old copper (think US large cents or British Colonial currency), ancient (non-PM roman coins for instance), or a Mint Error (some lovely mules, off center strikes, and planchet errors) then people seem to only want to buy, sell, trade, and talk about "silver & gold". Of course, the whole idea behind the silver forum is for people interested in silver (and gold), but I've noticed that trend in almost every other aspect of coin collecting. I mention this because some of my favorite coins are base metals and, at least in the US, some copper/bronze cents can go for significant amounts of money depending on condition and mintage figures. Is the PM market flooded because there is significant variety? speculators? an ideology? easier to collect these coins? Just trying to share my love of non-PM currency and find out if I'm simply strange or a part of a larger community that is a bit quieter.
  10. Looking for suggestions for new series to collect. Silver up to 5oz or fractional gold where the series is about to start or i can pick up previous releases without too big a premium! Many thanks Stack'em
  11. Hi people. Very new to this, don't really have a huge amount of time to go through all of the forum threads, which to be honest, to a newcomer are quite overwhelming. So a couple of questions. Where are the best places to buy silver from? What is the best coins to invest in? Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks P.
  12. Hi, I was looking at some ebay coins and I had heard a lot of people saying to be cautious when buying from ebay. I'm currently working with data analysis and use stuff like machine learning and I was wondering whether we could add another level of certainty when purchasing coins. Would it be possible to tell we have a fake coin from only a real picture. In the case of sovereigns, there are quite clearly some very bad fakes, but there are many which are incredibly difficult to tell apart. In the case of sovereigns, it's possible to spot a fake in some cases (specific years) by counting the number of edges in the rim for example which is incredibly difficult/tedious to do by hand/eye. Therefore I was wondering whether anyone knows an approach to check this way using some software which can look at the color, size of the lettering/figures with the idea that a computer can judge better than a human eye can. Obviously the best checks would be physical such as weight, XRF etc. This software idea would only be to make a quick check and would not be foolproof. Do people think such an idea is feasible? A fanciful idea would be to make this into an app where you could simply take a photo of a coin and return something like 90% chance of being real. Thanks
  13. So apparantly they will be releasing The Allegories in may and the Oak leaf in june. ( ) The Oak leaf will have a mintage of 50.000 but they will release multiple versions of the Allegories. A 1 Oz. Allegorie with mintage of 25.000 pieces A 2 Oz. Allegorie with mintage of 2500. And a 5 Oz. version with mintage of only 500 pieces. I quite like them but what are your thoughts on the design and mintages of this series ? And did anyone receive their Germania silver proof yet ?
  14. I hope you enjoy, Silver forum members get to choose a number first!! This is my home, my humble beginnings as @BackyardBullion would say. I have NO plans to grow like him, because I physically cant. But here you go.
  15. I have been looking at the RCM's website recently and I noticed that they had produced a gold plated silver sovereigns to commemorate the one hundredth year anniversary of 1908 sovereign as it was released last year. Since most of your on the forum are from the United Kingdom I wanted to know what your thoughts are one the coin and what makes 1908 a special year. Here is the link to the coin: P.S. I wish the US mint would allow customer to buy back dated special coins for a while instead of having them "sold out" like some other mints allow. I think the Royal mint does a fantastic job this by allowing the public to buy classic sovereigns with the assurance of obtaining real gold with fantastic designs.
  16. ATL85

    RCM 10z silver bar

    Hi I have a royal canadian mint 10oz silver bar come in to my possession. I would like to know what is it's value if I was to sell it. Thanks for any info
  17. I hate it that I am so stupid and cant figure out how to create a website on a simple platform. I have started to and here you go. its I am honestly so bad at this. I have it live at the minute so people can see it but as you can CLEARLY see I am far from having a perfect or even respectable setup. I want things like the gallery to open and show multiple pictures of that item. I want information to actually save. I don't know what I am doing... I hope to get some help from my Sister this weekend.... We will talk from across the globe trying to figure it out.
  18. So due to the upcoming Brexit date I decided to take the plunge and get 400 oz of QB unicorns (fav as other have is Scottish) from Unfortunately I have no self control, and was like a child in a sweet shop that knows there ain’t gonna be anymore (we’ll tax free) sweets. Hmm, I like that one, oh and that one, oh my goodness just look at that one. Short story as well as the monster box I also got a further 150 oz of silver on its way. Anyone else doing a pre Brexit panic buy?