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Found 22 results

  1. Hi. Would any one be interested in swapping one of their QBs ( or even a Niue 2oz Turtle ) , for 2 of my Britannias 2016 ???
  2. I asked a question to the forum about if it was a good time to exchange your gold for silver given the high ratio right now. So here's an offer...I have one gold sovereign I can afford to let go....I'll post a picture of it I'm not able to this second but I have one I'll select from my jiggle fund (loose coins I like to jiggle in a velvet bag)...anywho, let's see if this gets some interesting responses. I will swap this sovereign for a tube of 20 American Silver Eagles....straight exchange, you cover the shipping on your end and I cover it on, do you want to exchange some of your silver for some of my gold????.
  3. Have given this 1KG Umicore bar (sealed, unopened and original receipt) to my daughter to get her started and she wants to exchange for the same weight in 1oz Silver coins preferably brits, kooks, or anything dragon/unicorn related or for Gold Sovs of the same value. Let me know what you have if you are interested Cheers
  4. Hello I dont know if anyone is after a decent woodburner I have a few and am ideally looking to swap one for either silver or gold I can get photos of the ones I have up shortly but they will be top brands like morso or charnwood or stovax Realistically they are collection only due to weight just putting it out there if anyone is after one I have uploaded a pic on the type of condition it will be in
  5. Looking to exchange raw 1925 Sovereign and 1910 half Sovereign for slabbed Pre-33 American gold.
  6. Looking for a straight swap as per title Just ordered 2 falcons but still need the bull Thanks
  7. Greetings i have my beautiful 1/10 Isle of Man Angel (1989) that I'd like to exchange for a half sovereign
  8. I have just bought 5 random sovereigns from HGM that I would like to swap if anyone is interested. I’ll organise postage both ways. I have: 1x 1927 2x 2014 2 x 2015 Ideally I’d like anything with Victoria or Edward on, or failing that anything pre-decimal. I’m a new forum member so I’ll send my coin or coins first and include a return postage label in the package. Although if you don’t have history on the forum you can send first. Please let me know if you think I am being too ambitious by trying to swap new coins for old. Thanks
  9. Hi, I am collecting Libertad gold proof sets. I would like to exchange, with some of the listet gold coins. The exchange ratio depends of what you have and condition of course! If it is more desired then I could ad some 1 oz gold Eagles. I have: 2002 gold proof Sovereign three coin set with coa  1873 shield S sovereign 2007 proof sovereign 1873 M sovereign 1927 South Africa sovereign 1885 shield M sovereign 1 oz queens beast gold Lion  1 oz queens beast gold Griffin  1 oz 1987 Australian Nugget
  10. I've got one of each which I would like to swap for different dates. Brits - I'm after 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017 and below 2010 (Try me) Pandas - I'm after 2012 and below. Mine are in perfect condition, still in their original capsules. (Apart from 2011 which will be in a slip) I'm after mine to be in the same condition and in original capsules also please. Edit: 2011 Pending
  11. I have the coins pictured below that I'd like to exchange for britannia years 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007-2011, or any privy's. To save on postage, ideally id like to exchange with as few people as possible, so please do look around to see if you have coins laying around. I appreciate I don't have any feedback yet, willing to do what's required to get your trust, just let me know what you need. Goes without saying, but these are 100% genuine and purchased as part of a group order on this very forum.
  12. Let me know what you have and we'll come up with a deal Cheers, George
  13. I would like to exchange some coins for gold proof Libertad sets, individual coins can be considert I have: 2002 gold proof Sovereign three coin set with coa 1873 shield S sovereign 2007 proof sovereign 1873 M sovereign 1927 South Africa sovereign 1885 shield M sovereign 1 oz queens beast gold Lion 1 oz queens beast gold Griffin 1 oz 1987 Australian Nugget
  14. Anyone interested in trading a 1oz gold libertad (with copper spots) for a gold queens beasts falcon or 2019 gold Somalia elephant?
  15. Hi all. I'm new here, so there's anything wrong this post please message me and point me in right direction. I'm looking to swap silver bullion bars for gold coins or bars. I have a large and varied silver collection from 5kg bars all way down to 1oz coins. I will consider any amount so don't be shy.
  16. Looking to trade weight for weight here. Prefer Brits, but interested in any rounds except Maples. Also 1 oz bars or any combination. Would consider junk silver coins exchange rate to be mutually agreed.
  17. I have five uncirculated sets from Greece, years 2005, 2006, 2008,2011 and 2012. I have removed the silver coin and I am interested to exchange them with UNC sets from other countries.
  18. I have a 1 oz gold 2006 panda (not in OMP) and I would like to trade it for a 2016 1 oz gold Queens Beast Lion. PM any interest.
  19. As the title says. I am needing a 2007, 2008 and 2009 britannias to complete my date run. I've got bored of searching ebay for a bargin. I have 2001 and 2005's i am willing to swap for them. Coin for a coin is think is a fair swap, and each party pays their own postage. Anyone interested??
  20. Hi looking to see if anyone wants my four nice full gold sovereigns from 2010 in original RM wrapper, and can offer me a 2016 one ounce Royal Mint gold Lunar Year of the Monkey in exchange. I always intended to get the 2016 but never got round to it. Perhaps someone has fallen out of love with the RM Lunar series (in favour of the Queens Beasts?!). Let me know! Cheers Lindeman