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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 6 results

  1. I've got a few of the American landmarks series and was wondering how many rounds were in the series? If it was still running? Started in 2015 by provident metals. Their website doesn't say much.
  2. Johnnyha92

    Silver bowls?

    So I bought two old silver bowls today one weighs 166 grams and the other weighs 342 grams. They say Sterling on the bottoms I paid $200 I used an online calculator and I think I got a good deal I'm gonna post pics of the stamps and see if anyone can give me some piece of mind if they're real or not.
  3. If you are not a prospective member to a trade please do not post in someone's sales topics. These sorts of comments add no value to the sale and you are discouraging sellers to list items. If an item is priced too high and doesn't sell, the seller will understand that the item was priced too high. There is no need to comment in their sales topic. You may think an item is priced too high, this is the sellers choice to choose their asking price, please do not make unwanted posts in the seller's sales topic. It is up to the buyer to decide if the item is being sold at a fair price (they can even make a separate question in the other forum sections to ask what the fair price of such an item would be if they have concerns) Also, if you notice any mistakes in someones listing, or something appears wrong out of common courtesy private message the seller rather than comment in the topic itself allowing the topic author to rectify the problem. If you don't want private message a member please contact a moderator instead, or use the report feature. Thank you for your cooperation. To sellers: Please report unwanted or related posts in your sales topics and they can be removed and a warning will be issued to the member who posted the unsolicited post.
  4. Commercial / Precious Metals Business Related Members. Standard membership for those in the precious metals business, or precious metals related businesses is FREE. However, if you wish to post any links to your website you will need either Gold Premium Membership or Platinum Premium Membership, this would also give you a licence to list items for sale commercially as well as have a link to your website in your forum signature, we also encourage you to fully disclose your relationship to the business within your forum signature. Having Gold/Platinum membership does not give you a licence to post spam however, or for excessive self promotion of your businesses. You may wish to discuss advertising opportunities for your business with ChrisSilver. Gold/Platinum membership will however allow you to have a forum signature adverting your company or project and will show beneath every one of your forum posts. Listing items for sale on the forum Business sellers / dealers / those operating as a business in the eyes of the forum, listing Items for sale on the forum are required to have a commercial licence to list items for sale on the forum. You can do this by purchasing either Gold or Platinum Premium membership Gold/Platinum Premium Membership will includes a licence to sell commercially on the forum and also all of the other features listed in the membership package. Note: If you are not sure if you are classed as a business seller or not please PM @ChrisSIlver. In general if you are a collector and sell a few items here and there even for a small profit you will not be a business seller, however if you purpose is selling for profits and you are buying and selling, then you are a business seller. The Silver Forum is giving you an environment to sell and profit in so we appreciate your support of Gold/Platinum Memberhsip which helps go towards the running and improvement of the forum and to keep the forum here for you we also use the funds to market and promote TSF and to grow more members, which ultimately is more sales potential buyers for your items for sale. Members that are in the official sponsors member group, and have an official sponsor badge have a business licence already included in their package.
  5. Hi everyone Has anyone used the above online shop?
  6. To help encourage listings in this section, all new topics in this section are currently visible to ALL members & not only premium members like in the other trade sections. Eventually when this section is extremely busy like the UK & Europe section, the USA & Canadian section will go back to being the same way; new topics will only be shown to premium members for the first 3 days, allowing members who support the forum to get the bargains first. For now though, all topics are visible to all. New members are recommended to first introduce themselves in the 'Welcome New Members' section here before posting a sales thread as you will get a better response from the community by introducing yourself first.