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Found 13 results

  1. SoupDragon

    Hi all.

    Just joined after browsing the site for a week or so. I got into the PM thing in the early 2000's and have not been keeping an eye on it for a few years. Thanks for all the info. you all provide, it's helping me get up to speed with the market now. Must admit I was tempted to join for the group order thing but don't know if I'm eligible yet.
  2. KevinOmega


    Hello, Relatively new to collecting, but have been reading and using the site for info, so thought it time to join. Thanks, Kevin
  3. caloundracats

    Hello All

    Pleased to join the forum, newbie here but am hooked on silver and have learnt so much from various people - so thank you all.
  4. higherfragrance


    Greetings from the US! My name is James, though I go under the user name, higherfragrance. I found the Forum referenced on YouTube while doing research on some coins. I am a freelancer working through UpWork, writing SEO optimized web-content. Looks like you have quite an engaged forum here, and well-organized! I look forward to browsing and interacting as opportunity affords. Prost!
  5. RaymondOwen


    Hello my name is Ray, I'm new to the collecting world kind regards
  6. Hello all, My names Ben Nagle(Keenstacker) I'm completely knew to all this, even using forums😂! Like many others I'm not sure what kind of stacking/collecting I'm into yet, all I know is if it's shiny and heavy I want it! I received the first piece of the puzzle today, a beautiful 3.5 oZ Aztec round from ByB. After watching almost all of BackyardBullions YouTube content in one sitting, with the regular mention of The silver forum my curiosity grew and here I am. I look forward to being part of the community and dealing with you all.
  7. Tonewheel


    Hi, I decided to join the Silver Forum after viewing the splendid Silver Forum video's on Youtube. I first started buying gold sovereigns for our first grandchild, a total of 10 sovereigns plus a proof for their birth year. The grandchildren came thick & fast over the next 10yrs so they all had their 10 sovereigns plus their birth year proof. However move on another 10yrs to 2015 and we have another addition. I started looking on Youtube for ideas and came across the Silver Forum via Numistacker. all the best Tonewheel
  8. Thelonerangershorse

    Hello People,

    Just signed up, I've been watching a lot of youtube recently and a number of posters talk about how useful the silver forum is so I thought I'd better join. Looks like I have an awful lot of reading to do this weekend now.
  9. I finally signed up for silver forum after watching numistacker for a long time. I primarily collect raw imperial german (1871-1919) and am looking to get some of my nicer pieces graded but Im not completely sure if it's worth the trouble. Hopefully I can learn some stuff here that will finally get me to send these coins out to be graded!
  10. silverslayerfan14

    Hi, I'm a new member

    Hi. I'm a new member here. My name is Nick, I'm 14, just started stacking in December and live in Ohio. Just thought I would introduce myself. See ya, Nick
  11. Smungung

    Hello, new U.S. memeber

    Hello, new member I'm 15 and from the U.S. looking forward too learning about silver!
  12. Hello good people of the forum, I have been lurking for some time! I am 27 and although I have always had a love of the shiny things in life only really got into gold and silver as an investment last year. I started off as a stacker of both metals but have developed such a love for them I am now somewhere nearer a collector. I have a core holding of 1 oz Britannia's (silver and gold) which I bought at crazy premiums from bullion by post, but thanks to members of this forum I have now found ways to buy both metals at much more reasonable premiums (STG). In particular it was dogsoldier1973's you tube videos that alerted me to British half crowns as a low premium way of buying silver. Unfortunately that was the trigger for the collector in me and I have been collecting crowns and half crowns at much higher premiums over spot for their dates and condition! I have recently turned my attention to sovereigns as a best of both worlds type of investment with the history and beauty of them at low premiums - particularity purchases from HGM accompanied by a nice email requesting Victoria ones if they have them in stock. I have learned a lot from you guys and feel it is high time I contributed to the community here if I can. Cheers! KDave
  13. Silverino

    Hola mis amigos/as Hello

    Hi Chris Silver is in the youtube community. Silver and Gold stackers, Medal Detecting and Coin Roll Hunters. Here is my one year stack review Hope you like too much! haha Silverino