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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 66 results

  1. Evening was hoping to pick up 2x carded silver 1oz bars (maybe 3 if they are nice). These are for Xmas presents so ideally must be in great condition. Willing to pay around £18 posted each- obviously depending on the exact bars. Photo attached of kind of thing I'm looking for
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm in search of Geiger Cast/Poured bars. If you have any for sale/trade or know of where to find them, I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks, Ed
  3. After some silver brits at a reasonable price which I consider to be around the £17 mark
  4. As title says, if any, I am interested in buy one in perfect conditions in capsule. - It will be payed by Bank transfer in €. - It must be shipped from a EU country. Please PM your prize, Thank you very much, Paulo AKA Draconicus
  5. Looking to pay £325 delivered Must be in fantastic condition no marks or issues.
  6. Guys looking for the bars above for a fair price Thankyou
  7. Hi guys, Time for me to catch up now. Because of circumstances, I have got behind with these. I now need 1/4 oz bullion The Yale of Beaufort and 1/4 oz bullion The Falcon of the Plantagenets. Has anyone got any of these for a sensible price? (and condition because they are going into my QB display case...purchased here and lovely it is too!) I know Atkinsons have them but I thought that I would ask here first.
  8. Yeah … I know … but on the off chance that someone has a Perth one on offer could you PM me details … thanks
  9. After one 10oz bar anyone got one for sale? maybe even do a swap for some gold if possible cheers matt
  10. Looking for Fortuna, Rosa or any of the Lunar series if anyone may be willing to part?
  11. Hi looking for about 10 1oz silver Brits any year as close to spot as possible and 1 or 2 10oz silver bars I have now bought the 10oz just need 10 brits
  12. Does anyone have a couple in immaculate condition they would let go for a reasonable price? Cheers!
  13. I'm thinking of getting the new redback spider from the Royal Austrailian Mint. Just the 1oz silver so if anyone has some and can sell some plz let me know. Many Thanks Stack'em.
  14. Wanted 2018 rectangle dragons. prefer whole tube.
  15. Hi looking for a newish 1oz Gold Libertad coin (proof). Let me know if anyone has one now or in the future! thanks
  16. Hi All, I'm looking to buy 1/4 Gold Proof Queen's Beast The Lion of England. Is anyone selling? Thank you, Mirec5555
  17. jonrms

    wanted Sigma

    I am not looking for the pro, but it would be good to have a precious metals verifier on hand. If anyone has the first model and upgraded to the Pro, I am very interested
  18. Hi guys looking for a 1oz Gold Buffalo will buy now or in the future, close to spot must be in excellent condition and new as possible thanks
  19. Has anyone got one or both of these Kookaburras for sale? Thanks
  20. hi I am trying to diversify my collection and already bought from a few forum sellers, looking for any of the following coins. Must be well priced and good/mint condition: Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, China Panda (2019/18), Armenia Noah Ark, Egyptian Relic series thanks!
  21. Good Afternoon Guy’s, Looking for vintage silver bars preferably brands as such as Johnson Matthey or Engelhard London from 100g-1kilo cast bars or anything in between, May possibly be interested in 50 oz & 100 oz bars too depending on bars etc.... If you know me, You know I will pay top prices: Can pay with Cash,Grain,Silver Bars/Coins or with Gold Advert is in thee making 😜 Thank You!
  22. Anyone selling a tube of Canadian Maples please get in touch with a price.
  23. Is anyone selling one of the 10oz Gairsoppa silver bars or the 1oz rounds?
  24. Hi. I'm looking for Koala 2008 1 oz silver bullion coins? I need 5 of them in total. Thanks
  25. Hi Guys, Really interested in the SS Gairsoppa silver so I'm looking for a 1 oz silver coin with cert if anyone has one they would be willing to part with? Show me what you've got!