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Found 31 results

  1. Hi all Its CIT time loving the Trapped and Anchor. No prices yet but please expect HIGH, and on occasions they will be found cheaper at a later date. The more popular ones this is not the case as with anything demand driven. Ill get prices asap but please let me know any intrest and Ill work on it. Trapped £77 2oz Anchor £135 0.5 gram Pig Gold £39 Gobi Bear £86 Prehistoric Beasts £240 Crstal Skull £88 Tiffant 2oz £153 Mannanan 3oz £255 Please let me know asap. Also please note I add very little to the costs of these as I pay full VAT on them. I do it as I respect the quality and happy to add this to my other silver capers. Small Deposit will secure let me know any intrest please. Expected from April onwards CIT-WMF2019Mail.pdf
  2. Hi guys, as above does anybody have Gold Britannia post 2013 1oz coin for sale ? If yes for how much? I am interested in 24k gold.
  3. So, as you may or may not be aware we (my Dad and I) are producing some very cool puzzle boards at the moment. But, we appreciate that they are a hefty purchase outright with the weight of silver, time to make the pieces and also the incredible work by my Dad to create these very high quality wooden frames. So, we are able to offer these boards as part of a monthly puzzle board club. Basically it is a monthly payment plan whereby you purchase your puzzle board over time. We have done a similar thing with the Tetris sets and this has worked very well indeed - at last count we have 8 monthly tetris club subscribers all working on their tetris sets! Now, I want to make this part very clear - there is no commitment to buy an entire set and nobody will be contractually obliged to continue their monthly subscriptions. You can cancel at any time. But, to incentivise people to complete their sets you will see that there are double months included in the middle (of larger sets) and end of your subscriptions. Prices are also locked at the time of subscribing - so no changes in prices if silver were to skyrocket. You would also be free to pause and re-start your subscription at any time, as well as speeding it up (i.e. you want to get two pieces in one particular month). Currently we can offer these sets in 4 different size configurations: 15 piece Large Squares (approximately 37.5 oz Silver) 15 piece Small Squares (approximately 19.5 oz Silver) 8 piece Large Squares (approximately 19 oz Silver) 8 piece Small Squares (approximately 10.5 oz Silver) The frames can be made with a Chequered pattern at a surcharge of +£30 which is added to your first payment. All the pieces are made of 999 hand poured silver which will be Hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office. They are treated with Liver of Sulphur to create a blackened look to the lettering. Here is a little video showing a set that we just completed for a customer today! Here are the payment plans we can offer for those different size sets - please note that there will be a small increase in price across the whole subscription compared to buying outright, this is to cover the additional costs of posting out more parcels. We are flexible for all kind of budgets though, so if there is something you had in mind please feel free to discuss it with us! Payment would be via Banks transfer If you are interested then please let me know on this thread or by PM!
  4. The first of the "odd weight" BYB bars are available. These are bars that were just a little too heavy to be 1 oz forum bars or 1 oz BYB bars - but were too good to pop back into the furnace. All pieces have been hallmarked. They have also been "antiqued" to highlight the lettering. This is the first year we are using a dedicated "2019" stamp, and I think they look really good! Prices: £23.50/oz 8 available in various weights: 1.09 ozt: £25.60 1.11 ozt: £26.05 1.13 ozt: £26.55 1.14 ozt: £26.75 1.16 ozt: £27.25 1.18 ozt: £27.70 1.24 ozt: £29.10 Postage is extra of your choice. However, free shipping on all UK orders over £40. International shipping is extra, free for orders over £100 If you would like to combine with a group order or other BYB items or your group order please let me know and we can offer a small discount accordingly. Payment via Banks Transfer
  5. I am very happy to announce that I am offering intermediary sales services for Silver Forum sales. One of the biggest issues to buying and selling on the private market is building a reputation as a buyer or seller. It is hard to do here on the forum as people are (rightly so) wary of new members without any trading feedback. I am able to offer Intermediary sales services to help members conduct safe and secure trades here on The Silver Forum. In fact, I have already done this a number of times @Abyss @silversky @Kritika can be my reference as to the speed and accuracy of these services (I hope 😉) The idea is to provide a robust service to help new buyers and sellers take advantage of the trade section and build their reputation and feedback here on the forum. For those of you who do not know me, I have a large YouTube channel as well as a significant social media presence here and on Instagram. My reputation is core to my business and I believe this qualifies me to offer these services when needed. Please note - I am NOT a numismatic or rare coin specialist. I offer these services primarily as a means to verify the metal type and whether or not an item is genuine Silver of Gold. I would not feel comfortable trying to verify if a rare coin is genuine or not and I reserve the right to turn down the verification of any such items. These services are best suited to bullion coins and bars both Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Process Here is a quick summary of how I have (and plan to) operate these intermediary sales services. 1) Seller and/or buyer contact me to discuss the intermediary services. 2) Seller and buyer both agree in writing (email or PM) to the terms and conditions set out below. 3) Seller sends the coins to my PO Box address. 4) I would then verify the item(s) as genuine and meet the described quality standards as required (verification is done to the best of my ability, more information on this below.) 5) Once I am satisfied the item(s) are genuine and meet the quality standard I will instruct the buyer to transfer funds to the seller. 6) Once the seller confirms that the funds are received a fee of 2% of the value of the item(s) (with a minimum fee of £25) is then split between the buyer and the seller. 7) Once the intermediary fee has been paid I can then post the item(s) out to the buyer at a postage cost of their choice. 😎 Buyer and Seller can then leave feedback on The Silver Forum Timeframes The times I have done this so far have been processed and shipped out on the same day as receiving the coins and have run very smoothly, so the turnaround time is basically as fast as the buyer and seller are prepared to move. Fees & Postage Costs As mentioned above my fee for these services will be 2% of the value of the sale with a minimum fee of £25. This fee is split between the buyer and seller equally. As the item(s) will essentially have to be posted twice it will cost a little more for the buyer and seller. It is up to both the buyer and seller to agree who pays for the postage from the seller to me. Terms and Conditions There are some terms and conditions that would need to be agreed by both parties for me to act as an intermediary. 1) All packages that I receive will be photographed before being opened and their opening will be filmed. This is to protect myself and the seller should there be missing items and/or any issues with the items inside the package. These photos and videos will be deleted immediately after the items have been verified as genuine. 2) I can only verify the item(s) to the best of my knowledge and ability using (but not limited to) the following tests where appropriate: Measuring coin specifications, Width, Diameter, Weight etc. Magnet test, Ping test and Specific gravity tests. Not all of these test will be required and some only in the event that an item cannot be verified by preceding tests. 3) To test the coins the buyer and seller agree that I will have to take coins out of capsules for inspection. Upmost care will be taken handling and testing the coins but I (Backyard Bullion) cannot be held responsible for any marks/damage to the items. 4) The above tests, combined with my experience of handling silver and gold coins will provide a high degree of certainty and accuracy as the the genuine (or not) nature of an item. However they are not conclusive and I (Backyard Bullion) cannot be held responsible should an item be deemed not genuine at a later date. This point is especially pertinent with relation to older and rare coins which hold a numismatic value - I am not a numismatic coin expert and the services I offer here are based on verifying whether an item is made of a precious metal or not. 5) In the event that an item cannot be verified the seller will be responsible for any return postage as well as the 2% (min. £25) intermediary fee. 6) Items are posted to and from myself are done so at the choice and risk of the buyer and seller respectively. I cannot be held financially responsible for lost or damaged items. Any insurance payouts for lost or damaged items can only be made once a successful claim has been made and it is the responsibility of the buyer and/or seller to select the appropriate postage and insurance values. 7) I reserve the right to add/or amend these terms and conditions where appropriate. So, if you are interested in these services please just drop me a PM or contact me here on this thread and we can get it sorted!
  6. Just seeing if there is any interest on here. Currently in storage so will be a day or 2 for me to get them if there's interest. 1 X 2017 Rooster NGC MS70 £2100 2 X 2018 Dog NGC MS70 £1750 1 X 2018 Giraffe NGC MS70 £1800 Price includes special delivery but I will only sell the Rooster if I can sell the Dogs. Payment by BT
  7. Howdy all! Christmas has come and gone, but Valentine's Day is just around the corner. If you would like something special making for someone special in your life then please get in touch! I can make a wide range of pieces and give them that personal touch as well. As all of my silver is sent in for Hallmarking there is a 2-3 week turnaround for items to be made. So if you want something in time for Valentines day then please don't delay! Hearts and Stars are the most popular items, but as I said we have a whole range of options, for a good overview have a look at this new page on my website: Hearts We can offer hearts in approximately 1 oz, 3 oz and 5.5 oz Prices are £23.50/oz for the silver A mirror finish is +£15 A "making of video" is +£15 Antiquing is +£5 Wooden Display Frame is +£30 Hallmarking = Free Extra Large Hallmark +£5 We can offer personalised stamping on all items as well. Names, dates, special messages etc are all fine (but are character dependant for the size of the piece). Prices include Hallmarking, although if you want an extra large Hallmark this will cost +£5. Prices also include postage for all orders over £40 in the UK and over £100 for international customers Payment is 50% deposit of your estimate and then we sort the balance out when the item has been made. Banks Transfer only please.
  8. How much would you pay for a 2017 Proof Quarter Sovereign; Raw, PF69, and PF70? What about half or full sovereign? Thanks
  9. PrinceMacaroni

    expression of interest beware fake silver

    Hi, new here. First heard of this forum from CSS on Youtube.
  10. Anyone established member interested in 10 of these? Will work out £460 using eBay code PM for details
  11. ilovesilverireallydo

    expression of interest Pure silver shot / grain

    A Birmingham based refiner I know has 50kg of pure 999 silver. Hes looking to sell at 10% over spot plus post if anyone’s interested. hes also got pure silver sheets at same price. Can connect you.
  12. Is it still available pm
  14. MintageSeller

    expression of interest JMBullion

    JMBullion just released new Canadian privy. Limited mintage of only 50,000 coins! Added 0 minutes later... Only posting just in case anyone is interested, I have no connection to JMBullion. They are just cheap now and figured you guys might jump for it.
  15. I can obtain these and will be putting the order in this week and I aim to beat any price. If you buy from me I will check the stock before sending out and I only send Insured. I wont be the quickest though please bear this in mind. I would need a deposit to show intent please at least 10% Postage will be on top please. I only charge My costs on Postage. Please Let me know asap Thank You Price Quarter Sovereign £ 125 Half Sovereign £ 205 Sovereign Five Coin Set £ 2999 Sovereign £ 400 Sovereign Three Coin Set £ 640 Sovereign Premium Three Coin Set £ 1275
  16. I have tons, i need to shift some, does anyone want to buy any?
  17. I have been asked for these a lot so they are now in stock. Id love to message everyone individually but unfortunatelly time is against me at present. Capsule on second page I believe but will give you chance to look at my recent lovely additions Also my own coin release. Hope this helps Thanks all.
  18. Howdy all! I released a video showing these silver puzzle boards - all the prototype sets sold within a few hours and I have already got pre-orders for another 4 sets. So, if you would like to get hold of a set they are only going to be made to order. The sets are all made from hand poured 999 fine silver. Each piece is hallmarked and stamped with the weight. Each set comes with a hand made frame (doubling up as a game board) made from English Oak by my Dad, Backyard Bullion Senior. In addition Dad has created some finishing pieces from wood. This allows you to "pause" your game - or compete it when done! The puzzles are fully functional and are a real brain teaser! The idea of the puzzle is to get all the numbers in sequence from a scrambled up position. Weights and sizes The small square sets average out to about 1.33 oz per square. So a 8 piece set is going to be about 10.75 oz total and the 15 piece sets weigh about 20 oz The large square sets average out to about 2.5 oz per piece so an 8 piece set would be about 20 oz and a 15 piece set about 37.5 oz's I can also make other sized sets too - in theory we can so a larger square with 24 pieces, even 35 pieces! We could even look to do a rectangular version of the game too, whatever floats your boat. Prices The 8 piece small set is priced at £270 The 15 piece small set is priced at £480 The larger square sets are priced at £22.50/oz for the silver + £30 for an 8 piece frame or +£45 for a 15 piece frame. The prices reflect the difficulty in pouring all of these squares to a matching approximate weight, stamping, Hallmarking and the "antiquing process". Prices also include shipping worldwide via Tracked and Signed shipping. BYB Monthly Puzzle Club I am aware that these sets are weighty and therefore pricey. If you would like to get a set but feel like the full outlay is not achievable in one go I am more than happy to take orders on a payment plan basis. I will be posting a separate thread about the BYB puzzle club and payment plans. Payment Payment via Banks Transfer or PayPal F&F or you can order directly off my website. I would require a minimum deposit of 50% upfront to secure a set. Please let me know if you are interested on this thread or via PM. Added 0 minutes later... Here is the video of them, you can see they play perfectly.
  19. I have been offered a 2017 £5 sovereign directly by my Royal Mint account manager at cost price. Price £1895 If anyone wants it you can bank transfer the funds over to me and ill get it paid for then ship on to you. You'll have to add another £7 for special delivery from me to you but still considerably cheaper than buying on ebay etc.
  20. Selling 2x of Gods of War 2017 coin. Only 500 minted. If interested please PM me a offer.
  21. Last issue in the series, exclusively available from Silber Corner. Previous purchasers given priority. If anyone would like one (or more) of these, I will add on to my order. Postage from these guys is high so a "group order" makes sense. price is just under €90 per coin (plus postage to you, your choice of service and risk). I will require payment in GBP when I place the order, calculated on the day from EUR.
  22. Hello First post, i know. I'll try and put up and intro post over the weekend, if my pesky kids give me some spare time! I'm on the look out for 2010 and 2013 Full Sovereign proofs. If anyone can help with this (prices & photos) that would be great. Thanks HoZe
  23. Hi guys have any of you got any platinum for sale
  24. Availble to pre order 1oz Silver Proof, RRP £85, - my price £74. (please add postage £4 UK) 1oz Gold Proof, RRP £1850 - my price £1650 (postage UK) 10oz Silver Proof, RRP £795 - my price £725 ( postage UK) For orders over £100 a deposit will be required. Unfortunately I am not able to order the 1/4 oz gold, however any other variant, pls ask the price. Please be aware will probably arrive after Royal Mint delivery, however each coin, will be quality controlled by myself, before sending. Postage on the 1oz silver proof will be signed for Royal Mail, other items will be insured special delivery. Please let me know A.S.A.P Thanks Lee