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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 111 results

  1. Joshmosh18

    wanted Sunshine mint bars

    Sunshine mint bars wanted 1oz , 5oz , 10oz
  2. GeorgeWoodall

    wanted Fractional gold, bullion condition

    Yup, cheaper the better
  3. Hi, I'm looking for any Melbourne mint bullion sov from the 1870,s if anyone has a spare, except 1877 Funds are available in my PayPal balance for immediate transfer Thanks
  4. christopherphillips

    wanted 1996 silver football £2

    1996 silver proof football 2pound coin with coa
  5. Anyone have one of each for sale in a capsule? Also looking for an Anubis and Cleopatra.
  6. GeorgeWoodall

    wanted 1/4 Gold queen beasts

    I'm searching for Q's, other than the griffin and lion
  7. Looking for any of the Queens Beast 2018 1oz gold proof coins (prefer the Bull). Graded or ungraded as long as it comes with a box and Coa.
  8. Harry

    wanted Capsules screw top.

    Please would anyone be so kind and send me 2x plastic coin capsules to fit a £5 gold Sovereign and a £2 gold Sovereign. Will pay for any additional costs / time / postage etc. Much Love!
  9. Hi guys I’m after a 2002 proof 70 £5 sov and full sov and a 2005 proof 70 £5 And Full sov DM me if you have them thanks
  10. looking for some of these if anyone has any odd ones lurking they don't really want
  11. Just received one of my 1/40th fractional 2014 britannia coins. I will market these and include a free Loupe so people can actaully see what they are buying. If anyone has anymore for sale please let me know. Happy to pay £40 or so. 1oz just used to show how small a 1/40th coin is.
  12. whuamai

    wanted Searching old gold coins

    Hi guys, for my LatinMonetary union collection I am searching following and similar coins: 20 Zlotych20 Lei20 Frank Hieronymus20 Dinara20 Pesetas (keine NP) 20 Francs Monaco 1878-1879 20 Francs Charles X 20 Lire Napoleon 20/10 Lire Vatican20/10 Markka20/10 Leva 20/10 Dinara 188220 Franga4/8 Florin10 Franken Vreneli10/20 Bolivares40 Francs/Lire80 Lire100 Francs/Lire/Pesetas I am also interested in other gold coins from all over the world. Must be shipped to germany. Just offer me what you got .
  13. austack

    wanted Silver Bar(s)

    Looking to dip my feet in the world of silver, looking for a few 100g bars or a 250g, metalor etc
  14. CosmikDebris

    wanted Pre '33 US Gold Eagles

    Pre '33 American gold Eagles wanted. Any denomination and head considered. Thank you!
  15. phoenix

    wanted 1g Gold Bars

    I bought a 1g Perth bar recently and it's a very beautiful little object. I'm interested in collecting a little set of 1g bars from each of the main mints (Degussa, Pamp, Umicore etc). It's the collector side of me, not the investor, that likes these! HGM are doing g bars for £32, but you don't get to choose the mint etc and can't see if the packaging is in great condition etc. Does anyone have any they'd like to sell? Thanks, P
  16. Do you have a 1937 proof half sovereign you would like to sell me raw or graded? If you have please PM me.
  17. zeusss4

    wanted 10oz Lion of England

    Looking for a reasonable priced 10oz lion if that is possible anymore. Thanks
  18. mustynewb

    wanted Half sovs

    Hi, Getting close to the time i'll buy another half sov. Before i jump on the dealers sites is anyone looking to shift any at the moment? Not too sure the ages but i do quite like the older ones i normally just grab a random year.
  19. Skelator88

    wanted Gold proof WWF 50p

    I’m after acquiring the above with box and coa with no noticeable imperfections. This would be going of for grading i have many other gold proof coins for trade and also silver proof items i may also be interested in purchasing outright depending on price
  20. PansPurse

    wanted Quarter Ounce QB Griffin

    As part of stack reshaping I'm looking to pick up a quarter ounce Queen's Beasts Griffin bullion version (although I'm potentially up for offers of other 1/4 Oz beasts). £275 +p&p
  21. Stdith

    wanted 2013 Luna Snake silver

    Wanted! 2013 Luna snake silver coins. Any size considered but would ideally like a 10oz and 1kg. If you have any you'd like to sell please get in touch.
  22. ilovesilverireallydo

    wanted Looking for Junk Silver Coins :)

    If you have junk silver, sterling, (925) all the way down to 40% silver coinage and are interested in selling at spot or below then give me a shout. Particularly interested in larger coins and bulk buys. World silver especially welcome
  23. richatthecroft

    wanted Silver Umicore Bars

    Anybody have any small sized Silver Umicore Bars they wish to part with? Or if someone can point me to somewhere to buy them without eye watering premiums. I only require one of each Bar: 10g, 20g, 1oz and a 50g Thanks in advance.
  24. I am looking to buy Maria Theresia Talers dated between 1741 to 1779 (not 1780 restrikes). Preferably NOT Madonna and child varieties. Thank you