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Found 199 results

  1. BackyardBullion

    wanted Queen's Beast 10 oz Lion

    Looking for a 10 oz QB Lion, will pay £250 delivered if anyone wants to release one! Open to fair negotiations too if need be.
  2. SVcollector

    wanted 1838 gold sovereign shield

    Hello Guys i am looking into a 1838 victoria gold sovereign shield in VF-XF confition. p.m please regards chris
  3. jodie

    Wanted 1 Oz Stonehenge Silver Bar

    Hi all I am looking for a 1 Oz Stonehenge Silver Bar. I believe this is from SM Bullion. If anyone one has one and is willing to part with, please get in touch. Or any suggestions where to look for would be much appreciated. I have searched it on ebay and google, but without any luck. Thank you PS : admin, if this post is in the wrong place, please let me know and I'll try to correct it. Thanks.
  4. Hi all. I'm looking for Silver 10 OZ Queen Beast Lion & Griffin. I'm waiting for all offers. Waiting for good ones, pleas.

    wanted 1oz SILVER COINS WANTED

    Hi all, Im after some 1oz silver coins, if anyone has any they wish to part with WEDGE TAILED EAGLE 2015, 2016 & 2019 TRADE DOLLARS 1st & 2nd SPADE GUINEA 2018 PANDA 2019 KOALA 2016, 2019 BRITS 2019 BRITS ORIENTAL 2019 thanks in advance
  6. Looking to buy my first gold 1oz Britannia, prefer a new design and would like to use @BackyardBullion's middleman service unless buying from a forum veteran. Posting here to see if anyone will be willing to sell below the 3.5-4% premium on Chards/Atkinsons Cheers.
  7. greenrizz

    wanted 2019 panda/koala

    Hi, looking for one of each to purchase if anyone has any spares? thanks
  8. CosmikDebris

    wanted US Indian Head Eagles

    I'm looking for 5 and/or 10 dollar Indian head eagles. Please get in touch. UK only. Thanks!
  9. For those of you who have left over Australian currency from holidays or business trips, I am happy to purchase it from you. Save on exchange fees. Notes best but coins also welcome. Offer open for several months. PM me for details.
  10. BeatboxBullion

    wanted 10x britannias wanted

    Hi I'm looking for 10 x 1oz silver britannias that are for sale. Any year from 2017 to 2019 is preferable. Open to negotiations on price close to spot Thank you
  11. Looking for a Baird and Co 1 gram gold bar if anyone has one for sale please. Thanks.
  12. As above, looking for the following coins to complete my year set! Thanks for looking. Gareth
  13. lightwithin

    wanted 10 ozt RMC cast silver bar

    I am looking for one maybe two of the RMC 10ozt Cast silver bars. I've combed the internet for the last 2 weeks and have come up empty other than a couple for sale on eBay with markups that price me out of the purchase. I was hoping there is someone out there with a surplus of these bar that would be willing to part with a few for a reasonable price. I am new to the silver stacking world and am sad to see a company like RMC go under before I could collect the set of some of my favorite silver bars made. The beauty of a cast bar is different from poured or pressed bars and really appeals to me. I am located in Maryland U.S.A. and can pay through multiple different avenues. rmc cast silver
  14. ilovesilverireallydo

    wanted Want to buy £400 Gold 2-3% over spot

    Got ppff funds and want anything interesting in gold coins closest to spot you would like to part with. Hit me up
  15. Hi all, I am looking for the 5oz KingTut, 5oz Nefertiti and 3oz Horus. Will also be up for the 2oz's and the fractional rounds as well. Thanks for reading, Ryan
  16. MintageSeller

    wanted Junk Silver

    Anyone selling any junk silver?
  17. Hi, just wondering if anyone has a reasonably recent edition of this they wanted to move on?
  18. Fivepoundfred

    wanted Gold proof commemorative £5 PCGS

    I am looking for the following RM gold proof commemorative £5 coins - PCGS PR70 1990, 2012 Diamond Jubilee, 2015 Royal birth and 2016 Queens 90th Possible Deal if interested with - 2014 gold panda 5 coin set ( PCGS graded ) 2015 gold proof Libertad set ( PCGS graded with case and c of a ) 2017 boxed new / unmarked premium sovereign set + i have many other high grade RM coins that i may consider trading. Or if you see any of the above for sale elsewhere please let me know
  19. Hello, apologies if this has been asked numerous times before, but I am new around here and to the world of stacking. I have recently taken delivery of my first two coins in my stack. A 2018 and a 2019 Britannia. They were supplied with capsules but these both appear a little too big and are different sizes. Can anyone confirm what size capsule I should be looking for (39mm if I am not mistaken) to get a good fit and keep my coins in top order. As said, I am new to this world and learning all the time, so please excuse me.
  20. Lucylucy

    wanted Lunar Horse 10oz 2014

    Has anyone got a 10 oz Perth Lunar Horse for sale? Thanks
  21. As per title looking at paying round 0.18ppg. PM with what you have
  22. Hello! Looking for 2007 1 oz silver koala and pre 2011 1 oz pandas. Thanks
  23. Looking for one of these 1 ounce Silver Bullion (in capsule as supplied ) for Grandsons collection Just wondering if anyone has one for sale! 5huggy
  24. footram

    wanted Bullion sovereigns

    Please feel free to post any offers below or PM me, no proofs please 😁
  25. Sliopjbsail

    wanted Deadpool

    Morning 🙂 im looking for a Deadpool Marvel coin as I think I’m going to get behind as Captain America is out soon/already. can anybody help? thanks