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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everyone, some advice would be appreciated. Has anyone used Muenzdachs before especially if you're in the U.K. I wanted to buy a specific series, Perth Mint Queens Annes Revenge and they can ship to the U.K. but am a little uncertain. Thanks folks.
  2. Looks a way better than "Welcome Stranger nugget", imho And the price is great! Found here
  3. I hope you enjoy, Silver forum members get to choose a number first!! This is my home, my humble beginnings as @BackyardBullion would say. I have NO plans to grow like him, because I physically cant. But here you go.
  4. Hello fellow SilverForum members. I recently uploaded my first YouTube video called "Coin Struck`s First Video". It's an introduction to what I love to collect - sovereigns, Chinese Pandas and Perth Mint coins. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Also yesterday I uploaded video 2 which is about a coin fair held last weekend in Perth in Western Australia. Thanks for reading. Coin Struck 2019-02-10_FIX.mp4
  5. Yes oh yes I am the FIRST to show off physical ownership of the collection.
  6. For a good portion of the summer I stopped buying any coins, gold or silver, proof or bullion, because I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the series that are available. There's the Chinese Panda series, the Chinese Lunar series, the Britannia Series (my personal favorite, but not much love from a lot of collectors nowadays), the Great Britain Lunar series, the Perth Lunar series, the Canadian Lunar series, the Rwandan Lunar series (these are quite lovely, but I didn't set aside cash for them or buy any 😥), the Canada Predator series, the Kangaroos, the Kookaburras, the Saltwater Crocodiles, the Birds of Paradise, the Emus, and the Sharks. The Queen's Beasts, the Lion Dollars, and the Bisons. Not to mention the Ukrainian Archangels, the Isle of Man Nobles, the Niue hawksbills, superheroes, and star wars coins. Colorized coins, incuse coins, concave coins, egg shaped coins, coins that are square, coins that have scalloped edges, and privy marks on everything! Just tossing a discussion out to the Forum in general. Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by all of these? Are there forum members that have culled down their collections and eliminated collecting certain series? If so, which series are you avoiding or stopping?
  7. Hi, Can anyone one help with information about the Kookaburra F15 Privy collection. I first came across the F15 in 2013 but cannot find any exanples before that. Was 2013 the first year of mintage? Also, I cannot find a 2017 with the F15 privy, did they mint one that year? Finally does anyone know if Perth Mint intends to continue with the F15. Thanks in advance Kind Regards Colin
  8. Does anyone know when the perth mint lunar pig/boars will be available from UK sources? I just can't wait!
  9. Does anyone know the date when Perth Mint releases the pig/boar lunars?
  10. As I went to the comment section of the Perth Mint youtube page on their new videos of releasing the new 2018 designs one commenter asked "Swan 2 ???" and the official youtube channel of the perth mint responded with "Stay tuned :)". What do you think, does this mean that they are coming out with a new swan design or a coin similar to the swan?
  11. Another coin copyright/patent issue! The first coin that had some copyright controversy was the Isle of Man "Britannia Rules The Waves" coin where the motto was an infringement on the UK Royal Mint's Property rights. I don't fully know the legal issues other than the motto was not able to be used by the Isle of Man since the UK Royal Mint had rights to it. Well there is another controversy and this time it is two Commonwealth countries suing each other. From what I gather there is a special technique that the Royal Canadian Mint developed to put color on coins. And, according to the RCM, the Australian coins using colorization are using that method without permission! See the article link at the end of the post. Has anyone started hoarding the Australian $2 coins in question? Or any other colorized coins? Anyone following this or the other "copyright coins" to see how they have done in terms of price movement?
  12. caloundracats

    Gold Swan

    Don't know if you have seen this already, thought I'd share and for those with deep pockets.
  13. Just saw the new 2018 gold dragon & Phoenix at my local coin looks stunning. Perth is really doing a great job this year.
  14. An official document from the Australian government reveals extremely exciting details for the Australian Bullion Program of 2018: Statement/Text The most important facts at a glance: - The Wedge Tailed Eagle gets a new design in 2018 - The "Emu" returns - as a silver bullion coin - As a successor of the "Dragon & Phoenix" coin comes a "Dragon & Tiger" coin - The swan comes out in 2018 as silver and gold coin - There will be a 1.5 ounce silver coin "fresh water crocodile"
  15. We've introduced a mixed 300oz coin bundle containing 3 mixed dates of Australian Perth Mint Lunar 1oz silver coins. We receive the coins in trays of 100 coins so it's a great way to buy 3 different dates at a great price. What do you think - good idea or not? Would you like to see other bundles like this? (Eg. Kookaburras, Koalas etc?)
  16. Hey Guys, We have this beautiful Proof Coin of the Perth Mint - The 1/2 oz Kookaburra Gold. Feel free to bid on this coin (only above spot) and we will contact you to invoice you accordingly. The chances are higher if you bid higher as we only have limited quantity An example: Bid of 4% above spot (GBP 995) GBP 995 + 4% = 1034,80 / 2 = GBP 517 Looking forward to your bids Best
  17. Tyrrrano

    Lunar Collection

    Hi everyone, As I am beginning in collecting/stacking , I am willing to do a Lunar Perth Mint Collection ( I know it is very original ;)) but I do not know if I should begin with that ( Their designs are really good though ). I'm searching for a Tiger in 1 oz from Lunar 1 ( 2 oz too rare) because I like it very much but I think I will focus on the Lunar 2 after. Being quite young I can go long-term with my coins so I wonder if this collection is the best move ? Advices? Thanks for reading and have a great day, Tyrrrano
  18. Hi all . I've been trying to work out which 1oz lunar coins have been issued with a lion privy . With little success ! Can anyone enlighten me if there is a full set from the mouse to date?
  19. Not sure which type of typeset case to buy for my 1oz Lunar (SII) silver coins? The perth mint case would be okay but if you folk have any other cases maybe in wood? It would be just for the 12 Lunar (SII) coins so got a while still. I would be interested in pictures, prices and suppliers. Secondhand would be fine as long as the case is in good condition. Many Thanks. Stack'em.
  20. Hi guys, and girls, been away for a while, but I’m back on it and back buying. I just got my first high relief coin. its a pert mint 2013 Kook. I think its a thing of beauty, so ive also ordered the 1oz koala HR. Now i paid about £43.xx for it. which is less than i paid for the new koala. here is where things get a little tricky, 2012` kook high relief is going on ebay for 65-80 after costs and shipping, thats not much more than a new one will cost added to an order from most of the german sites, about 60 euros. So the crux of the question, Do you guys think they will increase in value? (they are so small )