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Found 2 results

  1. How does the Forum feel about the sustained online attack of free speech by the internet giants? Youtube are now effectively shadow-banning any independent news outlets that do not conform to corporate media narratives. Any channel that produces 'borderline content', as deemed so by Googletube, will be targeted for digital isolation. They've already had several recent crackdowns after tightening fair use conditions: purging 'extremist' channels completely; deleting videos they or someone else has deemed offensive; restricting channel functions for minor and highly debatable infringements; politicized demonetization of channels, and loads, loads more; and the clamp down has been coordinated between Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal and Patreon. This latest one is nasty though; the most professional channels and content creators, who have already managed to raise their game and survive the restrictive and hostile environment in which they are forced to work, are now being isolated to a digital prison. A couple of weeks ago they even took down the Rage Against the Machine music video for Sleep Now in the Fire. That's fkd up. It isn't just digital era book burning - they're on the verge of digitally torching whole libraries, banning the public discussion of anything that questions authority and purging cultural history of anything that offends the corporatocracy. This guy seems to be one of the most prominent targets of the latest clampdown, which makes his analysis and ongoing experience well worth watching:
  2. Hi all – I've experience a surprising amount of undocumented censorship on the KITCO forum, and figured this forum was a good place to document it. They've quietly deleted entire posts and even threads, none of which violated any of their rules. The first time I noticed a deleted post was when I cited the website. It's a good resource that digs into various aspects of the PM industry, including fraud and bankruptcies. My post had nothing to do with KITCO, but I think they deleted it because that website has a post about KITCO's bankruptcy and I guess they don't want anyone to see it. However, there's nothing in their rules about citing that site, or any other sites, and it was annoying that they deleted my post. Most recently, they deleted my thread about my price comparison article where I asked about any dealers I was missing (I posted something similar here in this forum). KITCO was in my list of dealers, but I guess they didn't want anyone to see a price comparison, which would likely be unfavorable for KITCO1. Some might argue that it's reasonable for them to not allow threads that might negatively impact their business, but if they want to enforce such a policy, well, it should be a policy. There's nothing in their rules against price comparisons or comparisons between other dealers and KITCO. ------- 1. It would be unfavorable because they don't have a broad enough selection to be included in most comparisons, and because they overcharge for shipping. For example, they don't offer plain 2018 or 2019 Silver Eagles – they only offer random year Eagles or tubes and monster boxes of their MintFirst product. They also charge $15.00 for shipping, more than any other dealer I've seen, which really hurts them on small order comparisons. The MintFirst product is their implementation of what I call MintX products. APMEX calls theirs MintDirect. SD Bullion (which is generally very good on price) calls theirs MintCertified. All MintX products are about taking singles, tubes, or monster boxes directly from a mint (typically the US Mint) or still in mint packaging from a wholesaler, wrapping them in some extra tape or packaging and certifying that they haven't been opened, touched, or preowned or something prior to applying said packaging or tape. KITCO would actually do well in a price comparison of MintX products if not for their $15.00 shipping charge (though they might still do well if only comparing monster boxes). I don't conduct any comparisons of MintX products though, since they seem rare and of limited interest. Do you see any MintX products at British, European, or Aussie dealers? Maybe I should do a comparison.