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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 189 results

  1. Hi stackers and collectors! We are happy to share with you our work - FindCoinOnline, where you can compare prices on silver, gold, platinum and palladium from leading precious metals dealers worldwide. In "Deals" category you can find Silver at Spot and Gold at Spot deals as well as discounts and coupon codes. We would truly appreciate your feedback how can we improve FindCoinOnline and make it better for your use. Feel free to write your suggestions there or right in comments below. Hope you'll enjoy it!
  2. CoinBuyer1975

    2019 Gold Bullion Cheap

    Hello All, Has anyone seen this 2019 Bullion Coin advert in the Daily Mail, seems too good to be true @ £234.99 its cheaper than anywhere else i can find, (inc Chards/Bullion by post). Has anyone dealt with them, checked out website and facebook page, shows clips of them sending out these bullions, must be worth a go? Cheers, CB_1975
  3. Groundz

    Looking to purchase.

    I'm looking to add to my stack tomorrow, I've been thinking about buying a sovereign or a 1/4 brit, which would be my first ever gold purchase. I've noticed a few threads discussing each coin and I'm sort of leaning towards the sovereign and I've been looking on the internet for the best prices I can find. I'm just wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction and maybe tell me the maximum I should be paying for either coin and where I could get one at a fair price. Also, if I want to make a silver purchase at the same time should I buy my silver and gold from one of those European sites, so that I don't need multiple deliveries. Sorry for my naivety!
  4. ChardsCoinandBullionDealer

    Chards Sale

    Hi everyone, Just letting you know that Chards is having a sale starting 4th February. Unlike our bonanza we’ll be letting you know what’s on offer beforehand – lots of bullion and commemorative items at massive savings! We're currently preparing for the World Money Fair in Berlin, but as soon as we've done a bit more work we'll share the list of goodies on offer!
  5. SilverPanFan

    Hello Everyone

    Hi guys, I know I'm a month late and I'm not sure if I all ready introduced myself here on the forum; if I did let me do it again. My user name is SilverPanFan. I consider myself to be more of a collect and numismatic guy then a pure bullion stacker who only cares about spot price. As my name suggests, I love the silver pandas but I have a real interest in ancients, classic American coinage, some world coins, old currency notes, and odd denomination. I began seriously collecting coins about two years ago when a friend of mine told she collects coins. I started out my collecting journey with the three cent nickel. Yes, I loved the fact that the US need coin worth three cents to be used for converting foreign money that was in circulation and something to help pay for stamps when they where worth three cents. I got into ancients because the same friend also collects ancients. I prefer to collect the coins of the Bible because it helps bring the stories to life in a new and interesting perspective. You don't really understand the angry towards the money exchangers until you see the temple currency that was required to pay for animals to sacrifice. Biblical money also helps you understand the meaning behind give to Ceaser what is Ceasers. Last, I a belive banknote currency is art in your pocket. If you take a look at some the older currency notes in history, they posses rich artistic details that you will never be able to find on a coin. Take a look at some of the older notes from the 19th and early 20th century. You'll find beautiful renditions of elegantly posed women, angels, figure heads of the day, city landscapes in the background, and full color unlike our coinage of today. So with that I would like to thank @Numistacker and @BackyardBullion for letting me know about the forum. Have a great day.
  6. WicklowSilver

    Spreadsheet For Your Stack

    Hi guys I am a massive fan of spreadsheets and tracking things ( I understand for some people the less there is on paper about their stack the better) , so for those who are also into that stuff I have a sample template to share . I use this to track my stack atm and I also have a version that is used on my personal finance spreadsheet (which I can also share later). This sheet uses Google sheets + Forms . Majority of the data entry is done via google forms and only 4 or so things need to be done on the sheet itslef. Link to folder : NOTE! You make a copy of the folder and then customize yourself . HOW TO USE: [Will add this later , but in the mean time will have a VIDEO explaining it ] link to video: NOTE! I have a more advanced version which uses google app scripts but this working on user friendly stuff (I hope to have this out within next few months )
  7. Hi Guys, I have the opportunity to buy a sovereign gold coin, but I have a choice to make. Either the 2019 bullion coin or a Proof Gold Sovereign - Grade B. Also a 2012 Gold Sovereign Diamond Jubilee. All at 10 euros difference in Price. What would the wise in this community advise ?? Thanks a bunch !
  8. JBstacker3181

    Fractional gold

    Hello all I just wanted to get some other opinions on a topic that has been on my mind lately. I am manly a stacker of silver but I like to keep a ratio off 100 oz silver to 1 oz gold. Being that as it may be I am not rich and the only way for me to do this is by collecting fractional gold. So my question to you all is this... do you think that this is a good idea and a good ratio? And do you think in the long run will this be helpful or hurtful when it comes time to sell? Thank you for your feedback!!
  9. Hey stackers! Just before 2018 ended I made a full stack video after running a poll on my youtube community tab. I hope you enjoy the video and find some exciting pieces. Do let me know below or in the comments section
  10. Magpie77

    Gold Hallmark Help Please!!

    Hi there! I need some help please to identify a makers mark as well as determine a date letter on a Georgian era gold ring. I have tried to do some research but am confused by the information I’ve found. The date letter on the ring is a “fancy” capital A as shown in the picture. I cannot Determine if it’s 1836 or 1756. What do you think? How do you tell the difference? The other part that confuses me is that the makers mark is that of a silversmith but the item in question is in gold. Were silversmiths’ permitted to also work and hallmark gold? The makers mark is BP, I know that is most likely Benjamin Preston, and I’m also aware his father worked in the London Assay office, but without knowing for sure about the date, I’m unsure to know if the ring is a genuine Georgian era piece or if the makers mark is actually who I think it is. Thanks for your help!
  11. I have made it safe and sound to Scotland. What a difference in weather. I must have been umm speeding. Only took me 4 hours compared to 5 normally.
  12. Scary reality check. No money, or precious metals owned can help you in a crisis. First glimpse of reality. Check out the long list of medications currently low or not available to the UK by googling Medication Shortage UK now. You might be surprised to find your medication may be in the list. But if worried speak to your doctor now.
  13. @StackingItAll your new bit is in 😉
  14. trozau

    My Preciousss!

    My Preciousss! (Funko Pop vinyl Gollum figure with 2 - NGC PF70UC 2009 UK 5 Sovereign)
  15. The pound has dropped significantly as Raab resigns. Yesterday we seen the pound rise and silver and gold rise rapidly. But what now? As I sit here looking at the markets ( note these are at the minute knee jerk reactions) I am left questioning what is going to happen? We can not ignore Turkey, or other countries even Italy which are in alot of trouble. I am putting more plans in place just incase, ie USD, and others. I am fairly stocked for alot of things and plan on getting a few more things for a worse case situation. What is everyone else thinking.
  16. universalcurrency

    Gold Emu verses 1oz gold Queens Beast?

    I'm weighing up the relative merits of the 1oz gold queens beast bull verses perth mint gold emu? Does anyone have an opinion on which might appreciate better and the practicalities or holding one over the other? I know some of the queens beast series in 1oz have done really well eg the lion and griffin whilst others such as the dragon havent made much gains.
  17. I haven't seen anything posted on quarter sovereigns in my few months on this forum - not queries, discussions or buying and selling. Plenty on the full and half sovereigns. Is this because they have a bit more of a premium over their larger counterparts? Because they have only been around since 2009 so aren't as established? Because (I believe) they only come in proof (ties in with the premium suggestion I just made?) I have had one for a year and while I really like it I'm not sure there is much love for them out there. What do you think?
  18. Thought I would start a topic of items made from precious metals that are works of art, I am not going to concentrate on the price nor what they are worth but the work that has gone into them either in skill or their uniqueness, I will continue adding to this post as I discover things that leave me in awe while surfing the net and invite the members of this forum to, too, dont worry what others might think, put stuff on here that matters to you, it does not even have to be something you would want to own, but just like it, I have many links to stuff I really like but will not flood this topic straight away. I will start things off with this, I think they are gorgeous, I wouldnt like to carry one in my pocket though as they are legal tender, I think one of those antlers might mash one of my lovespuds There is others in this set, a wolf and a ram, I think the one above looks the best though, maybe as it does not look to reflective.|productpage|youmayalsolike|10_oz_Pure_Silver_Gold-Plated_Coin_-_Sculpture_of_Majestic_Canadian_Animals_Bighorn_Sheep_-_Mintage_1200_2017&
  19. jonrms

    Looking for HELP.

    2 parts. I can't seem to find ANYWHERE where I can pick up a empty tube for my 1/10 th is Gold Britannia's. Can ANYONE help?? I am also searching for a Marvel coin box to store all my Marvel silver. Again if anyone knows who or where to go that's helpful
  20. DrPhil

    1993 £5 Sovereign Proof

    Hi everyone, Phil here, I've been following Numistacker's video for quite a while now, and decided to check out the forum. Recently I chanced upon a 1993 £5 Sovereign Proof for sale at 15% over spot, should I go ahead and pull the trigger?
  21. Nice new coin series coming out in silver 1 oz, gold 1 oz and fractionals, and some set I aint impressed with that the only difference is colours on the back of each coin.
  22. caloundracats

    Don't die in Switzerland!

    We might all like our precious metals, but not so sure about this. I'm not planning on being in Switzerland when my time is up - are you?
  23. danmc82

    Best Looking Coin

    Following on from the worst looking coin thread, what do you think are the best looking ones? I'll start, mine are quite random but I've always loved the look of these...