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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 159 results

  1. richatthecroft

    wanted 1918 Sovereign Indian Mintmark

    1918 Sovereign Indian Mintmark Wanted. Please PM me if you have one of these Sovereigns and wish to sell. Thanks.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has these two coins to sell for a good price. Cheapest is but £20 delivery prices it too high. Also after 2oz silver Queens Beasts 2018 Black bull and 2019 Falcon before I order online.
  3. ally5727

    wanted 10oz QB Unicorn

    Just seeing if anyone has a 10 Oz QB unicorn (bullion not proof) that they may want to get rid of, just asking on here before I order 1. Thanks
  4. Skelator88


    I’m after acquiring a few boxed 1989 full proof sovereigns if you have any I may be interested please message me thanks
  5. Lucylucy

    wanted Lunar Coloured

    Perth Mint Lunar Coloured I am looking for the following:- 2008 Mouse all 2009 Ox all 2011 Rabbit all 2014 Horse 1/2,1,10 oz 2016 Monkey 1/2, 5, 10 oz 2017 Rooster 1/2, 5,10 oz 2019 Pig All I know that these issues are not popular but I like them! I can get the 10 oz Rooster and Monkey from Goldsilver be but I have been a bit worried about the adverse publicity on the Forum. The 5 oz appear to be hard to find. Thanks for any help.
  6. Lazyboy

    wanted Gold

    buying gold i'm from canada !!!
  7. ilovesilverireallydo

    wanted Wanted: specific year Silver Brits

    After silver bullion Britannias for the following years. Looking to pay £20 plus post. Toned ok but scratch free. I know it’s a long shot but thought would try. 2000 2001 2002 2004 2009 2010
  8. Skelator88

    wanted 1oz Gold Proof Lion of England

    Hello I recently missed out on a PF70 of the above for what I thought to be a decent price. Im hoping somebody has one graded but I may consider one ungraded. I wouldn’t be prepared to pay close to the the royal mint retail price. I’ve seen two of these sell 1x graded 1x standard for less than £1500 so I’m looking in that ball park i also have lots of silver proof and some gold proof sovs for trade if that’s preferable thanks
  9. I am looking for Queens beast lion and/or griffin coin in good condition without scratches on the queens face. I am willing to pay in the ballpark £1150-1170. Please let me know if you are willing to sell.
  10. dutchman

    wanted 1 oz silver bars

    Looking for Asahi . Swiss Gold . UBS .Rand refinery 1 oz silver bars Thanks
  11. Platinumskies

    wanted 1847 gothic crowns

    Hi guys and gals I’m interested in buying any 1847 gothic crowns so if you have any for sale let me know and I’ll DM you thanks
  12. PhelpsSilver

    wanted 100g Silver bar

    Anyone selling 100g bars? How much? Not fussed on the brand. Thank you
  13. Hi all Looking to buy good condition 2005 Bullion Sovereigns, please PM me if you have some for sale.
  14. 2002 20p gold proof coin and other circulation coins (no Sovs or Maundy) wanted for collector friend. Coins can be raw or slabbed.
  15. Stacknsave

    wanted Privateer silver rounds wanted

    Hi, I’m after if anybody has any for sale some of the 2oz privateer rounds. need 2 of each of the following Siren Davy Jones locker The ship (not sure on name as seen it called “the storm”) anybody got any for sale or even knows where I can get them, in the UK preferably let me know what you got and how much. many Thanks
  16. StackSellRepeat

    wanted .999 SILVER BARS/COINS

  17. Hello Hopefully I'm allowed to post in this section, if not I apologise in advance. I'm looking to purchase an empty presentation case that'll hold 2 sovereigns, it'll be used for a wedding gift therefore condition is extremely important. The picture included is one I recently purchased from eBay and getting another identical to this would be fantastic. Thanks -Gs
  18. Bluenitsuj

    wanted Panda Coins 1 oz silver

    Hi Everyone. Trying to fill a few gaps ( there are many) in my 1oz silver panda collection so posting here to see if any spares around for the following years and what sort of price. I am UK. 2000 - 2007 2010
  19. SVcollector

    wanted 2012 5 pound BU sovereign

    Hello If any member has a 2012 Elisabeth II - Dragon 5 pound BU sovereign with box and coa please p.m
  20. Anyone have one of theses at a fair price please?
  21. I'm looking for a couple of 1 oz silver coins or bars that are in poor condition and maybe going to be used for melting, I only want them for the silver content and not as collectors items, Thanks in advance, Chris.
  22. MintageSeller

    wanted Junk Silver

    Anyone selling any junk silver?
  23. coppernut

    wanted Empty BRITANNIA tubes wanted

    Hello all, I'm looking for 1 or 2 empty britannia coin tubes or of a similar size? Let me know the price?
  24. danmc82

    wanted Airtite Coin Tube Size I

    Just need the one tube (Ones with the red top) Size I please.
  25. Roy

    wanted Sovereigns

    Please, 1925SA Half Sovereign 2011 Full Sovereign 2013 Full Sovereign HGM prices if you can! Cheers, Roy