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Found 210 results

  1. Hi guys, I know I'm a month late and I'm not sure if I all ready introduced myself here on the forum; if I did let me do it again. My user name is SilverPanFan. I consider myself to be more of a collect and numismatic guy then a pure bullion stacker who only cares about spot price. As my name suggests, I love the silver pandas but I have a real interest in ancients, classic American coinage, some world coins, old currency notes, and odd denomination. I began seriously collecting coins about two years ago when a friend of mine told she collects coins. I started out my collecting journey with the three cent nickel. Yes, I loved the fact that the US need coin worth three cents to be used for converting foreign money that was in circulation and something to help pay for stamps when they where worth three cents. I got into ancients because the same friend also collects ancients. I prefer to collect the coins of the Bible because it helps bring the stories to life in a new and interesting perspective. You don't really understand the angry towards the money exchangers until you see the temple currency that was required to pay for animals to sacrifice. Biblical money also helps you understand the meaning behind give to Ceaser what is Ceasers. Last, I a belive banknote currency is art in your pocket. If you take a look at some the older currency notes in history, they posses rich artistic details that you will never be able to find on a coin. Take a look at some of the older notes from the 19th and early 20th century. You'll find beautiful renditions of elegantly posed women, angels, figure heads of the day, city landscapes in the background, and full color unlike our coinage of today. So with that I would like to thank @Numistacker and @BackyardBullion for letting me know about the forum. Have a great day.
  2. hey guys, I'm thinking about ordering a C grade sov from chards for £248.19 Do you have any experience with that... or shall I better pay £2 extra and get a "better" looking one for £250.
  3. hey guys, I don't want to overcomplicate things, this could go either way, you would all lough at how stupid I'm or it might be very interesting for many of us (specially the newbie, like me)... to know how you all go about this... I was just thinking about gold SPOT price and SOVs prices and PREMIUM. Am I right, in this excel calculation: Sov price - (Spot x 7,98) : (Spot x 7,98) x 100 = PREMIUM if we take the crazy B&H price of last week £224 and a SPOT of £33.22 Gold price a gr. 224 - (33.22 x 7,98) : (33.22 x 7,98) x 100 224 - (265) : (265) x 100 -36 : (265) x 100 = -15.5% at 224 we bought (estimated +/-) B&H sovs at minus -15.5% Premium? at 249 we are still under Spot Price by 6+%... right? DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE 22c or 24c AT ANY POINT? Or how do you think/calculate PREMIUM? Is there any app or page that might do this much easier...? Thank you all.
  4. Hi everyone, Up until now I have been buying all my numismatics and bullion directly from APMEX. Yesterday I was surfing ebay and found a lovely 2 Sovereign 1983 coin apparently graded by NGC at PF69. I want to hit the button but I've heard of a lot of fakes on ebay. Is it safe or will I get a penny slug instead of a Sovereign?
  5. Added 0 minutes later... I got my reverse proof libertad results from NGC today RP 70s for the 1oz and 1/2oz. I am very happy.
  6. Iv seen an add in the metro for £279.99 for a quarter ounce American eagle. What’s people thoughts on this? I thought the coin looks amazing! Couldn’t find them on many sites....?
  7. Bitcoin took some hard knocks, its shown resilience through a trough and has now risen 124% in the last three months, with gold down 2% and silver down 7% over the same period. Corporate and institutional adoption of BTC is also gaining traction. Where does this leave the metals in terms of comparative investment potential and priority, for people and business alike? Is a crypto 'stack' of equal clout becoming a necessary diversification for all conscientious PM stackers? Is crypto an even better anti-central bank investment than physical gold and silver? If the global trend continues to favour crypto over PMs the metals market could get smoked in terms of gains and utility in the short to mid-term. What are the forums thoughts?
  8. Hello, I have and 1896 Quarter Eagle and would like to get graded through NGC. I will pay the grading fee plus another US$5-10 for shipping.
  9. Hey Guys , I know that most of the retail traders are expecting the prices of gold and silver to go up. But my research and studies show different. In fact Gold and Silver are about to crash. Please refer to the following video for more details. shaheen from elliottwavegreen
  10. All 5 Germania's at last, now will add photos and list them in the for sale section. But I unbox the last one.
  11. I'm interested in why the 1839 Una & The Lion £5 was commissioned by Queen Victoria? What was the purpose if it wasn't circulated?
  12. I first started with a few bars and now only purchase coins in gold and silver. I have put this poll up to see which is the most popular way to buy gold and silver. Thanks.
  13. Following on from the worst looking coin thread, what do you think are the best looking ones? I'll start, mine are quite random but I've always loved the look of these...
  14. Hi All, I was thinking about the posts I see on this forum, what comes up for sale on eBay, and what is mentioned in auction sites and on coin websites and came to the following conclusion. If it isn't old copper (think US large cents or British Colonial currency), ancient (non-PM roman coins for instance), or a Mint Error (some lovely mules, off center strikes, and planchet errors) then people seem to only want to buy, sell, trade, and talk about "silver & gold". Of course, the whole idea behind the silver forum is for people interested in silver (and gold), but I've noticed that trend in almost every other aspect of coin collecting. I mention this because some of my favorite coins are base metals and, at least in the US, some copper/bronze cents can go for significant amounts of money depending on condition and mintage figures. Is the PM market flooded because there is significant variety? speculators? an ideology? easier to collect these coins? Just trying to share my love of non-PM currency and find out if I'm simply strange or a part of a larger community that is a bit quieter.
  15. I'm interested in what the most popular gold proof coins at the moment are. I've already bought this year 2019 proof sovereign is there any popular gold proof coins anyone knows about that have good upside potential?
  16. Hi, I was looking at some ebay coins and I had heard a lot of people saying to be cautious when buying from ebay. I'm currently working with data analysis and use stuff like machine learning and I was wondering whether we could add another level of certainty when purchasing coins. Would it be possible to tell we have a fake coin from only a real picture. In the case of sovereigns, there are quite clearly some very bad fakes, but there are many which are incredibly difficult to tell apart. In the case of sovereigns, it's possible to spot a fake in some cases (specific years) by counting the number of edges in the rim for example which is incredibly difficult/tedious to do by hand/eye. Therefore I was wondering whether anyone knows an approach to check this way using some software which can look at the color, size of the lettering/figures with the idea that a computer can judge better than a human eye can. Obviously the best checks would be physical such as weight, XRF etc. This software idea would only be to make a quick check and would not be foolproof. Do people think such an idea is feasible? A fanciful idea would be to make this into an app where you could simply take a photo of a coin and return something like 90% chance of being real. Thanks
  17. Hello All, Has anyone seen this 2019 Bullion Coin advert in the Daily Mail, seems too good to be true @ £234.99 its cheaper than anywhere else i can find, (inc Chards/Bullion by post). Has anyone dealt with them, checked out website and facebook page, shows clips of them sending out these bullions, must be worth a go? Cheers, CB_1975
  18. I have been looking at the RCM's website recently and I noticed that they had produced a gold plated silver sovereigns to commemorate the one hundredth year anniversary of 1908 sovereign as it was released last year. Since most of your on the forum are from the United Kingdom I wanted to know what your thoughts are one the coin and what makes 1908 a special year. Here is the link to the coin: P.S. I wish the US mint would allow customer to buy back dated special coins for a while instead of having them "sold out" like some other mints allow. I think the Royal mint does a fantastic job this by allowing the public to buy classic sovereigns with the assurance of obtaining real gold with fantastic designs.
  19. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie collector and investor and stumbled upon this forum whilst doing research on how to invest in gold and silver. Looking forward to learning from the pooled experience of all the members. Hope you all have a wonderful evening! Best regards, Alex
  20. Hello, I have been watching @Numistacker videos closely and have been meaning to start an account and see the silver forum for myself. I have been a collector of gold coins for over 6 years and have built quite a collection. I would love to be directed to peoples favourite Topics so i can start reading some interesting content (I only collect gold ) Thanks in advance, TheGoldAngel
  21. Hello Community, I am a very softspoken person by nature so I will keep this short. I am very new to coin & bullion collecting for investment purposes as well as the mental stimulation it offers. To date I have only been any in these types of persuits for a year. My hope and purpose for joining this forum is to be around like minded individuals who have wisdom to share and hopefully a little will trickle into my think skull. I will likely be very quiet for awhile until I get a good understanding on how discussions work here and I gain some proficiency in using the archival forum. I find it good form to navigate the landscape first. My ultimate goal is be an active member through mutual discovery, purchasing, selling and dialogue. Thank you.
  22. Hello fellow SilverForum members. I have just uploaded video No 7 to my new YouTube Channel showing an unboxing of sovereigns & gold Pandas just back from conservation and grading. Please can you take a look, like comment and hopefully subscribe. Here is the link to my channel. Thanks for looking. Coin Struck
  23. we've all heard it, but does gold move up when the stock market declines? since the beginning of the year gold is up, stock market is also up. since 1971 gold is up, stock market is also up. there are times that gold moves in opposite direction to the stock market but how long does it last for? by volume trade over longer time frames, has gold moved in the same direction as the stock market? HH
  24. Hi stackers and collectors! We are happy to share with you our work - FindCoinOnline, where you can compare prices on silver, gold, platinum and palladium from leading precious metals dealers worldwide. In "Deals" category you can find Silver at Spot and Gold at Spot deals as well as discounts and coupon codes. We would truly appreciate your feedback how can we improve FindCoinOnline and make it better for your use. Feel free to write your suggestions there or right in comments below. Hope you'll enjoy it!