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Found 470 results

  1. I hope you enjoy, from the last Silver video I promised to do a 5 round show.
  2. does short term news have an impact on long term market moves? HH
  3. So I am hoping to get your opinion on the new silver Kruger Rands. Do you think it is going to become quite popular, like the gold version, or do you think it's over priced and will just sort of fade off behind the more popular silver coins? Would it be worth buying a few for keepsakes if they don't do that well and end production, and therefore become quite rare in the long term? What are the thoughts here?
  4. Dear friends. I hope that this is not too much of a self-advertisement, but I would like to introduce you to my YouTube channel. I have published a lot of videos on coins, bullion, grading, fake coins etc. on YouTube in German, but now I want to start a weekly video with English speaking news. Are you interested in what a fellow stacker from Germany has to say? Here you find a short introduction on my channel and myself: Here is an overview on the German coin programme for 2019: Here is a sneak peek on the Kookaburra, Lunar and Somalia Elephant coins for 2019: Here is a report on a recent scandal of an 18 year old who managed to sell fake gold for 300.000 euros to a local bank: It is still very hard for me to be relaxed while speaking in a foreign language, but I supposed that I will get in the flow while shooting more and more videos. I will upload one English video per week and start subtitling the other German videos with English translations (I do a lot of grading videos, for example). Please let me know what you think of my YouTube activities ... and if you like them, please become my follower 🙂 Best wishes and greetings from Germany Sebastian
  5. Yes 1977, wonder if the lovely modern coins were based on these in any way. I have nothing to do with the seller nor know if these are genuine, a good price etc etc
  6. @arshimo2012 Thank you soo much for a great and easy transaction. @Chris Thank you for allowing me to use the opening title
  7. Hi all. Im a relatively new to silver. Im at 22oz at the moment, ive just got a bunch of random coins. Im currently trying to fill my 1st tube of Britannia's to tidy my stack. Im looking at the backyard bullion group order to get some britannia's. He's the person that got me into silver on his youtube channel. Nice to meet you all
  8. Hi all, total novice to the group and to be honest forums!! Any help and advise would be welcomed, especially help with getting coins graded as I have been let down on my normal way of submitting.
  9. This is a video I could have spent along time on. And I could have gone into a lot of political views, and pros and cons with. I decided for obvious reasons to stay clear of these. I just wanted a video to show off these magnificent items. I hope you enjoy. If anyone does have questions after.... Don't hold back, just ask. Anyway here you go. Please be kind. I am going to use another camera setup very soon for my videos with my new tripod.
  10. A huge thanks to the 2 winners of my giveaway. Lady Liberty made this video which is about her package from me. I hope you 3njoy. I am blushing.
  11. @BackyardBullion @kimchi I am sure there are a couple of people I meant to include. I know the video is long... but its quick... I could have spent over a hour or more on various bits and pieces but I thought I would do a quick video.... Well I say quick … it is for what you will see. Enjoy. I hope this might wet some appetites but note that I am still trying to get my workshop ready for all my main projects. Tons of RC things and others are getting pulled out.
  12. I've gathered all 2017 version of the Mex Silver Libertad. From fractionals to special edition... Enjoy!
  13. It is time for the 1 oz Silver Forum bars! So, for those of you who are new to the forum since last year @ChrisSIlver and I teamed up to create 1 oz Silver Bars branded with the forum's logo. And I am very proud to announce that we are creating another 200 of these for 2018! These bars are all hand poured, stamped and finished by myself meaning each and every bar is unique in some way. The weights will vary bar to bar (although none less than 31.1 grams) and the cooling patterns of the silver will also be unique and different for each one. The allure of hand poured silver is growing stronger month by month and these bars are a brilliant way to start collecting hand poured silver and at the same time supporting the forum and my own business too! So, to that end I am very proud and happy to announce the 2018 1oz forum bars are available now to pre-order and reserve. There are a lot of different aspects to tell you about so I have split this post up into various sections, hopefully this will cover most of your questions but if there is something I have not covered then please feel free to get in touch or comment on this thread. There will also be a video going live tomorrow summing up a lot of what I have written here. What are the 1 oz Bars all about? The 1 oz Silver Forum Bars have been created as a way to draw the silver forum community together but also as a fund raising and brand awareness raising exercise. Proceeds from the sales of these bars help keep the forum running in the way we have become accustomed to. Premium and Gold Premium memberships go a long way to helping the running of the forum. To help keep the membership prices as low as practical, the 1 oz silver forum bars proceeds help a lot. Also, it is about raising the brand awareness of the forum and to encourage new people to join the forum and to make standard members think about supporting the forum by upgrading their membership or simply supporting the forum on a one off basis. Schedule, production and delivery I am working towards a deadline of the end of April/early May for these bars to be made, stamped, hallmarked and ready for shipping. They are all individually made and can be quite tricky to pour and make look good at the correct weight. I estimate that I will have made all 200 of the bars by mid April and then have them ready for a release date in early May. If there are any delays or extensions to this I will let you all know. Design Changes & Hallmarking There are a few design changes from the 2017 bars. Part of this is down to the fact that I have learnt a lot and grown a lot as a silver pourer and craftsman over the last year. The biggest change is that the Hallmark is going to be on the front of the bars. The hallmark is the most important thing about these poured silver bars. For those of you who do not know a hallmark means that the bars have been tested and their purity is guaranteed to be what I say it is - 999 silver. Having the hallmark is a really great badge of authenticity and gives the bars a lot more desirability, which is very important when buying hand poured silver. The other significant design change is that this year we are using an all in one "1 ozt" stamp. I think this makes the bars look a lot more professional and much tidier (as well as cutting down the amount of stamping I need to do!) Mintage & Serial Number reservations The mintage for 2018 will be 200 bars. This is set and will not change. We decided not to increase the mintage this year to keep the exclusivity of the bars as appealing as possible. Serial number reservation is probably the biggest question that a lot of you will ask. Now, we are never going to be able to please everyone and to that end we gave very careful consideration to how we would go about serial number reservation. So the following is how we will run things. If you currently own a certain serial number then you will have first refusal at reserving that number for 2018. So, if you bought bar #75 last year then you need to let me know if you want to keep that number. If you do, great it is yours (once you have paid!). If you don't get in touch to let me know before Sunday 15th April then these serial numbers will be opened up to other people. Now, this means in theory that all 200 bars could be reserved and sold to people who bought last year. But, I think it is quite unlikely that this will happen. There will be spare numbers from people either not wanting to get bars, not able to get new bars or not taking up as many bars as they did last year. So, if you are a new member, or an existing member that would like to reserve new bars and serial numbers in 2018 I will be creating a first come, first served waiting list. After the reservation deadline of Sunday 15th April The waiting list will get the opportunity to reserve available numbers. To join the waiting list all you need to do is comment on this thread. To be fair to all users a maximum of 5 bars per person on the waiting list please and we will then see how it goes for the available numbers and demand. I hope that all makes sense. In summary, you have until 15th April to reserve your existing serial numbers if you already own them. If you are new, or an existing member who wants additional bars then you need to reply here and I will put you on the first come, first served waiting list. Prices are set as follows Standard or Non member price - £25.00 per bar Premium member price - £22.50 per bar Gold Premium member price - £20.00 per bar UK Postage: +£2.50 via Royal Mail Signed for delivery for just one bar FREE POSTAGE: if you buy more than one bar International Postage: Please ask for an accurate quote - however I will offer free international standard postage (small top up required for tracked) if you order 5 or more bars. A few notes on pricing These bars are hand poured, hand stamped and polished by me. They take a lot of time and energy and equipment to create. These are premium hand poured silver products, not cheap bullion. They are a way to support me (as a fledgling business), my brand and most importantly, The Silver Forum. As I said earlier, proceeds from the sale of these bars go towards the upkeep and running costs of this forum. This helps keep membership prices as low as possible for premium and gold premium members and ensures that standard members can still use this forum for free. Standard members - The difference in price is as a way for you to support the forum in a one off style payment rather than signing up for membership. But also please feel free to upgrade your membership to take advantage of the discounts available. The price also incorporates the Hallmarking costs, this includes postage of these bars to and from Edinburgh and the application of the hallmark. Payment Information To secure the reservation of your bars and serial numbers you will need to pay me before 15th April 2018 IF YOU MAKE A PAYMENT PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR SILVER FORUM NAME AS A REFERENCE!!!!! You can pay by a number of different methods as follows: PayPal F&F: PayPal G&S (Please add 5% to the total): Banks Transfer: Account No: 76626253 Sort Code: 51-70-06 Crypto currencies: Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum. Please not there will be significant additional charges depending on how much it costs me to process and withdraw the funds. If you are interested then please let me know in this thread or via PM. Also, I welcome all feedback and any questions you might have about these bars. Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting The Silver Forum!
  14. I am giving away 1 American Silver Eagle on my youtube channel for free! Check it out if you want a chance to win!!
  15. Good Afternoon All! My name is James and I am from the UK, just outside of London (Moving into London in the next few months!) - I am a Watch Dealer and have been dealing for over a year now and work in the Jewellery & Watch Industry as my day time job. So I am quite used to the collecting mindset, assessing value of items and watching how the market plays and reacts to things. But my reason for starting with Silver is completely different to my buying and selling of watches and even my collecting of watches. For the past 2 years I've been doing my best to create some long term investments and have failed miserably, for short term investments and playing the speculation game I am already doing that with the watches. But for long term there aren't many watches I would want sitting in the safe for 20+ years so I can take out and sell, many factors for that beyond just value, service the watch in that time period and many other factors come to mind. So I've tried multiple different things, like just letting money sit in an account which is the worst for multiple factors, plus if the cash is there I like to spend it lol. So I started doing some research about 2 weeks ago and came across Silver & Gold Bullion, it made immediate sense to me and I found myself looking at how the market has changed for both and also Palladium and Platinum etc... Being in the Jewellery industry I already was aware of the value in precious metals and also knew about Bullion, but never looked into it as a form of investment for myself. So about a week of reading and watching videos went by and I decided I would begin very small! I am not rich, heck I'm 20 and investing the majority of my money back into stock for my business so I am left with very little at the end of each month. So for me starting with Silver made the most sense and buying coins, when I read they are free from Capital Gains TAX I was immediately going to stick to coins lol. I purchased only 2 coins to begin with from, a 1oz 2018 Silver Britannia and a 1oz 2018 Silver Maple, I plan on buying 5 Silver Coins in one go next and I am currently looking all around on where is the best place to do so and how to get the best value, hence why I have made this account and plan to search these forums! (If you love talking Silver and would like to save me some time by either pointing me in the right direction or would like to talk me through it please do so!) My plan is to invest in Silver 1oz Coins until I have enough to sell them all and replace them with a 1oz Gold Coin, from what I can see Gold is definitely king and for the LONG term makes the most sense. Would love to know what you think of this plan? Thank you all very much for your time and reading! Look forward to meeting some of you and I have no doubt I'll probably meet some of you in London at some point during this long journey of buying Silver & Gold! Kind Regards, James
  16. Will the departure of Boris Johnson and David Davis, spark a increase in bullion? Will it impact Brexit? See the file I just took a picture of
  17. When I was doing a little research into where the majority of the worlds silver was mined I thought to myself, What if silver was only mined in rich, well developed countries ?, Do you think the price would be far higher than it is now ?, A lot of silver at the moment is mined in most countries that can employ a very low paid workforce, what if it wasnt, would this make a difference to the price by much, would it be much closer to gold do you think ? (if gold was still mined in its current locations).
  18. Here is the first video in a series where I talk about making money from trash and turing it into Silver!