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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 177 results

  1. Croatianstacker

    Show your stack.

    Hello maybe we can make a thread where we show our stack and discuss about it ?
  2. trozau

    My Preciousss!

    My Preciousss! (Funko Pop vinyl Gollum figure with 2 - NGC PF70UC 2009 UK 5 Sovereign)
  3. The pound has dropped significantly as Raab resigns. Yesterday we seen the pound rise and silver and gold rise rapidly. But what now? As I sit here looking at the markets ( note these are at the minute knee jerk reactions) I am left questioning what is going to happen? We can not ignore Turkey, or other countries even Italy which are in alot of trouble. I am putting more plans in place just incase, ie USD, and others. I am fairly stocked for alot of things and plan on getting a few more things for a worse case situation. What is everyone else thinking.
  4. universalcurrency

    Gold Emu verses 1oz gold Queens Beast?

    I'm weighing up the relative merits of the 1oz gold queens beast bull verses perth mint gold emu? Does anyone have an opinion on which might appreciate better and the practicalities or holding one over the other? I know some of the queens beast series in 1oz have done really well eg the lion and griffin whilst others such as the dragon havent made much gains.
  5. I haven't seen anything posted on quarter sovereigns in my few months on this forum - not queries, discussions or buying and selling. Plenty on the full and half sovereigns. Is this because they have a bit more of a premium over their larger counterparts? Because they have only been around since 2009 so aren't as established? Because (I believe) they only come in proof (ties in with the premium suggestion I just made?) I have had one for a year and while I really like it I'm not sure there is much love for them out there. What do you think?
  6. Thought I would start a topic of items made from precious metals that are works of art, I am not going to concentrate on the price nor what they are worth but the work that has gone into them either in skill or their uniqueness, I will continue adding to this post as I discover things that leave me in awe while surfing the net and invite the members of this forum to, too, dont worry what others might think, put stuff on here that matters to you, it does not even have to be something you would want to own, but just like it, I have many links to stuff I really like but will not flood this topic straight away. I will start things off with this, I think they are gorgeous, I wouldnt like to carry one in my pocket though as they are legal tender, I think one of those antlers might mash one of my lovespuds There is others in this set, a wolf and a ram, I think the one above looks the best though, maybe as it does not look to reflective.|productpage|youmayalsolike|10_oz_Pure_Silver_Gold-Plated_Coin_-_Sculpture_of_Majestic_Canadian_Animals_Bighorn_Sheep_-_Mintage_1200_2017&
  7. jonrms

    Looking for HELP.

    2 parts. I can't seem to find ANYWHERE where I can pick up a empty tube for my 1/10 th is Gold Britannia's. Can ANYONE help?? I am also searching for a Marvel coin box to store all my Marvel silver. Again if anyone knows who or where to go that's helpful
  8. DrPhil

    1993 £5 Sovereign Proof

    Hi everyone, Phil here, I've been following Numistacker's video for quite a while now, and decided to check out the forum. Recently I chanced upon a 1993 £5 Sovereign Proof for sale at 15% over spot, should I go ahead and pull the trigger?
  9. Nice new coin series coming out in silver 1 oz, gold 1 oz and fractionals, and some set I aint impressed with that the only difference is colours on the back of each coin.
  10. caloundracats

    Don't die in Switzerland!

    We might all like our precious metals, but not so sure about this. I'm not planning on being in Switzerland when my time is up - are you?
  11. danmc82

    Best Looking Coin

    Following on from the worst looking coin thread, what do you think are the best looking ones? I'll start, mine are quite random but I've always loved the look of these...
  12. jonrms


    I hope you enjoy.
  13. latinomanz69

    Gold Bars.

    Hello, I want to know how hard are fine gold bars (0.999) from Provident Metals? are they hard like regular US coins? I am looking for something low maintenance, so would I be better off buying 22k coins like US Eagles? what other 22k options are there? Thanks.
  14. how well has silver been a store of value since 1900? HH
  15. I have someone on my FB website who will hopefully be joining us here ask a question about a BAR (or Plaque) that he picked up over 10 years ago. Now I have dug through ALL of my data base and Googled the heck out of this and NOTHING has come up! The closest thing I found was Westminster 1/2 GOLD coin. I am keeping a open mind. Here are the dimeter and specs. 40mm L 23mm W 1 3/4mm Thick. Now that sounds about right and Bullion by post have verified its real by means with XRF and have offered to buy it. HELP...……….
  16. does short term news have an impact on long term market moves? HH
  17. I know its long but not as long as it took me to choose and make the pen. 20 minutes.... and that's speed up. I hope you enjoy it. If your interested in one of these or one that I will make later let me know. I will of course use the right place for them. Enjoy... and PLEASE don't skip through.. I really want people to see the work it takes to make these. Thank you very much. Jon
  18. Dear friends. I hope that this is not too much of a self-advertisement, but I would like to introduce you to my YouTube channel. I have published a lot of videos on coins, bullion, grading, fake coins etc. on YouTube in German, but now I want to start a weekly video with English speaking news. Are you interested in what a fellow stacker from Germany has to say? Here you find a short introduction on my channel and myself: Here is an overview on the German coin programme for 2019: Here is a sneak peek on the Kookaburra, Lunar and Somalia Elephant coins for 2019: Here is a report on a recent scandal of an 18 year old who managed to sell fake gold for 300.000 euros to a local bank: It is still very hard for me to be relaxed while speaking in a foreign language, but I supposed that I will get in the flow while shooting more and more videos. I will upload one English video per week and start subtitling the other German videos with English translations (I do a lot of grading videos, for example). Please let me know what you think of my YouTube activities ... and if you like them, please become my follower 🙂 Best wishes and greetings from Germany Sebastian
  19. Here is 2 bags I pulled out to show you which is just over 100g of gold bullion.
  20. I'm finding that my strategy in collecting is evolving slightly, and I'm looking for advice or thoughts from older or long-time collectors. I started out as a stacker of mostly silver back in the 08 crisis days. Rode the PM wave up and down (should've sold, but 20/20 hindsight...). Moved from pure bullion to fancier silver proofs and such. Anyway, I've been focusing on gold and more numismatics in the past few years. My general strategy has been to find gold (and some silver) that is fairly close to spot but might have a chance at higher premiums in future. But its mostly been all over the map, anything from modern gold like libertads and proofs to sovereigns to old world gold to pre-33 US. Should I be concentrating on just one area (say pre-33 US gold, which is interesting to me) ? Should I get more numismatic coins (higher premiums over spot)? If most collectors follow a similar evolution in collecting, if I was to fast-forward 20 years, what would I tell my younger self to do? Any words of advice from the older/long-time collectors out there? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi all, total novice to the group and to be honest forums!! Any help and advise would be welcomed, especially help with getting coins graded as I have been let down on my normal way of submitting.
  22. Will the departure of Boris Johnson and David Davis, spark a increase in bullion? Will it impact Brexit? See the file I just took a picture of