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Found 36 results

  2. For Sale: £1,250. Big 100 mm Steamboat Willie coin made of 1 Kilo silver 99.9% pure silver Limited edition collectible coin low mintage of 1.928 pieces worldwide. Issued by New Zealand Mint in 2015, $100 diameter 100MM, Graded PR64Dcam but comes with box and COA. Design features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Country of Issue - Niue. The Steamboat Willie 1 Kilo Silver 999 Coin was presented in a classic coin case which sat inside a theme printed outer box prior to being graded. Background & History Steamboat Willie has been at the helm of Disney animation from the early days, steering it forward through the seas of imagination. Released at the Colony Theatre in New York on November 18, 1928, Steamboat Willie was directed by Walt Disney and is considered the debut of Mickey Mouse. Through the decades since its release, Steamboat Willie has received widespread critical acclaim, not only for introducing one of the world’s most popular cartoon characters, but for its innovation. The film is notable for being the first cartoon with synchronized sound. It was also the first cartoon to feature a post-produced soundtrack using a fifteen piece band and the voice of Walt Disney himself as Mickey. size and weight: 100mm / 1kg Purity: 99.9% Serial number:0649
  3. I have for sale Vintage Rare Highly Sort after and very Collectible 1oz silver MIDAS METALS .999 Hand Poured Bar. This bar is from the late 1960’s maybe early 1970’s. You can see by the photos the condition and toning. I am learning about collectible silver bars, so if I have not mentioned or I am out on the dates this bar was poured? Please let me know, also if the price I am asking is Low lol. Then please let me know. Or if you want to make an offer then please do? I am asking £57.00 which includes postage.
  4. Beautiful 2009 UHR in highest grade possible. Stunning deep cameo. There was a time when this coin was selling for over $5,000. Looking for cash ($3,000 paypal or $2,950 pp gift) or trade for two 1oz Gold Maples + $275. I can give you my ebay account so you can check feedback there and I have done many high-dollar deals on guitar forums in the past. Thanks for looking. Send me a message.
  5. Greetings folks, Looking to sell my Perth Lunar Series II 2010 Tiger 1/2 oz coins graded NGC MS-70. They are marvelous coins with a population of only 20 and mintage of 9,000. They will ship with original Perth capsules and Intercept slab boxes. Just selling to take a more bullion-oriented approach. Thanks! $975/ea. $950/ea. or lower with PP gift. APMEX currently selling the coin raw for >$1,000. There are sellers on ebay asking $1,000 for 1/4oz !!! graded Would also consider 1oz Gold Maple + cash for trade
  6. Hi All, As pay day is today... I have 4 X perfect S.O.T.D PR70 Sovereigns with the very low mintage, AND 6 x perfect Piedfort PR70 Sovereigns with around double the mintage but also with double the gold content, for sale or exchange! I’ll consider offers but I’m looking for £1,200 for each coin of either type. I’d considered exchanging each/one coin for 5 bullion Sovereigns any year / condition (so long as the weight is right). So you could have the whole lot of ten coins for 50 bullion sovereigns. These will be great long-term investment pieces no doubt and have been pre-preserved forever by myself with the help of PCGS. Please send me a message if interested as not everyone will want to publicise their business (one reason why I’m not auctioning these off). Feel free to make a deal (gold exchanges only please e.g 1oz gold coin plus one Sovereign). Thanks in advance! Mancunian Stacker 👍 PS - Photos will follow tonight once I’m home from work.
  7. 2003 half sovereign £130 (still sealed) 2007 half sovereign £115 (weak strike and opened mint packaging) postage of choice Alternatively swap with e.g. a 500g cast silver bar (no smaller bars than 100g for exchange)
  8. Hello. I have been collecting Silver Coins and Silver Rounds for a while and just don't have the space for everything, so I need to downsize. In other words, I am selling some 1oz and 2oz Silver Coins and Rounds, and a few 1 Troy Pound Silver Rounds. To be 100% clear, all of these coins and rounds are at least .999 fine REAL silver, no silver plating or mixed metals. All but a few of these items for sale/trade/barter were purchased directly from reputable online dealers and I can guarantee that I am the first owner of the majority of them. I have a habit of putting all of my coins and rounds in direct-fit Air-Tite coin capsules, using clean white cotton gloves. The capsules for 1oz Silver Coins and Rounds usually go for around 50¢ while the capsules for the 2oz coins are about $2 each, but I believe the investment pays off in keeping the coins beautiful. I will not be doing the coins any injustice by removing them from the capsules, so please figure this into your decision making. I would like to provide these coins, rounds, and bars to you for less than you can find them anywhere else, including coin shops, online retailers, eBay, etc.. If you find pricing somewhere.. anywhere else that's cheaper than what I am offering these for, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Also, just like anywhere else, the more you get, the easier that makes this for me, and if you buy enough, you will get a better deal. Here is what I have to offer: ROUNDS (all in Air-Tite Capsules) 13qty - GSM Incuse Indian 1oz Silver Rounds (original design) - $18/ea 16qty - OPM 1oz Silver Rounds (no longer minted) - $18/ea 14qty - NTR Buffalo 1oz Silver Rounds (no longer minted) - $18/ea 17qty - Provident Prospector 1oz Silver Rounds (original, discontinued design) - $18/ea ROUNDS (in Original Packaging w/ Edge-Engraved Serial Number and Matching COA) 3qty - Various Design 1 Troy Pound Rounds (released by The Federal Coin Fund) - $250/ea COINS (in Air-Tite Capsules) 18qty - 2016 Niue 1oz Silver Hawksbill Turtle (350,000 mintage) - $19/ea 3qty - 2014 Niue 1oz Silver Hawksbill Turtle (200,000 mintage) - $20/ea 7qty - 2015 Niue 2oz Silver Hawksbill Turtle - $40/ea 2qty - 2016 Australia 1oz Silver Kangaroo - $20/ea 5qty - 2017 Australia 1oz Silver Kangaroo - $19/ea 6qty - 2015 Australia 1oz Silver Kookaburra (25th Anniversary) - $30/ea 6qty - 2008 Canada 1oz Silver Maple Leaf - $20/ea 3qty - 2013 Canada 1oz Silver Maple Leaf - $20/ea 6qty - 2014 Canada 1oz Silver Maple Leaf - $20/ea 13qty - 2013 Canada 1oz Silver Maple Leaf (25th Anniversary) - $25/ea 20qty - 2016 Canada 1oz Silver Maple Leaf Reverse Proof w/ Wolf Privy (50,000 mintage) - $30/ea 2qty - 2011 American 1oz Silver Eagle - $21/ea 1qty - 2014 American 1oz Silver Eagle - $21/ea 16qty - 2015 American 1oz Silver Eagle - $21/ea 3qty - 2016 American 1oz Silver Eagle - $21/ea 3qty - 2017 South Africa 1oz Silver Krugerrand GEM Premium Uncirculated (w/ COA) - $45/ea COINS (off-quality, in original tubes, not in capsules) 18qty - 2008 Canada 1oz Silver Maple Leaf - $17.50/ea 21qty - 2013 Canada 1oz Silver Maple Leaf - $17.50/ea 17qty - 2014 Canada 1oz Silver Maple Leaf - $17.50/ea COINS (Graded, In NGC Slab) 15qty - 2017 American 1oz Silver Eagle MS-70 NGC Early Releases - $38/ea Here is some of what I am looking to trade for: *MS-70 American Gold Buffalo Bullion or Proof Coin *1/4 oz American Gold Eagle BU Coins *2017 South Africa 1 oz Platinum Krugerrand Proof *2015 Canada 1 oz Gold Growling Cougar .99999 BU Coin (in Assay Card) *2012 Canada 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf .99999 BU (in Assay Card) *2017 Mexico 1 kilo Silver Libertad High Relief Prooflike Coin *2017 1 oz High Relief American Liberty Gold Proof *Ancient Egyptian Coins or maybe a Roman Silver Denarius or a Tetradrachm or something similar *Isle of Man 1 oz Silver Cat Proof Coins Let me know what you would like and I'll work up a good price for you. Please feel free to email me with any questions about these items. We'll figure out shipping costs when we figure out where the package is going and what the weight will be. I haven't figured out a safe means of funds transfer for both parties yet, but I am open to suggestions. Not to sound naive, but how safe is BitCoin for transfer of funds? What constitutes a contractual obligation that would hold up in court? lol, Sorry. If you can't tell, it's only my second time selling bullion and the only other time is was a Palladium Eagle on eBay and eBay has protections. How does everybody trade safely here? Thanks for looking, Matt P.S. HERE is a link to a folder with all of the pictures.
  9. Hi, I have a 1989 3 coin gold 500th Anniversary set for sale that is in good condition and is currently with my friend in the UK (I am based in Japan). It comes with box and Coa. Asking price is £1,890 but would be interested in swapping with a £5 gold or any George III silver crowns or half crowns. Payment by PP or bank transfer and postage is included. The set was bought in japan and when it arrived in came in original Japanese Newspaper packing dated 1989 so the original owner probably had it since then.
  10. 2016 Peter Rabbit proof silver 50p with box and COA. No milking, no toning looks perfect. Postage included. £595
  11. 1998 50p UK 25th Anniversary of ECC 50p gold coin Graded PCGS PR68Dcam Royal mint Proof and weighs 15.50g in 916.7 Fineness Diameter: 27.3mm Coin is with my friend in the UK and postage is included.
  12. The two coins from the Lunar series, mint condition in their original capsules. Asked prices are 55€ and 150€. Postage is extra and will be from Ireland registered. Payment by PayPal F&F. Can discuss exchange for something that interests me, feel free to pm your proposal.
  13. Few bits to clear if anyone fancies anything [emoji4] 2016 Australian Sovereign PF70 £325 2016 4th Expo Panda Antiqued PF70 £160 1994 1/20oz Angel £52 2009 1/20oz Proof Kookaburra £59 2014 1oz Steamboat Willie PF69 £53 1980 Proof Half £127 1986 Proof Half (Sold) Payment by PPFF or BT & Postage to be added.
  14. *SOLD* 90% USA silver dimes X 17 (10 Roosevelt, 7 merc) 90% USA silver standing liberty quarters X 5 (these are slick with no visible dates) apart from that details are not to bad I got these off another member but are now surplus to requirements as I wish to fill my tubes of 90% halves. I payed £1.10 each for the dimes and £2.25 each for the quartrs. Selling the lot for £27 +postage of your choice and risk or could swap for 90% halves. *SOLD* Also a half oz Perth mint great white shark £10 +postage of your choice and risk Payment by PayPal FF
  15. Hi all Up for sale at £290 or exchange for offers on silver/cash. Make an offer..... Good condition, no scratches or scrapes. Cheers
  16. Rearranging my collections so a few coins have to move. Silver Eagle 2016 - 29€ Libertad 2008 - 33€ Maple Leaf 2016 - 29€ Philharmonic 2016 - 29€ Ghana Leopard 2017 - 33€ Fiji Iguana 2015 - 33€ Gabon Springbrok 2012 - 33€ Somaliland Year of Rabbit 2011 - 42€ Somaliland Year of Tiger 2010 - 42€ Not included is postage cost from Ireland *Can discuss exchange with some things I am looking for: Queen's Beasts 2 oz (first four coins) Lunar 2 Horse and Rabbit 1 oz Lunar 2 Goat Proof 1 oz & Colorized (not proof) 1 oz Silver Panda 1991, 1993 & 1995 Britannia Silver Proof 1 oz 2012 and later Gilded silver coins that I may want (tell me what you have) Fractional Platinum coins If you have any generic questions please post them here, otherwise everything else by pm.
  17. im looking to sell all of my coins , too many to list , I'm just swapping from coins to 10 oz bars so will accept between£16 -£17per coin unless its the premium stuff ive got I'm not making any money on them just want to have less 1 oz items, as long as 10 oz equal a 10 oz bar price id be happy with that /if your in Sheffield give us a pm regards ///////////ps obviously looking to sell 10 ideally if not 5 at a time . if anyone wanted 20 oz could prob do £15.50 per coin as this takes me into a bit cheaper bars at atkinsons on 2 bar minimum
  18. Evening all, After a stacking hiatus, I’m back on with the addiction, but I’ve narrowed down what I want to stack from now on. So I’m offering a few coins and rounds for sale, or swap for bars of 1oz and above. Postage on top of stated prices... Libertad 2015 1oz, bullion grade with some light marks/toning as per the photo. Will include the capsule. £18 Libertad 2009 1oz, bullion grade with marks/toning as per photos. Will include capsule. £18 BU Silver 1oz Krugerrand 50th Anniversary edition, with certificate and capsule £30 Sunshine Mint Bull & Bear round, 1oz bullion grade £17.50 Silvertowne 1oz Buffalo round, again bullion grade, 17.50 Postage will be £2.50 for 1-3oz (at Buyers risk) or If you buy the lot I’ll pay for SD. Thanks Ben
  19. I offer for trade or sale Britannia Mule 2014 see pictures trade I'm interested in half sovereign 2013, 2014, 2016 / sale for about the same value bye
  20. Price includes special delivery £610
  21. looking to trade this possibly for a 1/10oz gold coin, will also sell but would prefer a trade. PM me and we can maybe work out a deal. i dont mind giving my cell so we can hash it out that way also. thanks for looking gang. JJ
  22. Two still sealed proof silver krugerrand 1 oz available at £175 each paypal ff and postage buyers choice or will swap for gold fractions pref Perth mint gold lunar
  23. Circulated £2 coin Bank of England 1694 - 1994 commemorative coin I'd say decent condition for a 24 year old circulated coin. Has a mark on the back side by the crown, not sure whether this would clean up. Open to offers, trades...
  24. 4 x 2014 Pandas - £22 each 2 x Thor coins - £19 each 4 x 1 oz 2017 Scorpion Coin 500 Francs - £20 each 2002 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf Colourised Coin - £30 7 x dragon pheonix perth mint (50,000 mintage) - £30 each HONG KONG LEE CHEONG 1 TAEL 999 FINE SILVER HAND POURED ROUND 38g each - £35 each 2 x 1 oz 2014 Gilt Palau Horse High Relief Early Releases PF70 Ultra Cameo $5 - £80 each 2014 Canada S$100 Balf Eagle Early Releases PF70 Matte Proof - £45 3 x 1 oz Nicely Toned The World At War Commemorative Coins COA 999- £18.50 each YPS Art Bars (skull and dragon) - £24 each 1 oz YPS bar - £20 3 x Vintage Englehard 1 oz Nicely Toned Bars -£25 each 2 Vintage 1970s Argor Chiasso 1 oz Swiss Ingots Sealed - £30 each Rare 100g JM bar (1970s) few marks and bumps - £120 1 oz Argor Heraeus Schöne Schweiz St Moritz Silver Bar SA Swiss - £26 6 x 1.32Toz Britannia Commemorative Society Bsc Silver Proof Medallion Set Boxed 7th-12th (7.92 oz in total) (small cosmetic damage to case - see photos) - £170 Vintage Rare Valcambi Suisse 50g Gram .999 Fine Silver Bar Nicely Toned - £120 Florida Alligator PF70 - £65
  25. 1998 1oz Britannia .958 silver 88k mintage £25 SOLD 1oz .999 silver Scottsdale omnia round £16 2017 & 2018 1/10th oz .9999 gold Britannia £109.50 each BOTH SOLD Mint sealed 2002 1oz Britannia. 958 silver 48k mintage £30 SOLD 20g .999 silver credit Suisse bar £15 Plus post of choice