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Found 429 results

  1. SilverMine

    .999 Vs .9999 Purity 

    Hi all, As I am fairly new to Silver, I just wondered your thoughts on .999 vs .9999 purity. Looking into this, it seems that both count as pure silver. But I wanted to check if I am actually missing a trick by not focusing on .9999? Does .0009 actually make much of a difference to future value and quality? Sorry if this appears to be a daft question to those of you with lots of PM experience. Thanks, SM
  2. SilverMine


    I just wanted to introduce myself as a new forum member and someone who is fairly new to the PM/Silver world. I stumbled across a few videos online last year about Silver, and the more I read and watched, it became fairly obvious that it is a wise move to invest in a physical asset (alongside having small investments within the stock market and elsewhere). I am in my mid 20's so I am only just at the beginning of setting up my financial future, having spent the last couple of years getting fully out of debt and saving money. Mid 2015, I decided to dabble and came across STG online, while the delivery costs are high, the low VAT was a bit of no brainer (although I did spend time comparing costs with other websites). Being VERY new I picked up only a small amount (13oz in total but one was a 10oz koala). I sat on the coins for a few months and yesterday I ordered another small amount (14oz in coins) from STG again - its now in the post and on its way! So I figured I may as well find a PM forum, so I can keep up to date with my small investment/holding. I do worry about the items being stolen, and wonderer if an independent (non-bank) safety deposit box would be a good idea, although the nearest one to me charges quite a lot per annum. If costs to store the items are so high, using this method would devalue my overall final gains (Unless I am missing something), then again if they are stolen the gains would be 0... I would love your opinions on storage and keeping your investment's safe (without ideas such as putting them in the ground - which I would prefer to avoid). I appreciate people go into PM's for different reasons, for me I think its just a bit of extra financial security (unless silver goes up a crazy amount). Im not planning to put all of my money into silver, but rather to buy 10-20oz here or there. I think that is my plan for now. Not sure what else to say... Thanks SM
  3. JohnD

    Newbie after some advice please

    Hi All, pretty new to collecting of silver and after some advice from fellow collectors. I've read good reviews about STG but where do people go for coins that they don't stock? Anybody dealt with at all? Main site is Canada but claims to be uk so does this mean there's no vat to pay in top. Thanks, john
  4. This topic is about the effects that Britain's referendum on staying in or leaving the EU might have on precious metal trade from within the UK. I'm particularly interested in the effects of 'uncertanty' during the run up to the referendum, and the effects of either outcome after the vote has taken place. Anyone from anywhere is welcome to discuss their thoughts on this . There are rumours of the EU referendum happening earlier, in 2016 now (instead of 2017). See I was wondering, what do you think the effect of this will be on buying gold and silver for us Brits, before and after the referendum, either staying or leaving? Should I divert funds away from buying gold so I can pick up extra reduced VAT silver from Germany in case import tax rears it's head in the future? Will 'market uncertainty' give way to commodity price rises or will the world shrug off our attempt to 're-position' ourselves outside of Europe and carry on 'business as usual'? Cheers, Dan (oohshiny).
  5. Hi, Just a brief message to say hello, and to add that I am very much looking forward to some interesting discussions on this forum. I am the main spokesman (person) for our website and youtube channel, (I won't quote it here as it would undoubtedly and rightly be viewed as spam) and would add, that I and my colleagues have been gold and silver collectors for over 25 years. We cut back considerably since 2010 as we foresaw a bubble occurring, nevertheless still buy a little of the new minatges and choice coins and are waiting for prices to fall further before we seriously consider reinvesting again. I am looking forward to an enjoyable and exciting time on this forum
  6. Are there good areas where you live to hide your metals from the taxman and other government agencies?
  7. StackemHigh

    2oz Liberty Island ?

    I'm looking at the American landmark series second issue, The Liberty Island and I'm liking it. Anyone else liking it?
  8. sovereignsteve

    Anyone like toning with your Britannias?

    "Bright colors on this beautiful silver coin." One assumes this has been tampered with. Gawd knows how you could have stored a 2014 coin to get this effect.
  9. We now have Silver Canadian Maple coins available in stock. Get them now before they are gone! Any questions please feel free to ask! HGM
  10. SilverForBeginners

    The Silver Krugerrand is Bull

    When I started out Investing in Silver, I came across a Silver "Krugerrand" coin. (As per the image attached) At first this intrigued me as I instinctively thought it was well known worldwide. I was obviously mislead by the fact that this Silver coin was simply a privately minted "commemorative" coin which attempts to ride on the back of the popularity of the well known Gold Krugerrand. Being from South Africa I can assure you that this is not a government minted coin and no-one here I've ever spoken has even heard of the coin. Thankfully I did not buy it as it would have been very hard to sell in the future. There were many of these little pitfalls that I didn't know when I started investing in Silver. Having been a Silver Investor now for many years, I figured out where many of the beginner mistakes and pitfalls are that most new Silver Investors experience. I decided to create a guide called [link removed] to cover all of the issues and hopefully get more new Silver Investors to start stacking. It explains to beginners how to get started in Silver Investing, how to avoid buying the wrong Silver like the Silver "Krugerrand" above and how to keep stacking even when the mainstream media and financial "experts" say otherwise. I've even added a list of dealers, graphs and other essential resources to make it incredibly easy for people to get started.
  11. A List of Online Precious Metal Stores Accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin and/or other crypto-currencies. Amagi Metals - (Some mixed reviews. Delivery received OK from them 25th July 2015. See Below.) Bitcoin Commodities - (Also accepts many altcoins and CryptoBullion) Bitgild - Coaex - FiniteByDesign - J M Bullion - Shire Silver - SilverGoldBull - Suns of Liberty Mint - Veldtgold - Please comment in the thread if you have purchased precious metals via any of these online stores or if your online store accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and/or other crypto-currencies.
  12. Kilo silver bars & 1oz silver coins now available. Silver American Dollars : 2012 Silver Britannia's- 2012-2014 Get them before they are gone!!
  13. SilveriteFX

    Hello fellow silverites!

    New-ish UK based silver stacker here. Foremost, a numismatics and coins collector. Into crypto-currencies since early 2010 (Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.,) also an open source software advocate, of sorts. I have some retail Forex trading experience, hence the (FX). ~ - Why Silver And NOT Gold. Cheers!
  14. StackemHigh

    Perth Mint Lunar lion privy

    Hi all . I've been trying to work out which 1oz lunar coins have been issued with a lion privy . With little success ! Can anyone enlighten me if there is a full set from the mouse to date?
  15. What do you folk think of the new SM Mint memento mori Rounds? The Aquarius silver and copper do look quite good IMO. If anyone is going to order some i would get some too.
  16. The future of the Perth Mint Lunar. Is it a good idea to have a third set in a saturated lunar market or take the time and go for a brand new series to replace this old chestnut? What could either action taken affect the prices of series 1 & 2. I'm a lunar addict by the way!
  17. Here is some Gold and Silver I have managed to stack while in the State of Qatar working. Enjoy!
  18. StackemHigh

    Canadian Bison 1 1/4 oz.

    Just a quick ask. Is the 1 1/4 oz Canadian Bison part of the wildlife series or is it possibly the start of a wildlife 2 collection? If so how many in the series?
  19. Mike1073

    New member

    Hi, glad to have joined forum, looks really interesting with lots of great views and topics . Been stacking for a couple of years , both gold and silver but its the white metal that does it for me. Massively into bars big and small, but have a real craving for Britannia's and Eagles. Can't get enough of them i'm afraid!
  20. happyginger

    Hallmark Identification

    Hi everyone. This is my first post. Bought a vase very recently and it has 925 stamped on the bottom and some indescript rubbed marks.Can anyone identify it or tell me if its sterling silver or by any maker or retailer? Cheers.
  21. StackemHigh


    I'm interested in these. 1oz Proof i think. What do you guys think?
  22. dave558

    scrap silver to bars

    is there a place in london where i can take scrap silver to make 1oz 2oz bars
  23. bugo

    I scored a Morgan for a buck!

    This is my first post to this forum but I'm a regular poster on some other coin forums and I've been collecting coins all my life. In the last year or so, I've become obsessed with silver coins. I worked at a convenience store for a year and a half and found some silver in the tills, in rolls, and some customers spent silver coins. I found probably a half dozen war nickels, between 35 and 40 silver Roosevelt dimes, a couple of silver Washington quarters, several 40% Kennedys, three Franklins, and a 40% silver business strike NIFC bicentennial quarter (the only year the mint minted a 40% silver quarter). I also check the Coinstar machines and I have found a 1905-O dime and a 1917 French 50 centimes coin (83.5% silver). Those were impressive finds, but yesterday I found something that blew those coins out of the water. There is a convenience store/bodega at the apartment complex where I used to live. I got to know the owner and asked him if he would stick back "large coins" (half dollars and larger) for me and he did. He saved several clad halves for me and an Ike, which were nice scores because I collect all half dollars and all large dollars including Eisenhower dollars. One day I got lucky and the owner had several halves and one of them was 40% (1968). Yesterday I went to the complex to visit my friend who still lives there. I got thirsty and walked down to the store to buy a Coke. The owner wasn't there, instead a lady that I had never seen was working. She was talking to somebody else behind the counter and her English wasn't great. She rang up my Coke and I asked her if she had any "big coins" and she replied "yes". I was afraid that she didn't understand what I was saying or at the most it would be a clad Kennedy. She pulled out a large coin and at first I thought it was an Ike, and I got excited because Ikes are rare in circulation and I thought it would look nice in my folder. She handed it to me and my jaw hit the floor when I saw that it was a Morgan! I didn't even look at it that closely because I didn't want her to change her mind. I told her I wanted it and gave her four quarters for it and went on my merry way. She obviously just wanted to get it out of the drawer because large dollar coins are a pain when counting your till and making the bank deposit at the end of the shift. I took it home and looked at it closer and it turns out that it was a 1884-O silver dollar! I thought it was a VF or possibly an XF (I'm not very knowledgeable about coin grading) but I posted the pictures to the coin forums and everybody agreed that it is AU! There is a scratch on her face but otherwise it's in excellent shape. I'm still in shock over finding a 19th century Morgan in circulation. Here are some pictures I took. The Morgan isn't as gold looking as it appears to be in these pictures but it does have nice golden toning. To think that I almost stopped at a QT to get a Coke but didn't because there was a car in the right hand lane so I decided to go to the bodega instead. I hadn't been to this store in probably a month. I don't believe in fate or destiny but it was almost like this coin was meant to be mine. A friend has already offered $50 for it which I declined because I collect for fun, not for profit. Besides, how often do you find Morgans in circulation? It's going into my forever collection. Here it is:
  24. StackemHigh

    RAM Australian Road Sign Series.

    Does anyone have any info on the RAM road sign series, ANy sizes, weights, finishes and dates etc?
  25. TenOunces

    Silver not Fiat

    I was wondering if anyone could help me explain hoe buying silver and gold et al is basically pulling money from the system. Lowering the demand for (in my case) dollars or any other fiat currency. I understand it, but I can't explain it. Maybe one of you are better at explaining stuff in words than I am. Some one said that I am not really pulling money out of the system, but just recycling the fiat. And also I am acctually speeding up the velocity of money by trding my dollars for silver. I see it as I traded my dollars for a hard asset that is part of the fractional reserve banking system and silver is not a fiat currency.