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Found 13 results

  1. Inbetween saving for a monster bar I am buying the odd silver world coins from the period 1935 - 1945, so far I have been pretty successful in finding nice coins (except todays) , but some coins are difficult to judge if I either dont have much experience of that type or the pictures are not too helpful, I know quite often photos do not do coins justice, and most I bought have been better than the pictures of them. I am only wanting almost uncirculated / uncirculated coins and sometimes with the picture or scarcer coins its hard to know whether or not a coins been polished, cleaned or should be as it is pictured, I dont want to send coins off for grading, so if they have been cleaned carefully but still have their lustre then that would be fine with me. Just the more eyes and experience will help spot things I might of missed as I learn this new area of collecting. I will start off with this coin https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces3012.html I have seen this one that appears to be nice, does it look original or polished to any of you, I usually go on the hair and highspots checking for wear, but this looks ok to me from other examples on the web, it does look a little shiny though, is this normal? Sorry for the photo quality they are not my pics and this is one for sale I am trying to research first that I like the look of.
  2. Here's one we're excited to receive from Coin Invest Trust and one of our favorites from the 2020 WMF Catalog... the double sided, high relief, proof quality strike looks amazing esp. when coupled with such a great design. There is also a 1 Ounce version available in addition to 1 & 3 Ounces in silver. 2020 Mongolia 1/10th Ounce Majestic Eagle .9999 Gold Proof Coin https://www.artincoins.com/products/2020-mongolia-1-10-ounce-majestic-eagle-9999-gold-proof-coin?variant=31974433390695
  3. Coin Invest Trust has some incredible coin issues planned for the first half of 2020 and we've just begun offering our top picks from their World Money Fair catalog... There's just too many products to post here so please check out all that's in store at Art in Coins with the following link :-) https://www.artincoins.com/search?type=product&q=2020+coin+invest+trust
  4. Queen Elizabeth II gold proof sovereigns started to be made available for sale to the public from 1979. I love these beautiful coins and have been slowly collecting a date run starting at 1979 right up to 2020. I still am missing about seven of these coins but will eventually get those. So this video shows the collection so far with graded and raw coins, mintages, why I collect them and where I buy them from. I hope you like this video as much as I love collecting these fantastic beautiful gold coins. 2020-01-19_QEII.mp4
  5. APMEX


    APMEX, Inc., based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is the world's largest online retailer of precious metals, with over $6.5 billion in transactions since its founding in 1999. The company offers more than 10,000 gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins, bars, bullion, collectibles and other numismatics products from various mints. APMEX is an authorized purchaser and dealer of the United States Mint, The Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, The Royal Mint and others. You can check price of precious metals here: Gold Spot Prices Silver Spot Prices Platinum Spot Prices Palladium Spot Prices
  6. Hi there I'm new to collecting gold coins and have recently bought a goldlock scanner which is amazing and can test for tungsten in gold coins. However I'm not sure how to detect for a tungsten coin that's just gold plated. The question i would like to ask is this. Would a tungsten coin react similar to a genuiene silver coin when tested with a rare earth magnet? Since tungsten is also slightly magnetic? I'm just trying to find other ways of making sure things I buy are real gold. Thanks in advance. Byron
  7. Just joined the community. Been a collector for 2 years and looking to introduce myself. Hello!
  8. Hi, I have this gold coin but don't have any idea about it. I have search all over the internet and cannot find anything. Can anyone please help me identify it?
  9. https://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/full-krugerrand-1oz 1Oz Gold Krugerrand less THAN £1000 SELLING FAST.
  10. Central bank gold demand highest for Q1 since 2013. The latest figures from the World Gold Council reveal that central banks across the world bought approximately 145.5 tonnes of gold in the first quarter of this year. The purchase total is the largest since 2013, and 68% higher than the same period last year. The WGC reports that the rolling four-quarter total (Q2 2018 – Q1 2019) is currently at a record high of 715.7 tonnes of gold. Demand for coins & bars rising: It wasn’t just the central banks keen on gold in Q1 either. Private investor demand was up by 12% globally. The UK in particular saw demand increase by 58% while Brexit fears still play on the minds of the public and businesses, and the United States experienced a 38% rise in demand as employment nears an all-time high and consumer spending is rising.
  11. The Spirit Coins are 3 unique collector’s items: Whisky Coin, Rum Coin and Cognac Coin. Each coin contains capsule with the oldest vintage liquor in the world: Whisky Old Vatted Glenlivet 1862, Harewood Rum 1780 or Cognac Gautier 1762. Each and every coin variant is a phenomenon weighing 2 ounces, with a limited mintage of maximum 300 pieces. if someone need more info and presale price please PM cheers Arkadiusz
  12. Warm greetings from Montreal to all in the Silver Forum community. If we have any fans of what I describe as "Luxury Class" collector coins (low mintage, contemporary legal tender issues with deluxe presentation boxes and certificates of authenticity) please consider a visit to Art in Coins www.artincoins.com where we specialize in just such collectibles. Perfect for those hard core collectors who have to have the most exclusive "objet d'art" or those friends and loved ones who are impossible to shop for, we have a large selection of beautiful coins from all around the world. We provide highly personalized service and fast shipping. Come check us out, if you find anything of interest in our gold or silver collector coin collections, you can get 10% off your first purchase using code WELCOMETOAIC at checkout. Kind regards, Michael Art in Coins
  13. Our Lowest Priced Newly Minted Britannia 1oz Gold Coins Save money when you buy Our Choice Newly Minted Britannia 1oz gold coins from only 3.5% above gold spot. (Currently 2017). Max 20 available. https://www.chards.co.uk/gold-britannia-coin/1oz-gold-britannia/bullion/1047 Premiums on our 2018 Britannia 1oz gold coins start at 4.25%.
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