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Found 11 results

  1. I have recently acquired a couple of old Swiss shooting medals and I love them. I'd really like to learn more about them and continue to collect these, but I am having the hardest time finding out information to educate myself. I've only found books that focus on the thalers with monetary values attached, and have learned some basics of the catalog R#'s of the medals but nothing too specific. Can anyone recommend a website I can go to or a guide I can purchase or anything so I can study up and collect wisely? Thanks in advance!
  2. Help most definitely required. Could you please give me some advice, hints, and tips, for obtaining half decent photo's to upload when I want t sell some of my coins. I am using my i phone 6 SE, and to date have managed to take "absolute cr#p" images with brilliant reflections and no details whatsoever!!!!! How do you guys and gals get them so good? Grateful for any help Thanks, Rob
  3. I'm looking for some advice from members with more experience than myself, and was hoping someone could give some opinions and thoughts. I have a few PCGS graded, silver coins with red spots and minor toning, I knew about this before I bought them, and was happy with the purchase. Do you think there is any benefit to leave them in the slabs, as to be honest i hate them, but obviously don't want to reduce the value by a huge margin. I understand the need for protection on graded, and high quality coins, but that value seems to be lost if they are marked like this? What would be your thoughts on the subject?
  4. Hello people, I am new to the Silver Forum so I hope this is the correct place to be posting this. I came across some coins that I'm looking to purchase, however, I am questioning whether they are real or not. This is one of the coins in question ( The 2oz Silver Gilded Queen's Beasts. There are a few things that make me question the validity of these coins; 1.) I have contacted the Royal Mint themselves to ask if they produce this variant of the 2oz Silver Queen's Beast & they informed me that they do not. 2.) I have contacted directly, via email, Instagram, & Facebook. But I haven't had a reply yet but, the Facebook messenger shows that the message has been seen. It has been less than 24hrs though. I do remember Backyard Bullion doing a video reviewing some of their products a while back, so I do think that they're a legitimate company, but this product is raising some red flags for me! 3.) All the 2oz Silver Gilded Queen's Beast that they offer are the same price £87.27 (at the time of writing this), which seems odd to me, as a coin like, The Griffin for example shouldn't be the same price as the most recent release, The Falcon. To my understanding a Gilded coin means that a thin layer of gold is applied to a section(s) of the coin & so this would make the value of the coin increase, however, I have found The Griffin online for between £60 - £90, & The Falcon between £40 - £45. So the increase in price for the gilded coins doesn't seem to be enough for The Griffin & too much for The Falcon in my opinion, am I wrong in thinking this? *Prices taken from EBay. 4.) Within the 'specifications' section it states that the only metal used is Silver, no Gold is mentioned. 5.) I can't find these coins on any other website, not even on a site that mentions that they're 'out of stock'. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I look forward to discussing this with you all!
  5. I've been directed here from YouTube, it seems like a valuable place to gain some knowledge and info. I have 20oz of silver coins that I've bought, but I have made a mistake along the way. My mistake was buying from Bullion by post, I bought 10 2019 brits from them, obviously I paid the VAT. Then I discovered SilvertoGo and I made a purchase there, which was better price wise. I'd like some info - I want to know how much I should be paying per 1oz silver brit and the best place to buy them? Let's say I'm buying 15- 20 per month. I have also come across 2013 and 2014 brits at 16 a coin, I can see from online companies that brits are going for more than that. Should I only buy brits that were made recently 2017/18/19? And is there any difference in them at all that would make them cheaper than the newer versions ? Ty
  6. Hello everyone, Next month in the US, the Florida United Numismatic show will be held from the 10th-13th in Orlando. My goal for the time I'm there is to spend up to three hundred dollars to get the best looking coin(s) I can get. I like collecting 3 cent nickels, biblical ancient coins, British large pennies with the Britannia on the reverse, half dollars of either walking liberty or Kennedy, and silver pandas. I did get a bunch of coins for Christmas from my dad and Barbra dime cufflinks from my aunt. Also, because of people like @Numistacker and my aunt, I'm considering getting a classic sovereign or some more Barbra dimes. Ok now on to my reason for wanting to spend somewhere around three hundred? I figure that since the winter show only runs for four days, and I'm most likely going to only be there for one of the days it's going one, I firgure to make it my goal for 2019 to buy some very nice coins and have that be it for a while. Witn that in mind, what are some nice coins from what I like that would fit the three hundred dollar price range?
  7. Hi everyone, I am new here and am looking to start a Silver and Gold stack but starting with Silver for now. Hoping to pick up some tips and share in the knowledge and grow with the community.
  8. rob6

    advice Minting Errors

    Could anyone explain the various minting errors on silver coins, and the impact it has on the value? Is there a way to obtain the quantity of coins released for sale with errors, and what type of error could increase the value, and what error could decrease it? I have a number of coins that were not rotated when stamping the reverse, when they should have done. They are in good condition apart from the wrong orientation. Any thoughts?
  9. I am going to be selling the coins in the photos I will upload, they are the coins from someone I know, I'm putting the feelers out as I'm not sure of the pricing for them would like to sell as one lot. There are a mixture of silver Gold and base metals, there are a lot of coa with this lot actually near enough everyone as a coa, and packed in original packaging. As already started I will try and work on costs in a few days as a lot of the coins I don't know how much. Unsure if best to sell here or a auction site? HELP Any ideas will be very appreciative. Cheers Gary. PS I have loads more photos of needed And of course more to information.
  10. I am always interested in mini gold coins - I know most have higher premium than you would wan to pay, but I just find them so cool. I have a few dos pesos, a few 2.5 pesos, a range of 1/10 brits, krugs, 1 gram maples (dont like those), etc. What have you guys seen that are nice little mini gold coins that dont have a huge premium that you think may be worth looking into?
  11. If you are on this forum there is a good change you collect/stack precious metals of some description. But reading the forum its seems everyone has a different take on how to do it. I’d be interested to know what your stacking strategy is, It may make you consider another element of stacking you hadn't previously (for me it was gold) and would help find people with similar strategies of your own I’m new to precious metals so my stack isn't anywhere near the way I want it and due to getting some past years coin neither is my price/OZ yet. My PM personality I’m more of a collector than a stacker I prefer different designs rather than total Oz’s I Don’t Like old coins (don’t know why) Silver - The Collection Consists of semi numismatic coins, bought close to their release date - Kooks, Koala, Pandas, RCM wildlife series, Elephants etc. Unlikely to be sold any time soon Silver - The Flip ( In place but not sold anything yet I only started Q3 2015 ) A couple of extra coins of each design bought with the intention of them been flipped in 3-4 years, when they would be more desirable. Gold – The collection (not in place yet) Date run of Gold sovereign’s starting 2015 or 2016 ¼ oz. Gold coin Pandas (8g), Elephants, Brits, Roos etc *********************************************************************************** Silver/Gold - The Vault (not in place yet) 2-3 Rolls of lowest premium Silver coins or 1.5oz of gold sovereign’s for use in an emergency or if appropriate to take advantage changes in the GOLD-SILVER Ratio.