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Found 25 results

  1. Hi everyone , I am selling the following silver coins Chiwoo 2016 1oz x3 60 Euro each (you won't find cheaper - not negotiable) Australia - Kangaroo 2017 1oz x1 - 15 Euro USA - American Silver Eagle 1oz 2017 x1 15 Euro Canada - Maple Leaf 1oz x 14 Euro (had a few milk spots which i ve cleaned but might reappear) Austrian - Philarmoniker 2017 1oz x 1 - 15 Euro China - Panda 2011 1oz x1 17Euro China - Panda 2016 1oz x1 17 Euro China - Panda 2019 1oz x1 17 Euro I am selling the following gold coins Albanian 20 Franga Ari - Skenderbeg x2- 750 EUR each(negotiable) A few comments -If you pay in GBP you can pay on an english bank account. If you pay in EUR on an EUR bank account. -I reserve the right to change the price in case the gold/siver price dramatically changes or if the EUR/GBP rate dramatically changes. -Postage to your convenience and on demand. It will be sent from outside the UK. -On one of the panda, the coin is great , the capsule is just damaged , but it looks blurry on the photo. I would accept for exchange Silver Archangel from Ukraine , Silver 20 Francs Hercule , Silver Balboas from Panama , any LMU 6.45g coin which I don't have (not the main ones, just consult me) , Dutch/Montenegrin/Swedish/Norwegian/Portuguese circulating coins from period 1865-1927... Any questions just ask me
  2. Hi guys, I've gathered a few bits that I feel just don't fit in my stack at the moment. Some really nice bits but just not for me. Not loads but here is what I'd like to offer for sale, open to negotiations of course, especially if you are interested in multiples. I've tried to be fair with prices and offer a decent saving over places like ebay: - Set of Canadian Predator 1 oz coins (x2) £79 - 1 oz Geiger square bar (x1): £22 - Approx 110 g 999 silver shot: SOLD - 1967 MS62 Canadian Goose dollar 80% silver (x1): £14 - 2 oz poured silver skull by SilverStan (x1): SOLD - 1 oz 999 silver shot in glass vials (x5): £19.00 each I would consider exchange/part ex trades too. I'm after the following: - Modern style 1 oz silver libertads (x11) - Paul von Hindenberg 2 Reichsmark coins (x25) - 1/4 oz gold bullion coins (any considered but libertads, maples and eagles preferred) I also have an oversupply of the cheaper capsules for 1 oz coins. Anyone who makes a silver purchase can have these for 10p each, and a spare silver krugerrand tube that you can have for £1. All purchases subject to additional P&P of buyers choice. Cheers.
  3. As the title says. £335 including SD postage. Maybe swap for something, something gold and sovereign size, plus a little bit of silver? Can post pics if each coin close up if needed.
  4. Evening all I have for sale the following: 2 x Heraeus 1g Gold Bars (Loose) - £92.00 2 x Heraeus 1g Gold Bars in assay cards - £102.00 2 x Umicore 1g Gold Bars in assay cards - £98.00 1 x Pamp Fortuna 2.5g Gold Bar in assay card - £120.00 2 x Heraeus 5g Gold Bars in assay cards - £205.00 each SOLD 1 x Heraeus 10g Gold Bar in assay card - £420.00 + postage of your choice and risk but must be signed for service Will sell altogether for £822 inc Special Delivery Happily exchange for full or half Sovereigns at same value Payment via bank transfer Cheers
  5. 1987 UK Britannia Two Coin Proof Set Includes 1987 1/4 ounce gold proof and 1987 1/10 ounce gold proof Comes with COA and special case. Very collectible and hard to find. APMEX is still showing "out of stock". Price 750 plus 10 shipping to US 48 PayPal, FB Messenger or Venmo Thanks
  6. I have For Sale a really nice and unique set of Engelhard 100G silver bars. Produced in 1969 for one year only ..... They were poured at four different mints: Edinburgh, London, Birmingham and Sheffield. Notice the Hallmarks. Price is 1490 plus 10 shipping to US 48 OR 395 each PayPal, FB Messenger or Venmo Thanks
  7. Right peeps here you go 2015 Gibson Les Paul Jr with Gibson hard case. I have replaced the G-Force tuners with Grovers, yet they are included if you wish to put them back on. £550 or swap for sovereigns and cash either way.
  8. Price: 1oz Gold Queens Beast Griffin - £1510 includes Royal Mail Special Delivery 2013 Half Proof Sov - £220 includes Royal Mail Special Delivery Payment: Bank transfer Important notes: UK postage only 2013 Sov - All marks are on the capsule Trade options for 1oz QB Griffin: 5x 1/4 Gold Queens Beasts - Griffin, Dragon, Falcon, Yale, Unicorn or White Lion - all coins must be in perfect condition Gold 2018 Perth Mint Rectangular Dragon coin + £275 Trade options for 2013 Half Proof Sov: 1/4 Gold Queens Beasts - Griffin, Dragon, Falcon, Yale, Unicorn or White Lion with £110 cash your way. Open to silver weight trade offers
  9. ABC 10 oz, $295 Scottsdale reserve, $295 2012 Koalas, $32.5 each Pamp, $45 each Army $1 coin, $40 Presidents club $1 coin, $40 Opm 1oz $32.5 Silver stunner, $27.5 $2 mis, $45 50c mis, $25.5 20c mis, $25.5 2c mis, $25.5 1c mis $35
  10. You are looking at a beautiful 2015 ngc graded PF70UC Sovereign - designated 1 of first 200 graded. Amazing coin - asking $600.
  11. i have acquired this beauty from a guy who was short in cash at spot when it was around 1430$ and i belive its time to cash in the profit on it so i can invest in other stuff willing to entertain offers in the 1800$ -1850$ range OR offers for trades (mainly interested in good state gold philharmnics) although i am registered from israel both my stuff and my banking operations etc are inside the eu so it wont be an issue , i assume the cost of standard basic shipping , buyer bears it if he wants any upgrades also , despite it being against forum rules , if you do have a constructive comment on my pricing i would appreciate it either here or in DM as we are all here to learn eventually
  12. 'afternoon all. I've enjoyed these nickels for some time now, some bought, most found coin roll hunting where I hit upon a collection dump 😁 If you're into nickels, or just want to give them away as gifts to young aspiring coin collectors, I'm only asking $20 (zelle/paypal). I'd also take a silver eagle. Ships free regular USPS. Thanks for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  13. I am selling or trading some things to get more silver and gold to cast . I have this graded Morgan dollar that has some natural album toning . I have a better graded one , so I can let this one go to e new home now . Graded by ICG MS63 . Either $65.00 (shipping included)or trade for 3 ounces of 999 silver , or 4 ounces of .925 scrap, or 1 gram of 999 gold. I would also consider some 14k scrap.( I use it to make jewelry)
  14. For Sale: 2018 Full Gold Sovereign, offers considered. Wanted: 2019 Full Gold Sovereign. I would consider an exchange but this might be a long shot. I need the 2019 for my date run and ordered the 2019 from Sharps Pixley in 2019 and they sent 2018. I’d just sell the 2018 sovereign and source the 2019 sovereign elsewhere, the 2018 sovereign is in a capsule and never handled.
  15. Shipping from Belgium. Various silver coins for sale or exchange against 1 oz BU maples. 1 oz silver 2018 R.A.O.E, GIBRALTAR, mintage 50.000 (1 available) SOLD (OFF FORUM) 1 oz silver 2017 TRIDENT, BARBADOS, mintage 30.000 (1 available) € 22 1 oz silver 2019 VALIANT, UK, mintage 100.000 (5 available) € 19 (only in combination with other coins) 2 oz silver 2017 QUEENS BEAST GRIFFIN OF EDWARD III (1 available) € 70 12x Belgian 90% silver coins. Latin Monetary Union and pre-LMU as well. Pricing and details below table. EDIT: I'm not selling only Valiants. I've added them to optimize shipping costs in combination with other coins.
  16. 'evening everyone. Testing the waters again with another offer for trade... 250 Kennedy Halves 40% for Silver Eagles. Using, 250 Kennedys at 40% = 36.97 Troy Ounces. At today's closing spot price of $17.18, the total silver value is $635.2. I'd ask for 34 ASEs in trade value. That assumes $18.67 / ASE. So I'd be offering the 250 Kennedys (40%) at spot price for 34 ASEs at right around $1.50 over spot price. I know not a lot of people stack 40%, but in this deal you gain right about 3 ozs. Pls double check my math, but I do believe it's correct! I'll be home on 23 Dec and could post pics of the Kennedys if folks express interest. Also proffered trade a few hours ago.... tube of 2017 Queens Beast Griffins for 43 ASEs. Thanks for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  17. 'evening all. My family thinks I'm crazy always telling them to check their change... then one day you find this, a quad repeater : ) Relatively rare as far as I can tell from looking at Sold items on Ebay. Viewed listings earlier and saw a $1 quad repeater sell for $17 and a $100 repeater go for $350. I've sold star notes in the past and have a much better handle on pricing those. 3.5 x face is the lowest multiple I've seen on a quad repeater so 5x isn't out of the question I'd think? The bill is in average circulated condition with one overt crease on the reverse lower right, visible in the 4th pic. So asking here for $100, but I'd much prefer an exchange for 5 American Silver Eagles. But happy to be schooled here; let me know if you have experience with pricing repeaters... maybe it's worth more, or less? I mentioned in another post, since I'm new to the forum and looking to slowly build a reputation, would be willing to ship first for an established member. As always, thanks for looking! V/r, 1000ozs
  18. Shipping from Belgium One full sheet in original mint sealed packaging of 30 silver BU 1 oz China Panda 2013, € 690 (excl shipping). Exchange offers against 1 oz silver BU maples in full tubes is also possible. Eg one tube of maples + remainder value in cash. Or 2 tubes of maples and I pay remainder in cash to you or add some of my other coins. To be discussed. Selling only the full sheet, because I don't want to break the original mint sealed packaging for buyers who want to store long term. Some coins are showing tarnish, hence the lower average price per coin. Most are in good condition though. Affected by tarnish: 1 on the reverse (panda side) has a clear tarnish spot (third row from the top, first from the left) 1 on the reverse (panda side) has a tarnish spot near the rim (bottom row, first from the left) 2 on the obverse (temple side) have a small tarnish spot (second row from the top, second from the right / bottom row, second from the right) Others show some slight tarnish coloration near the rim/edge. Edges are hard to see in this packaging though.
  19. Extremely interested in trading for bullion at this time if silver I'll value your silver 7.5% over for the day of the deal if gold 5% over price from for the day of the deal I bought another watch and need to consolidate something i already have ASAP - make me an offer. I can provide extensive feedback via PM for my sales on ebay and watch/collector forums. Price with PP fees and shipping would be around 1700€ EU and North America . For me this is a beautiful one of a kind watch from an esteemed maker the Frederique Constant - the white dialed Chronograph is cased in "rose gold" - steel case (please do take note). The watch comes with its original brown leather box and watch manual and papers as shown on the photographs, the original leather strap is in great condition, not perfect cause of the bend it took while being on the cushion in the box, the buckle is also original and signed. The watch itself is in perfect condition, never polished and worn 3 or 4 times. This is a piece that can become a family gem and something that is to be worn on special occasions while separating you from the kitschy Breitlings and boring every day Rolexes... The watch has been gone through ( CLA ) by an independent very competent watchmaker and has been given a 1 year limited warranty for the work done - so no need to calculate a 7750 service anytime soon into the price of the watch.
  20. Price: £1510 includes Royal Mail Special Delivery Payment: Bank transfer Important notes: Comes in a capsule to big for it UK postage only Trade options: 5 mint sealed tubes - 2018 rectangular dragon bars 4 - 1/4 gold Queens Beasts + £200 (Not the Lion or Bull and must be in perfect condition no issues) 2018 gold rectangular dragon bar + £275
  21. Hi there I was wondering if anybody would like to swap my coins for some .999 fine silver? Or buy them for £20 each ono The coins come in capsules and in the original cases with the original COA. The coins are .925 sterling silver and may be nice for a coin collector, I however am only interested in the silver content as I'm not a collector. I'd be happy to listen to some offers, pictures are below. Thank you James.
  22. Hi All, Bit of a wild card here but I am selling my last two Jamie Hewlett stained glass prints - originally issued by POW in London. They are awesome prints and getting very hard to come by. If any of you are fans of or know any fans of the Gorillaz then these could make great Christmas prezzies - stupidly sold the others on flea bay before thinking about selling here! Medium sized print is £450 and smaller one is £400 - happy to exchange for bullion. Cheers, S.
  23. Beautiful series of 1 oz high relief gilded silver coins from Palau. All in mint condition in their original packaging (only the CoA missing from the horse). Will fit nicely in a case for Lunar 2 oz. Shipping cost registered from Ireland at 12€, for any number of coins. PayPal F&F for € and BT for £. Snake (mintage 5,000) - 55€ Horse (mintage 1,000) - 55€ Goat (mintage 3,000) - 60€ Monkey (mintage 1,000) - 70€ Rooster (mintage 1,000) - sold Dog (mintage 1,000) - 60€ Pig (mintage 1,000) - sold Can discuss exchange with bullion, silver or gold.
  24. Lovely This, Brand New Stock. I will accept £495 posted UK Special. This is Brand New only opened to take pictures. I will also consider a part swap with a Bullion sovereign plus cash or a big lump of silver. I will only exchange with members with good feedback. Payment by Bank Transfer please. Thanks All Denomination £25 Maximum Coin Mintage 398 Alloy 999.9 fine gold Weight 7.80 g Diameter 22.00mm Reverse Designer P.J. Lynch Obverse Designer Jody Clark Quality Proof Year 2020 Edge Milled Country Of Origin United Kingdom
  25. A high quality wooden case for 40 silver Pandas in mint condition. As I have sold my non gilded Pandas, a 20 coin case is enough for me, so no reason to keep this nice piece half empty. The asking price is 40€ 30€ and the postage depending on the place and type but I would expect around 15€ average.