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Platinum Membership is available for all to purchase. Both new members can purchase and existing Silver or Gold Premium Members can upgrade.

Upgrading from Silver or Gold Premium Membership? Existing Silver/Gold Premium members upgrading membership level, please PM ChrisSilver (Don't worry, there is no disadvantage of upgrading early. You will be charged the difference between your current package reaming days and Platinum premium Membership for the remaining days of your invoice cycle when you upgrade, this will upgrade your account immediately to Platinum Premium membership. You will then be charged the standard Platinum Premium Member rate at the usual renewal date of your Premium Membership. No need to wait for your next billing cycle, you can upgrade now just PM ChrisSIlver.

Benefits of Platinum Premium Membership include all of the benefits of Premium + Gold Premium Membership as well as the added benefits below.

Platinum Premium Member added benefits:  Platinum Premium Member badge, shows other members that you are the ultimate supporter of The Silver Forum. Platinum Premium Member Prefix on topics in the buy & sell trade section (Makes your topic more prominent to attract buyers)  (ability to bookmark topics) {still in development. Feature will be released in near future} Help keep the forum free from spam. Ability to automatically hide spam content (If 2 or more Platinum Premium Members report a topic as spam to be hidden then the comment will be automatically hidden for review by moderators) [note that this feature is in test mode, and depending on the success of the use of this feature we may decide to adjust the number of Platinum Premium members required to hide a topic, keep this feature or remove it entirely] New Hidden Forum In the staff section for Platinum Premium Members and moderators to discuss ways to improve the forum etc, + be the first to find out about upcoming releases and improvements on the forum, given a chance to discuss some ideas before they are made live. New reaction Super Like (Counts as double the reputation points)  member can use reactions to posts an unlimited amount of times (Gold Premium Membership limit is 40 per day)

The Platinum Premium Membership option will be £9.99 per month
The Platinum Premium Membership is currently £7.50 per month or a yearly subscription saving £15 per year. The price of Platinum Premium Membership will eventually be £9.99 per month (all members taking out at £7.50 will remain at that pricing) so take advantage of the price today.
As well as the Platinum Premium Membership benefits above, you also get all of the following benefits with your Platinum Premium Membership:

Business sellers wishing to sell commercially on the forums are required to have a licence to sell on the forum. You can do this by purchasing GOLD premium membership (Platinum Premium Membership covers this also). Gold Premium Membership Badge replaced with Platinum Premium Member Badge Mega bonus prizes. Each of the Premium Membership prize draws will have a bonus prize(s), if the winner of the premium member prize draw is a Gold Premium Member (Or a Platinum Premium Member), then this member will also win the bonus prize(s). If the winner is not a Gold member (Or a Platinum Premium Member), then the Gold Member Bonus prize will roll over to the next month, an additional prize will be added to the bonus pot each month until a Gold Premium member wins, and then it starts again. Plus: Be the first to see new topics in the trade section. 3 days before all other members. Unlimited listings in the Buy, Sell, Trade section. Access to the Premium Members only lounge. Entry into the monthly Premium Members only prize draws. FREE shipping worldwide to the winner.
(Win anything from a 1/4 ounce to a 1oz coin, with a new chance to WIN every month!) Removal of Google ads - Premium Members browse the forum free form Google ads Other benefits: Premium Member badge next to your profile pic to show you support The Silver Forum! Unlimited private message storage - and the ability to send messages to other members even if their inbox is full. Send pictures and other attachments in private messages. Customise your profile page with a cover picture. Up to 3 links in signature (Standard members are unable to post links in signatures) 1 Banner in signature - Up to a 250x50px banner/image in your signature Standard members / Standard Premium Members are unable to have a banner in signatures) Past Premium Member prize draws and current prize draw can be found here: https://thesilverforum.com/forum/51-premium-member-prize-draws/ Payment via card only. Payments processed securely via Stripe.