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What I am collecting / Investing in.

Found 14 results

  1. Hi all I am able to offer the full range at discounted prices. Exactly the same stock as you would receive via The Royal Mint however cheaper. So I can offer. Proof silver 1oz at £78 rrp £85 Proof Silver 6 coin £200 rrp £215 Gold 1/4 £450 rrp £480 Gold proof set £3100 rrp £3300 posted Signed For First Class UK. Gold will be sent insured UK. Please let me know if you would like any of the above. I will need deposits on the Gold coins. Thank you all .
  2. Silver is traditionally the metal of choice for Christenings and I have recently made a couple of large star shaped pieces as Christening gifts for customers. I cannot share the photos of these items as they have the full name of the person and the customers don't want them sharing - However I have just finished a very similar star to be given as a wedding gift. As a reference of size and weight the stars that I have recently made are around the 6.5 to 7.5 ozt mark. They feel amazing in the hand! We are also able to offer hand made English Oak display boards to accompany these stars (and other shapes too!) My Dad has recently gotten a new jigsaw (an incredibly fine one) and is creating more and more amazing wooden display boards for my Silver. I think it really makes a huge difference as a display piece and gift. The problem we have had in the past is that the hand poured silver I make gets put in a bag, box or safe - never to be looked at. These display frames make it very easy and pleasant to enjoy the pieces I make for those special occasions! So, if you would like a special gift for a Christening/Wedding/Birthday - or whatever occasion you want then we can accommodate very well with the shapes of silver and the design of a matching display board too! We have a whole host of different shapes and sizes available - just ask for a list. The star is one of my favourite pieces though! Pricing Prices include a standard hallmark (1.25 mm) and are a Silver Forum exclusive rate. Price of Silver by the oz = £22.50/oz Display board with cut shape = £25* *Please note larger and more complex designs may cost more Optional extras Large Hallmark (2mm) +£5 per piece Antiquing +£10 per piece Mirror finish +£15 for small pieces (up to 3 oz) and +£25 for large pieces (3+ oz) "Making of" video to accompany your piece +£15 Shipping Free UK delivery on any order over £40 and free international delivery on any order over £100 Lead Times In general it takes about 3-4 weeks to have an item made, sent for hallmarking and then posted to you. There are express hallmarking services but this will be on a case by case basis and the cost will likely vary based on how many items I might have to accompany your item. It could range from +£25 to send on it's own or as little as +£5 if we have other items ready to go on that same day. Payment Types As always, happy to combine postage with other items and/or hold for group order purchases. PayPal F&F, Banks Transfer or Credit/Debit card accepted (UK only for credit/debit card and I will have to telephone you to do the transaction)
  3. I've got quite a collection of Irish banknotes I'm trying to build. If anyone has any that they're looking to get rid of (or would swap for some silver), let me know!
  4. I made a 9 piece tetris set today and it sold very quickly. This is by far and away the coolest thing I have made and I am absolutely dying to pour more! They are really mesmerising to play with and are actually quite a fun puzzle and brain teaser as well. Initially it took me about 6 minutes to work out the 6x6 square combination - Mrs BYB took 10 minutes (much to her disappointment!) I can make sets of pieces to create a square of blocks. These would be sets of 4, 9 and 16 pieces. A 4 piece set creates a 4x4 block A 9 piece set creates a 6x6 block And a 16 piece set creates an 8x8 block and would be a really amazing set to commission! If anyone is game I would love to make this! A 25 piece set creates a 10x10 square. This would be truly epic! I can also create other numbers of sets - with whatever shape combinations you want - if you take up one of the "square" sets they will make a square, if you commission a certain number of random pieces they will likely not create a perfect square! Prices So, prices are estimates based on predicted weights of the pieces. 4 piece set = £74 9 piece set = £165 16 piece set = £290 25 piece set = £450 Each piece weighs between 21 and 25 grams (average is about 23 grams) and each individual block will be hallmarked. Note on Pricing Due to the intricate nature of pouring these blocks, and the fact that they all need to be individually hallmarked prices are a little higher than my normal price per oz. Prices include hallmarking which would be done at the end of May and therefore the set could be ready for delivery in June. Payment Payment via Banks Transfer, PayPal F&F or Credit/Debit card (UK only for card payments). I would require a minimum deposit of 50% upfront to secure the set. Please let me know if you are interested on this thread or via PM.
  5. Hello, I was going simply buy sovs from my supplier and sell for spot plus 3% plus post but I think I have a better solution for all involved. For those of you who don't know me, I am a fledgling dealer who predominantly sells on facebook, I have done the last 4 QB orders of which I ordered a monster box+ for 3 of them so I do have some clout. Whilst I am pretty much full time I do not have the financial firepower to run both a silver book and a gold book which is where I want to innovate. I have a fantastic book of contacts and I can also get sovs super cheap. I had a chat with one of my suppliers yesterday and I want to start a monthly pre-order for sovereigns. Heres what I propose: I need to order 50 sovs per order to pass on the price of spot plus 2.5% plus post of your choice, my guy needs to source them but there is pretty much no limit to what he can find. He is adamant that he could find 500 sovs in a week at the price I have pre-agreed. I want to do a trial run to see if this works and will cap the amount of sovs at 50 for the first run (if its achieved). He is out of office until the start of the month and has asked to see if the want for this is there. I plan on running a count down towards the end of the month and then calling spot plus 2.5% on the time I put forward. I would need funds on that cut off day so I could pay for the stock, usually stock from him arrives within a day or 2 of paying and then I like to put out within 24 hours of receiving coins. He uses a service that is fully tracked and is covered up to 30000 euros. The next point I will address, all sovereigns will be mixed, their will be no preferences it will be for weight. Saying that I have bought 2 big tranches off him and the quality is mixed, Ive had some really nice coins off him but it will be a case of numbering the buyers and first coin that comes from the pile goes to the buyer i.e. potluck. It can be any head, including a young vic (I think I got 3 from my last tranche). If this interests anyone, could you tell on the thread how many potentially you will be interested in, if there is enough interest I will talk to my source and implement a timeframe for everyone. I would like to add that I will be posting this on the facebook group I use also and it will be capped at 50 for the first run. All the best Shaun Oliver
  6. Hi all First of all update on The Clarence Bull 1oz proof. The gold is in process. I received 38 and 16 were poor quality coins are all good packaging not good. So sent my disgust to Royal Mint via my supplier. So if your waiting for one I'm on it. Main reason for this message I ordered a 10oz proof and for some reason not anywhere on my list. Someone must of asked for it but can I find it. Please let me know if it was you and apolagies for my poor book keeping. It is a stunning coin. If I can't find the person who wanted it it may be available. Please let me know any interest. Thanks
  7. Does anyone have any going or know anyone wanting to sell? Not overly fussed what type Thanks
  8. Ok so I am Now able to Order The Clarence Bull. My Prices as follows. 1oz Proof £74 RRP £85 50Z Proof £370 RRP £415 10oz Proof £715 RRP £795 1oz Gold Proof £1650 RRP £1825 Kilo Silver Proof £1750 RRP £1995 5oz Gold Proof £7500 RRP £8450 Postage to add If buying The silver 1 oz at at £4.25 small Parcel signed for UK. If high value orders I will need at least a 50% deposit my forum standing should give you piece of mind. Also my site Please let me know asap so I can get ordered, If you like your silver/gold there and then I have found buying from me is normally approx a week or two after orders are received by buying direct. Ans still planned to be on sale next week. Think thats everything. Thanks
  9. Greetings everyone, I would like to take a look if anyone would be intersted in purchasing any of these items. Currently working in a few projects such as -) A whole range ( 20+) of star wars figures. (Starting with a couple of dark side characters, vader, emperor, stroopers etc, will be moving on to the light if there's enough interest.) -) Lego: Standard + Batman variant + Surfer variant, other variants incoming but these are the first ones. -) A set of playstation 3 and 4 buttons to replace the X, triangle, circle and square buttons. - A set of silver keycaps for keyboards, to be sold in packs of 4 or seperately. Projects will be given priority according to the above list. Pricing has not been set. Can only be specifiec exactly after the first of every item is produced. But these are some rough INDICATIONS, they should give an estimate. Would estimate the lego's between 60 to 80 euro's depending on the variants, spot price etc. Would estimate the star wars figures between 30 and 40. Depending on what figure ( Vader is going to be around 24 ish grams while a storm trooper is around 13-15 grams. Currently can't make any estimates for the playstation buttons and keycaps. WIll update in the coming period. I repeat these are all estimates but should not vary much. Every item will be produced in sterling or above. Won't do 99.99 fine for lack of hardness. Unless it's asked specifically Currently in the process of making molds and waxing them. Here are a few photo's as proof of progression. Currently on the brink of making a reasonable investment in a machine that makes this all possible. But would like to gather a few people's interest before I fully commit, hence the topic. Would like to see interest for total of 20-ish items to make pulling the trigger easier. Kind regards, Dirk
  10. Hi all just a discussion about a full set of Somalian elephants, I will be thinking in the near future of off loading them, they are one of my favorite coins and I'm finding it hard to see them go. But I did promise my children I was going to buy a static caravan, so will need the funds towards buying caravan. I am waiting for two coins to be delivered as I checked my set and found 2 of them with spots. I will put a few photos to upload but they will not be very good as useless at taking pictures. Do anyone els like these coins. 🐼
  11. Hi everyone, im starting a Avengers Head Series, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Ultron, casting them in silver here's the first about to be cast, please comment if interested, wont be making more than 50-100 of each head
  12. GoldBenj

    expression of interest 22ct bands?

    Just a general enquiry to gauge interest, would anyone be interested in any 22ct bands close to scrap price?
  13. Hello All, Would anyone be interested in pre 1947 and pre 1920 British coin scrap? I've got a few kilos going to be available soon. Price would be spot + postage Please send me a message or comment below if you're interested. I hope everyone is well! Ollie
  14. Hi all I am looking to start a new collection of silver coins, I have the pandas, and the Somalia elephants. I have a few other wildlife coins from Australia, and Britannia coins. Just thought of a bit of advice from others, I have to take my time as monies tight. Oh buy the way I have not got the first 3 coins of the pandas, I will get them but can't afford them at the moment. 🐼