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Found 241 results

  1. Hello fellow members, This here is the first batch of silver, the bulk coins and bars. I have the single coins left to price and there is quite a few so within the next week I will get them up. Postage is paid by yourselves and if you are within London, pay for me petrol and I can come out to meet you and you can also admire my new car :). Close up photos available on demand. Britannias in tubes are bullion grade, some will have milk spots. The Silver Stack Sale Prices Coin Descrption Ounces Single 10+ 20+ Scottsdale The One Bar 40 £23.00 £22.50 £22.00 2016 Brittania 90 £22.00 £21.50 £21.00 2018 Queens Beast Unicorn 10 £50.00 2018 Queens Beast Bull 8 £50.00 2017 Queens Beast Red Dragon 8 £55.00 2018 Rectangle Dragon 25 £24.00 £23.50 £23.00 2017 10 Oz Queens Beast Lion 10 £475.00 2018 10 Oz Queens Beast Griffin 10 £400.00 2018 10 Oz Queens Beast Red Dragon 10 £300.00 2019 10 Oz Queens Beast Unicorn 10 £250.00 2019 Rectangle Dragon 5 £22.50 2019 Queens Beast Yale 8 £40.00 2019 Queens Beast Falcon 8 £40.00 REDUCED Britannia and Rectangle Dragons in tubes. All other coins including 2oz QB are in capsules that come with the sale. Thank you.
  2. In case anyone missed these... Austrian 825th Anniversary of the Vienna Mint ✨3 Coin Set £56 Multiple sets available. Duke Leopold V Wiener Neustadt Robin Hood ....plus p&p of your choice. ((2nd class signed for £3.10 three coins)) All come in new direct fit capsules. Some undervalued silver here.
  3. x20 2008 and x2 2009 Britannias I have looked all over to find what the market value of these are, and found them to be in the 40+ range. I do not expect to get that price, and I do not like buying or selling coins on ebay anymore. I will price these at £35 each for the sake of meeting the requirement of stating a price, but I welcome offers from those that know the real value of these.
  4. Hello again guys, this is just a new topic featuring the same coins on my previous topic which I'm quite chuffed with, has over 11000 views! Anyway these are my last coins and I still believe these to be the cheapest on the market. 2016 QB Lion - £1950 2016 Somali Elephant - £1650 2016 Kangaroo - £1465 The silver is slowly being priced as we speak. Thanks all.
  5. Hello everyone, Let me apology for my English but I am from Portugal, The time to sell some of my stack to put a downpayment on a house have come, so instead of selling to a EU dealer I´ll try to sell on the forum for a win/win ratio. Everything comes from apmex/coininvest/gs/auragentum. All the bars were purchased from apmex and have been individualy numbered by the Portuguese House Coin (no need to pay VAT if you want to sell anywhere in the world). One of the 10 oz Apmex bars has been drilled so they could check its not filled with any other material than silver before the authentication. Shipping from Portugal to any other country (europe/england) takes 3 days and is relatively cheap. EDIT: checked with UPS, delivery + insured value (up to 1000 GBP / 2.2 pounds) + tracking is worth 32 GB to LONDON All the prices will be in GPD but I can deal with € (since im from Portugal) Payments accepted: - Bank transfer - Bitcoin/LTC/ any crypto on binance (I will pay the post fees for 25oz +) - Skrill/Paypal for reputable members i´ve priced the coins at a fair value, however im open to offers: Heres what I have for sale: 10 x 1oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (2016/2017/2008) (1430£ ea) SOLD 5 COINS ~ ONLY 5 LEFT 20 x 1oz Silver eagles (2016) (18£ ea) 10 x 1oz Silver Buffalo (18£ ea) Also have: 75 x 1oz Silver canadian maple leaf (Some have milk spots) (18£ ea) 20 x 1oz Silver philharmonik silver (Some have milk spots) (18£ ea)
  6. Windsor Sixpence Set- this would make a lovely Gift. £35 posted First Signed
  7. Price: 2013 Half Proof Sov - £230 includes Royal Mail Special Delivery Payment: Bank transfer Important notes: UK postage only Trade options: 1/4 Gold Queens Beasts - Griffin, Dragon, Falcon, Yale, Unicorn or White Lion with £90 cash your way. Open to silver weight trade offers
  8. Prices in Euros, payable per Bank transfer. Insured Parcel is 14 Euros, Letter tracked but uninsured 7 Euros. I can send pictures on request. 1/4 Oz Eagle 1988 mint state-49K Mintage- 45010 Mark Wilhelm I 1873 A- vz, kl Randunebenheiten -210100 Kurush Ottoman Empire 1x 1293/23 und 1277/4- each 3505 Pesos Kolumbien(7,32 Gramm Fein) 1924- 380Double Louis d'Or 1786 T - 90010 Pesetas Spain 1878(62) - 16520 Francs Charles X 1827 A - 320 20 Francs Charles 1830 A - 32520 Bolivares Venezuela 1904 - 350100 Francs Monaco Charles 1886 A PCGS MS 63- sold20 Pesetas 1896 (61) Mintage 900 pieces- 60020 Lire Carlo Felice 1827 - 33020 Lire Carlo Felice 1825- bad condition, low mintage - 30520 Lire Umberto 1891- Mintage only 32k, good condition - 32540 Lire Maria Luigia 1815 , Prägefehler- 66080 Lire Carlo Felice 1826 - 133020 Franga 1938 PCGS MS 63, Auflage 1k - sold20 Francs Napoleon 1806 A PCGS XF40 - 35020 Francs Belgien 1914, des Belges, brown spot, otherwise excellent condition -32520 Francs Belgien Leopold 1865 - brown spots- sold20 Lire Umberto 1880 - 31520 Lire Vittorio 1852 -sold 20 Francs Napoleon 1811 W- 330 20 Francs napoleon 1811 A- 330 20 Francs Napoleon - 1814 A - 330 20 Francs Napoleon 1809 A - 330 20 Francs Louis Philippe 1831(1 year type)- 325 20 Francs Luxemburg Charlotte Wedding - sold1 Pond South Africa 1898 - 400 100 Francs Tunisia 1935 A, 3100 Mintage- 430
  9. Quite an unusual thing and nice to find in OMP. £165 plus postage of choice.
  10. My full collection of gilded Pandas is now for sale as separate pieces (since there was no interest for the set). Very collectible pieces and some are very hard to find, especially in gold plated versions. All coins are in good condition for the older ones to mint condition for the newer. Keep in mind they are bullion coins to start with. But none with visible scratches or milk spots. I can send detailed pictures if someone is interested in a particular coin. 2001 - 55€ 2002 - 55€ 2003 - 55€ 2004 - 55€ 2005 - 55€ 2006 - 55€ 2007 - 55€ 2008 - 55€ 2009 - 45€ 2010 - 45€ 2011 - 45€ 2012 - 45€ 2013 - 35€ 2014 - 35€ 2015 - 35€ 2016 - 35€ 2017 - 35€ 2018 - 35€ 2019 - 35€ Postage cost from Ireland is 5€ regular and 10€ registered for any number of coins.
  11. Very nice condition premium silver for sell. Spot is low, but premiums are high atm. I have tried to beat the price of everything I found online, though most of these have been sold out. Thanks for looking. (5x) 2020 1 oz Australian Rectangular Silver Dragon Coin (Bar) - $23 2019 10 oz Great Britain Silver Valiant Coin ( St. George vs the Dragon) - $225 (selling for up to $300 on ebay) 10 oz Silver Samurai Bar (GSM) - $210 Payment via PPFF(No comment)/PPGS(+3%) or Zelle. All items plus shipping. USPS shipping starts at $4, up to $8 for SFRB. Registered mail or signature confirmation at cost. Once the item is delivered to the post office I am no longer responsible. I pack securely with lots of tape. Offers on multiple items will be considered.
  12. Stunning medal with beautiful artwork on each side, hallmarked on the rim. Weight is a substantial 8oz and mintage a mere 500. I have 2 is the only reason im selling. Compared to what you get for your pennies from the RM these days this is an absolute steal. 220 plus postage of choice.
  13. I have 2 x 1oz silver 2017 Emu in capsules for sale. Never taken out of capsules. £30 each, or both for £55. Add cost of shipping on top. Cheers.
  14. Hi all selling as a bundle will not split 5 x 1/4 dollars 3 x 1965 1 x 1963 1 x 1960 £25 posted is best price payment through PayPal or bank transfer if you use PayPal good and services please remember to add 4%
  15. £220 ono + postage of your choice/risk BT or PPFF
  16. Queen 2020 UK Two Ounce Silver Proof Coin Limited Edition 500. £229 posted SD (I was waiting for Rich to complete his first 😊) This was delivered 19 March and is still in a sealed box. UK deal and Premium members only. Be prepared for postage delay.
  17. 2009 Perth Mint Barbie Coin. Mintage was only 5,000. All original OGP intact. Safe queen. $69 + $5 shipping. PayPal FF/Venmo Check the prices on eBay.
  18. I have a bunch of stunning Burnished ATB coins in original OGP. Get these every year and am looking to move into other series. A few sample pics below, but all sets are in the same condition (safe queens in original packaging). I've been selling these off at higher prices on eBay. FORUM MEMBER PRICE: $165 each w/$9 shipping no matter how many you want. US customers only. PayPal FF/Venmo The ones I have left: 2010: Grand Canyon, Hot Springs, Mt. Hood, Yosemite 2011: Chicksaw, Gettysburg, Glacier Park, Olympic Park, Vicksburg 2012: Chaco Culture 2013: Fort McHenry, Great Basin, Perry's Victory, White Mountain, Mount Rushmore 2016: Cumberland Gap 2017: Ozark Riverways, Frederick Douglass Here are photos of two of the coins (all in same condition):
  19. 1999 1/20 oz China Gold Panda NGC MS69 Large Date Plain 1 5 yuan Ink Label Coin LOW POP ULTRA RARE Asking $225 free shipping in USA- 9.99$ shipping to UK or Canada PP FRIENDS AND FAMILY
  20. 2018-P NGC MS 70 Dragon & Tiger AUSTRALIA LABEL $1 oz Silver Perfect Asking $84.99 free shipping in USA- 9.99$ shipping to UK or Canada PP FRIENDS AND FAMILY
  21. 1995 AUSTRALIA $1 DOLLAR KOOKABURRA PANDA PRIVY NGC MS69 1oz Silver RARE! Asking $109 free shipping in USA- 9.99$ shipping to UK or Canada PP FRIENDS AND FAMILY
  22. 2020 NGC MS70 P Australia Gold Kookaburra 1/10 oz $15 - BU LOW POP 7 Asking $299 free shipping in USA- 9.99$ shipping to UK or Canada PP FRIENDS AND FAMILY
  23. 25 YUAN CHINA 1993 1/4 Oz GOLD SMALL DATE PANDA NGC MS 69 LOW POP ONLY 3 HIGHER Asking $599 free shipping in USA- 9.99$ shipping to UK or Canada PP FRIENDS AND FAMILY
  24. 2015 NGC PL70 PROOF LIKE CONGO SILVERBACK GORILLA Asking $60 free shipping in USA- 9.99$ shipping to UK or Canada PP FRIENDS AND FAMILY
  25. 2014 NGC MS70 ISLE OF MAN ANGEL ( Cheaper than ungraded from all dealers If they even have them) Asking $55 free shipping in USA- 9.99$ shipping to UK or Canada PP FRIENDS AND FAMILY
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