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Found 470 results

  1. How do i go about getting items delivered from this bullion website to the UK as they do not deliver here at all ? specifically interested in the 1-2oz bitfrost Asgard poured silver bars
  2. Any help in ID of this Hallmark? It looks like an Orb-on-top-of-a-triangle-base. Diana Head mark has "3" to left and A to right. Research so far shows Diana mark as Austrian, 3 indicate 800/1000 parts silver. A = Vienna made. Do both these marks confirm Sterling Silver?? I've exhausted my books and online search abilities. Hope experienced pros can decipher who made my 182 piece Diana flatware set. Thanks much!
  3. Good morning everyone, I've been stacking silver for 6 months now and decided to join the forum to gain some more knowledge and experience from like minded people. I've been mostly a buyer of silver bullion coins not from a numismatic point of view but more for hobby investing. Purchasing mostly through Ebay and dealers your typical American Eagles, Britannia's, Canadian Maples, Australian Koalas. I may venture into gold next year My favourite coins are those 1.5oz Canadian Superleafs & Arctic series due to their design and sizeable weight. Kind Regards Richard
  4. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and am excited to learn from the members here. I've been stacking bullion for a few years but have decided to change my strategy somewhat and concentrate more on numismatic coins. Up till now I've bought mainly silver eagles, maples and silver bars. Also in gold mainly Kruger Rands, Gold Maples, Gold Eagles and Sovereigns. I found out about this forum while watching Numistacker's videos on YouTube. I want to convert some of my bullion to numismatics. Still deciding between Pandas, Libertads, Sovereigns, Britannias, or Australian Lunas. Also size of coins 1oz probably too large but thinking of 1/4 oz regards NumisRPG
  5. Looking for a 2014 six coin silver Britannia proof set if anyone has one to sell. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I have a 1999 1oz Silver Britannia that seems to be in its original mint seal. The coin looks in perfect condition. I was wondering whether or not I should sent it away to be graded, I've heard that these are quite rare in good condition. Also, how much would it be to get a coin graded? Cheers.
  7. SALE link is below! SALE IS FOR ANY QUANTITY! OFFER ENDS 9/14/2016 at Midnight (ET) Three brand new Republic Metals Products are on sale now at APMEX! … egory90588 89¢ over spot for any quantity of the 10 oz Ag Republic Eagle bar, the 10 oz silver Cast bar, and the 1oz silver Bars!
  8. This account represents Republic Metals Corporation. We got to this party a bit late, but we are here now and that's all that matters. We are a primary precious metals refinery and a fast growing private mint. Being a refinery and a mint has its advantages, and because of those advantages, the premiums for our products are very competitive. We hope to hold some interesting contests on this awesome forum with prizes that are different than you all may be used to. We will also just keep you guys updated on new products and other cool stuff that we have planned. Reply if you have any questions about anything! This thread is in the silver topic because we will mostly be focusing on SILVER PRODUCTS with our updates and contests!
  9. if silver rises 10%(£) at the same time as the £ losing 10% of it's purchasing power, have you gain anything? part of me see pm's as a way to make a profit(£) and part of me see it as a retention of purchasing power. which is more correct? HH
  10. Hello Everyone I'm new to the forum. I thought I would start off on the right foot by offering a 5% discount coupon for you all to use on our hand poured range. We at EJP Bullion are a small business that has been running for just over a year. We always try and offer quality items for good fair prices. Please check out our website anything we dont have that you would like us to source for you please let us know via the contact us form. We work with UK Silver smiths and suppliers but also have links in the states and Europe. Now down to the discount coupon handpoured#123 Find our hand poured page here:- Thanks for your time hope you find something you like. Regards EJP Bullion
  11. As the title says, what price would silver need to be for you to sell if any? I personally plan to stack silver until the stg ratio is around 40-1. I will then swap about 90% of my silver into gold and start the stack gold until the stg ratio is around 60-1 to swap back into silver. I will rinse and repeat this until i retire. I have about 35 years the play with so i would hope to the complete this cycle at least once within that time. So for me its only important what the spot price is for whatever metal i hold in around 2050. There are alot of around and about's there, i always try the plan easy. One thing i learnt is that life have to many variables to plan 10-20 years ahead. I could be living in a different country in 10 years are both the kids could have become independent, you just do not no. Better just to keep a main objective. If i had to put on a number on it within the next 5 years, if it went to £45-50ish, my plan might change and i would buy a rental property and restart the main objective and start stacking again from fresh.
  12. I have been reading posts on this site for a while now but it was after seeing a YouTube video by, "Numistacker" that I was prompted to join. I started stacking/investing in silver with my wife and two young children just under a month ago and I can honestly say that it's changed our lives. We have also started adding the odd piece of fractional gold which is eye opening to say the least. I hope to be a valued member of the forum, and look forward to reading what you all have to say. Kindest regards and respect. Familystacker.
  13. Not sure if anyone has seen this but thought it might be interesting to share.
  14. There are 2 different variations of the 2016 silver panda There are the normal from Shanghai and the more deep frosted from Shenzhen It is hard to tell apart if you dont have both side by side I will try to get some pics soon
  15. Hi, Was just wondering if anyone knew anything about when the next one in the series is going to be released. It feels like it been a long time since they released one and i would be disappointed if they were stop the series, especially after releasing £100 and £50 coins. I have collected a few of each coin so far and am hoping in a few years i will have a pure (all bought on release) royal mint date run collection. Its the only coin i buy from them as im a stacker so its normally STG are for me, but i just like this coin.
  16. I know we are only three coins into the Royal Mint Lunar Series, but the silver bullion and proof edition mintage figures have dropped dramatically since the series began. The 2014 Horse silver bullion mintage was 300,000. Followed by 188,888 for the 2015 Sheep and only 138,888 for the 2016 Monkey - a drop of nearly 54%. The 1oz and 5oz silver proofs have also seen big drops and the 2016 editions haven't even sold out at the mint yet. The director of commemorative coins declared the lunar series a huge success in 2015 and the Royal Mint never seem to shy away from cranking out products for increased profits. So it's puzzling to see the eroding mintage figures for such a "successful" series. Is this a sign of much less interest than expected and a failure with the series? Or does it have to do with silver prices and the premium they can apply? Or are they limiting what they pump out in an effort to control quality? Damn milk spots... I know a lot of people don't like the designs, but I personally like them. But if these drops continue I'm not looking forward to the struggle to get my hands on one of the ten 1oz 2025 Snake silver bullion they release
  17. So a few weeks ago a very nice chap @Oldun got in touch. We have worked our way through some ideas in fact we have had over 100 messages to get to the finished stage. "Ill let the buyer advise on the ideas behind the design etc if he so wishers." Anyway the silver 2oz medal was decided upon as out of all my many molds, this can be made to shine and give the wow factor more than most. The COA is a huge add on with this piece and with the Silverstan Box finishes the product very well. I am happy to work on designs and COA's Packaging for peoples individual requirements. Please bear in mind i pride myself on sending out quality pure shiny silver pieces, however if i was going to describe these pieces id say these are my proofs. As i will re pour them re word everything and put what i need to until the customer and myself are happy for it to leave. This particular piece took 3 pours and 3 occasions back to the polishing station, as i write this i notice it needs one more polish tickle. Anyway have a look for yourself.. STRUGGLING WITH PICTURES "there was a problem" Tell me the problem would be nice ill work on the pictures..
  18. On this thread we discuss what is the most precious metal Even though gold tops everything in price is it the rarest?
  19. since the 2015 low gold($1047) silver($13:15) gold has risen ~17% and silver ~16.4%. if a new bull market in pm's emerge which would it be most profitable to keep current holdings in: gold only, gold and silver, or silver only? HH
  20. I have no clue what this could be and i'm just reaching out to the internet because i can't find a single thing on it. it's marked " S.N. 925" no hallmarks or symbols. i had it hit with an Xray and it tests sterling all throughout so it's solid, even the wiring is silver. i've never seen anything like it, it's in great condition and weighs almost four ounces. it was one of those lucky wins for 20 bucks at an auction. any help is appreciated!
  21. So today I received , although it should maybe read today I made my first buy and possibly my first newbie buy (Royal Mint), however I still feel quite pleased with myself as it is the first bullion I have ever owned. Wait for it ........... A full gold Sovereign and X 2 Britannia's (Silver) via the Royal mint, I won't bore you all with photos as I am sure you have all seen them before. First impressions and probably normal ones, I was surprised at the size of the Sovereign , however it was still a special moment to hold one (Newb) on the other hand I was blown away by the Britannia coin , although not a proof coin it was stunning to look at out of the wrapper and it has left me wanting more. I am not sure if I am now to become a stacker or a collector or a combination of both, I have enjoyed reading the advice and post's from member's here and now I have taken the first step into Silver/Gold I am itching to learn and own more. Thank you if you took time to read this. Kind regard's Deadwood
  22. Looking at buying half sovereigns on a regular basis. Would buying through the forum be more beneficial to members or not? I use various sources Auctions Local coin shop Local collectors And Various Forums.
  23. Hi, This is my first post! I have a couple of doubts I hope they do not sound too lame for you guys. I would like to know first if this forum is only about collectible silver coins or if other form of silver arts is discussed (such as miniatures, reproductions etc.). My second question is a bit more complex I guess. I am trying to get a knowledge in solid silver items (antiques and vintages), hallmarks and stamps included, but I cannot find a proper book anywhere on the web. Also, I would like to know if there are experts in solid silver miniatures. Thanks for your time, Silverissimo
  24. gkoogk

    when to sell

    Lets say you buy silver at £10 an ounce..1 year from now fiat currency collapses..your silver is now worth £80 an you sell your silver for their worthless paper money even if its 8x your investment ?
  25. Tyrrrano

    Lunar Collection

    Hi everyone, As I am beginning in collecting/stacking , I am willing to do a Lunar Perth Mint Collection ( I know it is very original ;)) but I do not know if I should begin with that ( Their designs are really good though ). I'm searching for a Tiger in 1 oz from Lunar 1 ( 2 oz too rare) because I like it very much but I think I will focus on the Lunar 2 after. Being quite young I can go long-term with my coins so I wonder if this collection is the best move ? Advices? Thanks for reading and have a great day, Tyrrrano