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Found 22 results

  1. For a good portion of the summer I stopped buying any coins, gold or silver, proof or bullion, because I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the series that are available. There's the Chinese Panda series, the Chinese Lunar series, the Britannia Series (my personal favorite, but not much love from a lot of collectors nowadays), the Great Britain Lunar series, the Perth Lunar series, the Canadian Lunar series, the Rwandan Lunar series (these are quite lovely, but I didn't set aside cash for them or buy any 😥), the Canada Predator series, the Kangaroos, the Kookaburras, the Saltwater Crocodiles, the Birds of Paradise, the Emus, and the Sharks. The Queen's Beasts, the Lion Dollars, and the Bisons. Not to mention the Ukrainian Archangels, the Isle of Man Nobles, the Niue hawksbills, superheroes, and star wars coins. Colorized coins, incuse coins, concave coins, egg shaped coins, coins that are square, coins that have scalloped edges, and privy marks on everything! Just tossing a discussion out to the Forum in general. Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by all of these? Are there forum members that have culled down their collections and eliminated collecting certain series? If so, which series are you avoiding or stopping?
  2. Does anyone know when the 2019 silver and gold pandas are released? A few websites have some gold denominations listed but I can't find anything on exactly when they'll be available. When have previous years come out? Curious about this year's design, too.
  3. I purchased a pcgs ms69 Chinese Panda off ebay and picked it up yesterday. The photo on the site was a stock photo (pcgs serial number does not match) but nothing in the description says there will be red spots on it! Many are small but one, below the end of the branch, is pretty big. I have messaged the seller (not opened a case) and they have asked for photos then said "please let us know if you wish to return it for a refund". No apology. I will be candid enough to tell you I sent an offer (before knowing the actual condition) of £39.00 delivered and this was accepted (£45 was the original price). A search on eBay suggests the seller will have to refund my costs to return if not as described, and I would argue that's the case here. Do you agree? I quite like the coin but I paid over pure bullion prices but seemingly a bit less than other graded older pandas (based on a quick search of actual ebay sold prices). Do you reckon I should keep it? Raise a case?
  4. Good Evening all, My partner is visiting China later in the year and I would love some silver pandas as holiday presents ?. Does anyone have experience of flying back with silver bullion from the Chinese mainland? Are there limits on what you can bring, taxes etc? Cheers, Jeffers
  5. Seasider

    Chinese Coin set I do not know if the link above works but it is for lot 382 at Clarks Auctions at Semley on Saturday. The coins look like Pandas but do not have the 10 yuan denomination and I wondered what they were. There is a certificate but I do not read Chinese. I wondered if they were meant to be a commemorative set of some sort but some of the Temples look a bit dubious for an official medal set. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  6. The numismatic community in Germany is getting ready for the "World Money Fair" - will someone from the silver forum be there? In the meantime, there is also some more information about the Panda Medal 2018. Here are the facts in brief: - circulation 1,000 (as in the previous year) - Price 89 Euro (as in the previous year) - Place of sale: booth B18 (Künker) - Motif: Pandas Meng Meng and Jiao Qing, main portal of the Zoological Garden Berlin, Charlottenburg Palace - Designer: Yu Min - Mint: Shenzhen Guobao You can read more in my english article: In addition, there will be the first ever German-language catalog of China Panda coins, which I am happy to be the co-autor. You can find more here:
  7. This is my second video for my new YouTube channel and I share my coin shop finds for the weekend, and talk about how important my local coin shop is for me, and how it should be important to others too. I hope you enjoy!!! Like, Share, Subscribe, Comment!!! Thank you!
  8. Hi all, I have made a webpage about silver pandas Take a look and if you find something wrong, just let me know This is ment to be a little help for those thinkin about collecting pandas.
  9. Hi all, i have come across a 2000 China 1 oz silver gold gilded panda coin. When I inquired from the seller that I can't find any record on this coin he indicated that a German firm gilded 1000 coins of this year. Is this bs? Does anyone have any knowledge about this? Thanks
  10. This afternoon I found a bag of sealed (well two aren't) quarter ounce gold pandas in the strongroom. If you're on the wishlist we'll be contacting you once we've had new photos and priced them up. We use the wish list so that if you are on it, we will offer the coin to you before we pop it on the website. If anyone wants to be added please let me know email address, name and what you're looking for - by DM. We don't have everything but you'd be amazed what we uncover - we're using a new warehousing system which makes it easier for us to let you know if an item is in stock but we've got one more big safe to catalogue so you never know what we'll find.
  11. I am delighted to announce that the sponsor of the magnificent Temple of Heaven panda medal has donated one of the 199 bimetallic medals minted to be a prize in this free member prize draw exclusively for members of the silver forum. this is the second in the panda Temple of Heaven series of medals and this one features a massively improved design for the panda, and significant additional detailing for the Temple of Heaven itself. To enter all you need to do is to reply to this message and put the next available number in the reply. The closing date will be midnight UK time on 31 May 2017. A winning number will be drawn at random and the medal will be sent direct buy the sponsor to the winner. GOOD LUCK!!
  12. This video seems to show it doing a half decent job by simply using a storm-lighter on affected areas. Anyone who wishes to have a dabble with affected coins, feel free to report back here their success or failures with using this technique
  13. 3 piece 1987 panda set 1/4...1/1o...1/20 Gold Coins2000 max mintageVery rareJust the coins and boxes, no COADouble sealed in capsules and original mint packaging. How do I value this? I cant find any that have been sold or for sale for that matter. Im also open to offers. Please dont offer me spot.
  14. Agpanda

    NGC Registry set

    Happy today, Just filld in my silverpandas graded by NGC to their registry sets Started out as number 45, and ended up as number 6 Will try to climb even mor4e in the future Also great to keep track of your cert numbers in case of theft
  15. There are 2 different variations of the 2016 silver panda There are the normal from Shanghai and the more deep frosted from Shenzhen It is hard to tell apart if you dont have both side by side I will try to get some pics soon
  16. Morning, Thanks to Bosse68 for telling me about this place. I'm awaiting an order from SilverGoldBull. Ordered some 1g Gold Pandas. I'm going to stack gold exclusively. I may diversify the type of coins I buy but have yet to decide. What was your first Panda you bought? And did you keep it or sell it?
  17. INTRODUCING SHENYANG MINT AND THE PANDA LUNAR SERIES Shenyang Mint Ltd is the official mint in China appointed to produce China circulating coins, commemorative Gold and silver coins, medals and other precious metal products. Shenyang Mints is one of the oldest official mint of China established since 1896. It has more than one century of history with advance coin minting technology and experiences which is recognised by the world-wide coin minting industry. Shenyang Mint has a winning team of staff with immense technical know-how and world-class design ability. It is a producer of gold and silver coins and other precious metal products and has has government accredited quality control centre and appointed coins research and development centre of china. In additional, it is recognised as the research and training ground for coin research philosophy doctorate centre by Lioning province since 2007. Shenyang mint has achieved countless awards and other achievements both in China and internationally. It is renowned for its coin design, coin technology research, development and application and breakthrough anti-coin counterfeit technology. World coins awards to Shenyang Mint include: · “壬戌(狗)年银质纪念币”Chinese Lunar dog 2006 silver coin awards silver prize in World coin competition organizes by America World coin news magazine and Chronos Publishing House of America; · “麦积山”5OZ金币” 5 oz Gold mount Ma Zi award as best world gold coin; · “马可.波罗纪念银币”Marco Polo silver coins award as International best hostrorical coin theme. · “千年纪念”金币”、“元亨利贞方孔金章”、“纪念郑和下西洋600年银章”are recorded in shanghai World Guinness record as the biggest gold coin, gold medal and silver medal respectively. LUNAR PANDA SERIES 2015 Shenyang Mints has jointly worked with private sponsors to commission a new “Panda Lunar” medal series. The first panda lunar year is “Yi Wei Year of the Goat 乙未羊年三羊开泰” Why did the medal sponsors commence the first lunar year of the Panda Lunar from “GOAT” NOT another lunar year? Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig即子(鼠)、丑(牛)、寅(虎)、卯(兔)、辰(龙)、巳(蛇)、午(马)、未(羊)、申(猴)、酉(鸡)、戌(狗)、亥(猪)are the 12 Chinese Lunar ZODIAC sequence. Initially, the intention to commence the first medal from horse due to the limitation of time in designing and planning which will affect the quality of the medal and horse is ranked as number 7 of 12 Lunar which 7 in mandarin means “fail” and “going”in Chinese culture so all decide to delay and wait for one year and commence the first medal on Goat year. In additional of the above reason, Goat is ranked number “8”of the 12 lunar which means lucky and prosperous. The kindness story of Goat is another reason for us to pick the goat as first year of the Lunar for this series. Grain is not in existence on the earth during the ancient prehistoric times. A Kind hearted Goat from heaven visit the earth and discover the starving human with pale face and thin body. He secretly return to the heaven and steal the grain to plant it on earth. The master of heaven Jade emperor is very angry and executed the goat and eaten his meat. The next years, the goat execution place has grown grass and little lamb. Jade emperor decides to select 12 animals as human 12 lunar zodiac as assigned as god. Human unanimously elected Goat as one of the Lunar Zodiac due to his kindness to them. Jade emperor still anger on the grain stolen case but no choice to fulfil the human demand. Daddy, mommy and kid are selected instead of one goat in the medal is to show the joyful of happy family too. Why panda? Panda is the endanger animal which is the national treasure of China and one of the oldest animal in biological science. China government recognizes Panda as a symbol of friendship with foreign countries in diplomatic occasions. Thus, panda is chosen. Why Great wall of China? The Great Wall of China is one of the ten wonders of the world. Great Wall start building from Spring and Autumn war Dynasty till Ming Dynasty which across two thousand years with total length of 21,196.18 km. World Heritage Committee comments that “The Great Wall of China” as the world's longest military installations with high value in the arts and culture and importance in the history and strategy. LUNAR GOAT PANDA Panda Goat is the first medal of the series which issued in 2015 with 3 versions 2 oz .999 silver, 2 oz .999 silver antique and 50 gram .999 gold with mintage of 299, 99 and 19 respectively. Panda Lunar Goat - Antique Finish Mintage 99 LUNAR MONKEY PANDA The golden snub-nosed monkey an endanger animal is selected for this LUNAR PANDA SERIES : Monkey 金丝猴 Golden snub-nosed monkey is an Old World monkey in the Colobinae subfamily. It is endemic to a small area in temperate, mountainous forests of central and Southwest China at elevations of 1,500-3,400 m above sea level. The Chinese name is Sichuan golden hair monkey (川金丝猴). Snow occurs frequently within its range and it can withstand colder average temperatures than any other non-human primates. There are only 4 species of Golden Monkey that exist in the world, including Golden Golden Monkey, Yunnan Golden Monkey, Guizhou Golden Monkey and Tonkin Golden Monkey. The first three species inhabit China so we can say Golden monkey is peculiar to China and under the State's first-class protection. Besides China, there are some specimens of golden monkeys in the museums of few countries such as UK and France in the world. Golden Monkey, which is as precious as the Giant Panda in China, is also China's "national treasure". The Golden Monkey, having bright-colored fur, special appearance, graceful movement and gentle nature, is deeply loved by people. The Golden Monkey's body length is about 70 cm (2.3 ft) and the length of its tail is the same as that of its body or even longer. This monkey has flat nose with nostrils facing forward, full lips and no cheek pouch. The beautiful Golden monkey has cyan and polish long fur on its back and blackish-grey fur on shoulders, upper arms, back, crown and tail. The side of the crown, nape, abdomen, inner arms and thighs are covered with soft brown fur. The Golden monkey is named after the stump nose with forward-facing nostrils, and it is also called 'non nose bridged' because of its seriously degenerated nose. The golden snub-nosed monkey is endangered due to habitat loss. This primate is found in a number of protected areas, including Baihe Nature Reserve, Foping National Nature Reserve, Shennongjia National Geopark and Wanglang National Nature Reserve. The San Francisco Zoo kept this species during 1985, and the San Diego zoo kept the species before the 1980s. Outside China only Japan and South Korea keep the golden-snub nosed monkeys. Here the message of the panda and Great wall :- 送马迎猴 古往今来 坐拥长城 眼放世界 Parting with the Chinese Lunar horse year and welcoming the Chinese Lunar Monkey year (fire monkey) Remember the past, value the present, building the future Continue the virtual, determination and spiritual of Chinese culture and nationality like establishing the GREATWALL as one of the world wonder. Establish the big picture and reputation of the country globally. This series is published by the western well know panda coins and medals author Peter Anthony in his monthly subscription magazine call pricepedia. It also attract the world mints news blog attention as following:- MINTAGE SUMMARY Lunar Silver 2oz Proof Silver 2oz Antique Gold 50g 2015 Sheep 299 99 19 2016 Monkey 499 99 2017 Rooster 499 2018 Dog 2019 Pig 2020 Mouse/Rat 2021 Ox 2022 Tiger 2023 Rabbit 2024 Dragon 2025 Snake 2026 Horse
  18. I'm looking to buy a 1oz silver 2014 coin for sentimental reasons. I've decided it'll probably be a panda or Brit and I'd like it slabbed and rated 69/70, preferably proof, but maybe bullion. Can someone with a bit more knowledge give me a steer on what I'm looking at paying on these variables? I'd like the proofs but reality may mean it'll be bullion. eBay has a MS70 2014 panda (152035985936) on at £40 with two days to go.
  19. oliversw5

    Help Needed

    I have the opportunity to pick up a 1/10 ounce 1989 gold panda and and 1/4 ounce 1986 gold panda at the price of 110 and 250 respectively. However neither have original packaging. What are these coins worth? Ebay is leading me only to American figures which distorts the value Thanking you in advance Shaun EDIT: Shaun hasn't had much sleep and was on, Im still curious to what others think with them being out of the packaging
  20. hi guys, i recently bought an ms69 first strike 2014 panda 1oz coin and paid £25.99 for it. i have a couple of questions 1. how much is this coin worth and will it appreciate and 2 how much would an ms70 version be worth? how much would one be? many thanks
  21. SilverSurfer

    Hi All

    Does any one know if their is a plastic case for a 1.5 oz Polar Bear coin out there?. Thanks