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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 3 results


    Hello from Silver Finger

    Hi guys thought I would finally join, love watching cybercurtaintwitcher and backyardbullion's youtube vids, among many others on there, I am slowly stacking only one type of bars that a mate of mine sells, the old CML (Capella) and the new Albion bars that he has trademarked to himself, BUT I like looking at all types of silver and I end up buying loads of coins as presents for my daughter who stacks them and order them on her behalf and for friends who are too lazy to shop around and do it themselves. Always loved the shiney stuff, worked in a few jewellers stores when younger, prefer silver to gold, but like both. I like cast silver bars best, my favourite being the British ones I have just under 2 kgs of 999 in 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1kg bars
  2. Hi everyone, Silver Shaker here! I’m delighted to make your acquaintance! I've only been stacking for a few months now (up to around 70oz), but I've seen this forum advertised as well as talked about on YouTube, so I figured I'd pop on over and see what all the fuss is about. So far, the welcome from this community has been amazing, everyone seems so genuine and open to helping you whenever possible and I feel like I've got to get in some more with this LOVE. I’ve got a small fledgling YouTube channel ( ), but figured I could learn a thing or two by talking directly to the people in the know… you guys! I appreciate all the helpful hints/tips/advice in advance and look forward to getting to know you all a lot better! SS.
  3. GrahamHantsHog

    Newbie saying hello !

    Greetings to all I have recently started my PM collection a month ago, I have a few bits of gold and silver, in bars and coins, nothing too large, just a few grand to start with, I have seen the spot prices fall sharply this month but do not feel discouraged, in fact I am getting hooked by this hobby ! I am aged 53 and intend to build up (hopefully) a bit of a nest egg for retirement so looking longer term mainly, also I would be keen to have some sort of small income supplement by way of having PMs that I could buy and sell on a regular small basis, I have seen how much certain coins sell for on Ebay. I think I am starting to understand the pros and cons with stacking, I have fallen victim to the dreaded VAT and premiums and realise that careful research is a good tool before making purchases, I have bought from a couple of UK based companies and been happy with the service, also a german company that I read about on here. I think I have got through the worst of the learning stage now, my silver collection consists of a 1kg silver bar,a year of goat 10 oz, and 15 bullion coins (mainly one of each of the popular ones), I am wanting to think of a good strategy now, am I correct in saying the following ; Regards future values of bullion coins, the value of the main type of coins like the cheaper ones, ie the Brittania,Eagle,Maple,Philharmonic etc will only ever be based on the spot price at any time, and the future value of coins like the UK `year of` and Aussie `year of/lunar` series will be based on spot plus a higher premium based on their age, ie semi numismatic, I have seen the higher purchase prices for these coins both in dealers and Ebay, what I would like your opinions on is whether to go for the cheaper bullion only coins and take my chance on the spot prices or go for the coins which have the semi numismatic values or a combination of both, also would you recommend bars ? Also, am I correct in saying that the Chinese panda and the Kookaburra have semi numismatic value, what other coins are good investments, I have a Somali Elephant,Year of Sheep,Monkey,Goat and the main coins, I would be looking to make a couple £100 investments each month. Sorry for the long first post, I find this a fascinating hobby and am very keen to learn more. Many thanks