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Found 40 results

  1. Arshimo has excelled again by providing me these amazing prospector's gold and gems bars for an amazing price. He may still have some if you ask him nicely! Idont usually share my videos on this forum but my god I love these bars!
  2. ally5727

    1/4oz or 1oz coins?

    HI everyone dont know if this has already been asked but I was wondering peoples thoughts. Which do you think is the better option, buying 1/4oz coins such as Queens Beast or Britannia or buying the 1oz coins but obviously less frequently, also if you could explain why you think your option is the better. Thanks for the options that will follow
  3. AlphaBeast

    Queen's Beast 1oz Silver Proof

    Hey! Wanted to know people's view on the Queen's Beast 1oz Silver Proof i..e the Lion & Unicorn are out already. Worth it or not? I know there is also the 2oz which are unlimited but know the 1oz are limited to around 8,500. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone We have the 2016 1 oz Proof Silver Bitcoin Commemorative Round for pre-sale. Great looking coin should be with us in 3-4 weeks in limited supply so grab yours now.
  5. Hello everyone We have the 2016 1 oz Proof Silver Bitcoin Commemorative Round for pre-sale. Great looking coin should be with us in 3-4 weeks in limited supply so grab yours now.
  6. EJPBullion

    Bitcoin Pre-sale

    Hello everyone We have the 2016 1 oz Proof Silver Bitcoin Commemorative Round for pre-sale. Great looking coin should be with us in 3-4 weeks in limited supply so grab yours now.
  7. Hi, I wanted to test some of my digital scales and I wondered what is the tolerance in weight for specific coins. I have weighed 3 types of 1oz coins and I found out that the Canadian Maple Leaf is very strict in weight. Difference between lowest and highest weight Canadian Maple Leaf 2017: 0,05 gr. (on 50 coins) American Silver Eagle 2014: 0,26 gr. (on 10 coins - with thanks to @Jester) Australian Kangaroo 2017: 0,30 gr. (on 50 coins) I have taken the weight of the most and least heavy coin a few times, with 2 different types of scales. I also found out that the Maple Leaf is closest to 1oz than the other 2, where the ASE is the most heavy coin. Could this be to the fact that this coin is .999 instead of .9999
  8. Personally I think this is a ugly coin but is it worth the buy? picture from Google images
  9. PureScottishSilver

    beautiful mirror finished bars

  10. Simply subscribe to me and Regal Stacker and coment "in" on this video's comments section. good luck!
  11. Hello everyone! My name is Henry, I bought a few coins in more prosperous times and have unfortunately had to sell alot of them recently I only just found this forum and have in the past been charged alot for selling on ebay. Im not quite sure how things work here but i have a tube of 25 VG condition silver maples that i also now need to sell. Any recommendations or help greatly appreciated.
  12. Jimbo

    Provident Metals UK Delivery

    How do i go about getting items delivered from this bullion website to the UK as they do not deliver here at all ? specifically interested in the 1-2oz bitfrost Asgard poured silver bars
  13. republicmetals9999

    Just a sweet video announcing our new packaging

    Video: The Most Secure Packaging for RMC 1 oz Gold Ingot Hope you enjoy. ~~This account represents Republic Metals Corporation~~
  14. StackemHigh

    French lunar proof

    Looking for any information on the French lunar proofs. I think the series started in 2007.
  15. StackemHigh


    Is there any love for the Perth Mint Koalas? I have a couple of them floating about at the moment but I haven't seen too much about them on the forum recently
  16. How many oz's do you guys order as a minimum when placing bulk orders?
  17. SoulUK

    Somali Elephants

    I like this set and plan over time (probably a year or two) to get the date run other than E-bay (and sometimes here) where would I go about acquiring them? don't mind taking a risk on Ebay with 20-30 quid but I don't really fancy the risk on a 100 odd when I'm looking at 04/05's Anyone got a list of "proper shops" that have turn over with silver like this?
  18. What sorts of problems would a mint have to overcome minting a hard metals such as Titanium?
  19. StackemHigh

    Perth Mint Lunar lion privy

    Hi all . I've been trying to work out which 1oz lunar coins have been issued with a lion privy . With little success ! Can anyone enlighten me if there is a full set from the mouse to date?
  20. What do you folk think of the new SM Mint memento mori Rounds? The Aquarius silver and copper do look quite good IMO. If anyone is going to order some i would get some too.
  21. The future of the Perth Mint Lunar. Is it a good idea to have a third set in a saturated lunar market or take the time and go for a brand new series to replace this old chestnut? What could either action taken affect the prices of series 1 & 2. I'm a lunar addict by the way!
  22. StackemHigh

    gold price

    Is gold too expensive when silver is so chea?
  23. StackemHigh


    I'm interested in these. 1oz Proof i think. What do you guys think?
  24. StackemHigh

    RAM Australian Road Sign Series.

    Does anyone have any info on the RAM road sign series, ANy sizes, weights, finishes and dates etc?