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Found 398 results

  1. At 90 years old and still going strong, the Godfather of newsletter writers, Richard Russell, warned about “the great destroyer,” war, and silver. The 60-year market veteran also discussed major markets, gold, hyperinflation, and what is “dirt cheap” that he believes investors should be buying right now. Russell: “From the 1830s to the 1930s, almost all the important currencies were on the gold standard and were backed by gold. The sovereign had a gold content of .2355, and was minted in seven countries including Australia, Britain, South Africa and Canada. In other words, the whole world was on the gold standard. This was a period of extraordinary stability among world currencies. But war is the great destroyer of currencies. When nations wanted to spend more than the discipline of gold would allow, they turned to fiat currencies and printed what they needed out of a computer and thin air. Germany was a famous offender when it printed marks by the barrelful, during which time hyperinflation destroyed the purchasing power of the German mark. Today we have a comparable example in the US, which has not only left the gold standard, but to cover up its inflation, is depressing the price of gold through paper gold trading on the COMEX. Because of our out-of-control US spending, the US is covering its outrageous debts by printing money. The US is now $17 trillion in debt, which is being carried at near zero interest rates. Looking to the future, the US has two choices: one is to renege on its debts, which is unthinkable, and the other is inflation or hyperinflation. So far, the US has chosen the path of inflation. If continued, this will lead to the purchasing power of the dollar declining to close to zero and the dollar becoming next to worthless since it won't represent anything but the full faith and credit of a bankrupt nation. The only protection we have against the inflationary policies of the government is to turn to the items which historically, over 5000 years, have held on to their purchasing power. The items I'm referring to are physical silver and gold. Ironically, even here our modern financial alchemists have conjured up counterfeit precious metals, which we call “paper” silver and gold. There is far more paper gold than there is physical gold, a predicament that some day will come back to haunt us. Our best and safest protection in the current inflationary world is physical precious metals. ........................................ In reading a dozen newspapers every day, I receive a collection of disjointed stories that are impossible to sort out. Therefore, I leave it to the stock averages to tell me the story. Below we see a story that I don't like. This is ten years of the Industrial Average which has been climbing beautifully above a rising trendline that started from the 2009 low. The reason this chart bothers me is that the Industrial Average has fallen cleanly below its trendline. At this time I can't tell exactly what this breakdown means, but to put it in simple terms, it can't be good. My conscience is clear, however, since I've begged my subscribers to be in items of pure wealth, and by that I mean silver and gold. Below we see a chart of gold relative to the DJIA. Here we see what I term a huge head and shoulders bottom. Over the last few days, we see a clear breakout in favor of gold over the Industrial Average. This does not mean that the Dow must go down, but it means on a relative basis gold is doing better than the Dow. The chart below shows gold breaking out above its two moving averages. Note that the formation is a head-and-shoulder bottom, and a huge breakout will occur if gold closes above 1340. My current recommendation is that my subscribers buy physical silver. Silver, currently under $20 an ounce, is dirt cheap. Late Notes -- Today's Wall Street Journal featured a bullish article on the gold miners. It seems to me that news of the bullish picture in Gold is coming out into the open.” To subscribe to legendary Richard Russell’s Dow Theory Letters CLICK HERE
  2. StackemHigh

    Goodbye Fiji Taku. Hello Hawksbill Turtle

    The taku has gone, But there is a new kid on the block. The niue Hawksbill Turtle. What do you think?
  3. I am terrible at maths and i've been tryin to work out a formula to work out the price over spot for several types of silver. Without success i may add. I am looking at getting a programmable calculator to work with my scales to find two answers. 1. The amount of fine silver in any coin, round or bar of a given weight and purity. 2. The price of any given coin whether below, at or above spot expressed at a %. I will be greatful for any assistance that can be given. Stack 'em.
  4. So we now know that CME Group and Thomson Reuters will be taking over the reigns of the silver fix when it comes to an end in London next month. One of the possible reasons cited for Deutsche Bank not finding another bidder to take over their position in London as a result of ongoing collusion investigations by British and German authorities, it was hailed as a positive step forward by some commentators that we could now see a more transparent system for setting silver prices. Then you do a bit of digging and find out that CME Group is just another of the big players in the derivatives and futures firms, and have question marks over a possible advantage they have in their High Frequency Trading systems. Traders who are connected to CME's industry leading and high powered, fibre optic run systems can take advantage of a millisecond extra time to place their orders, which is enough to beat other traders who are not connected directly to their systems and therefore can't take advantage of price fluctuations as quickly as others. In other words - frontrunning; being able to take advantage of prior knowledge (i.e. the time advatange of price movements) to give an unfair advantage over others. This means that the bods who will take over the price fixing of silver are the ones who are known for using the highest performing technology to make up to 75,000 fake quotes per SECOND to slow down the rate of processing for other traders but also possibly to cover up fraud committed by the High Frequency Trading programs. Here's an example of the number of trades registered in only 100 MILLISECONDS or ONE TENTH OF A SECOND: This is a graph showing the sheer volume of trades that can occur with these systems in 1/10th of a second: The analysis of this, taken from Nanex's site is: "The chart below shows the entire $30 drop in the price of Gold futures that occurred in just under 100 milliseconds (1/10th of a second). When we separated groups of trades by a jump in the exchange sequence number (a technique to determine the size of a larger order) we discovered there were 9 groups where the sum of the trade sizes was exactly 338 contracts! Each group is composed of widely different numbers of trades: the first group of 338 contracts is made up of 211 trades, the second group is made up of 186 trades, and 3rd-9th: 120, 193, 97, 193, 137, 112 and 109 trades respectively. We show these 9 groups in the chart below. What's more, there are other trades occurring between these groups of 338 contracts. This was not the result of a fat finger, but rather the work of a high frequency trading algorithm that paused, and (probably) tested the market before continuing. A fat finger would not have such distinguishing features. What is disturbing about this algorithm, is that it carefully waited so as not to trip the CME's stop logic and halt the stock. The halt was from the more lenient volatility circuit breaker after the price declined $30 in less than a second. This algo appears to have been more concerned about preventing an immediate halt, rather than getting the best prices. Since the value of the trades was close to $500 million, there aren't a lot of suspects. Add to this, the fact they didn't get "special treatment" and have the trades busted, or the price adjusted (which is what happened with the Treasury Futures debacle just 2 short weeks before this event)." My question is around whether these same HFT systems that CME Group (which handles 12.5 million futures contracts a day) will use the same algorithms that will be used to set the price of silver throughout the day. I guess only time will tell, but it seems just another step further for the possible collusion between central banks and institutions such as CME to supress the price of silver. If it's the "race to the bottom" as many talk about, and the S does Hit The Fan then systems such as this are only serving to paper over the cracks of a financial system already rotten to the core. It also shows that the game of "them and us" will continue, and if that's the case then I'll continue to pick up cut-price silver and at least benefit from this ongoing manipulation of the gold and silver markets.
  5. StackemHigh

    SGB Series of Dissent.

    I've just unboxed my last delivery from Maggie, The series of dissent #4 - Recycle and #extra - double pirate. This is my first completed set and i am already looking at starting another collection of limited edition rounds. SGB gods could be collected SGB SoDissent II or something else?
  6. What are the pros and cons for cleaning your silver items, coins (bullion and proof), rounds and bars?
  7. What was the last silver coin you found in circulation? I got a 1963-D dime two days ago. I work at a convenience store, and a guy paid for his merchandise using the dime. I've found 4 or 5 war nickels, around 35 silver dimes, 3 or 4 quarters, 3 Franklin halves, and 5 or 6 40% silver halves in the last year and 3 months. I had no idea so much silver was still out there.
  8. Carpe Diem

    Fake 1oz Kookaburras

    Heads up for those of you collecting these, not sure where he got it from but if buying from eBay have your wits about you. He does the decent thing though, and fires it out a cannon...
  9. Carpe Diem

    Were you buying silver back in 2011?

    Particularly aimed at those buying silver on eBay during this time, what do you remember the activity on there being like? Was it a mad rush whenever anything was listed that it was all selling like hot cakes during the rise to $49? I've been picking up the odd bit of pre 1920 British silver coinage here and there and wonder what the mood was at the time on eBay for stuff like this. (yes I meant were not where in title!!) Cheers Danny-Boy for editing that!
  10. StackemHigh

    Singapore Orchid Collection

    What do you folk think of this one? Not a fluffy animal in sight! I really am curious to find out about new coins that are a bit different in some way and how these affect collectability. The collection started in 2011 with two coins per year with over 200 native Orchids it could be a long running series!
  11. StackemHigh

    Pobjoy Mint New Release

    Spotted this on pobjoys website. Silver proof £58.29 (28.28g) not 1oz And a titanium version for £37.46 What do you think?
  12. Carpe Diem

    9 Min Video Review on Silver's Trends

    Belangp, a guy who puts out in my opinion some of the most understandable videos on economics and precious metals has a new video which is a review of the Silver Institute's recent report on the supply and demand of silver. Interesting watching, and a useful interpretation of the data
  13. ok slightly provocative title, I don't mean China as a nation. More the fakes coming out of China. I've often heard experienced people making the point that fake coins coming from China are becoming more realistic and better quality. If any of you have seen this video from CyberCurtainTwitcher where he compares a fake 2013 silver Panda with a real one, save for the heavy embossing they look pretty damn close to the real one. Of course, with the right equipment you can judge a fake by measuring weight, thickness etc but the question is whether in the future the fakes are so close to the real ones (both aesthetically and in weight/thickeness) that without melting the coin down or showering it in nitric acid then few will be able to tell the difference. Other factors to consider for producing fake coins are that the metals used are too heavy or that they don't give that distinctive "ring" when dropped but I'm just putting it out there as a discussion that I think we should consider - and that is around the liquidity of what we collect.
  14. StackemHigh

    One UGLY fish

    Looking about the net and spoted this lovely coin? Cough! Cough!
  15. I mean from an educational angle, as in how would you teach your kid the basics around precious metals, the importance and value of such things and hopefully planting the seeds for future understanding of wealth preservation away from fiat currencies and savings accounts with paltry interest rates? For me, it's all about fun in the beginning. Getting them interested in the colours, faces, animals etc and then in future them seeing how a toy can be bought for x pounds Sterling or x grams of silver or gold, then as time goes on how you need more and more currency to pay for the same items. Interested to know if anyone has ever actively educated their kids in this area, or if not what your suggestions would be.
  16. Carpe Diem

    What is your strategy?

    Was watching this video from Silverfish VT recently where he explained what his strategy was. Interestingly it was a 3 year plan where he hoped to get enough silver behind him that it would effectively pay for any new ounces he bought, as a result of selling coins at a higher premium than were bought for. When the Gold to Silver Ratio is around 40 - 1, then he would sell much of his silver for gold, which based on his purchases would enable him to "lock in" a future gold price for him at around $920/oz for gold. Silver around 50$ and gold around 2,000$ an ounce. He's quite hazy on why it'll hit those figures, admitting himself he doesn't have hard data to backup that, but 40, he says is historically the number that is tough to break through. So the question is, what is your long-term strategy and is monitoring (and ultimately acting on) the Gold Silver Ratio part of this? And also, I take it that his motive for wanting to get into gold when the GSR is at 40-1 is because he expects future widening of that ratio, where he can then begin to sell the "cheap" gold he got for even better value silver?
  17. Carpe Diem

    What is the true value of silver?

    Hello everyone, I'd be interested to see what your answers would be to the above question. I found this from another forum and I think it's always important to constantly reflect and evaluate why we do what we do. Here it is: "the true value of silver is what people are willing to pay for it. Some people mistakenly believe that the true value is the mining cost....but this is not the true value at all for a number of reasons. Some argue that the true value is based on what it's value was during Roman times or during the period prior to 1971. This is also a mistaken belief. There may be different ways of valuing silver but ultimately the only true value is simply what people are willing to pay. And yes, this means that the true value of silver is subjective whether some people are capable of accepting this truth or are fearful of this truth or not. In the actual real world, there is no such thing as an intrinsic value of silver just like there's no such thing as Santa Clause. All values placed on silver are extrinsic and subjective." I'd like to hear your thoughts on what is written, Thanks.
  18. What are your thoughts for the future of how the silver price will be fixed since Deutsche Bank's announcement that they would leave? I read that the new scheme proposes that the new system should be based on trades actually executed rather than quotes and that the data should be transparent and subject to audit according to the World Gold Coucil a few days ago* Can we trust the regulators to er... regulate and uphold the transparency that the new system deserves? I just have a bad feeling that it will be more of the same collusion among the big boys though. *source
  19. AgentBullion

    9999 Vs 999.0

    I wanted to know if Coins which are 9999 such as Maple Leafs are they more valueable than coins which are 999.0 I'm a newbie to Investing in silver bullion, at the moment i have a target to aquire as much silver as possible, I tend to buy the cheapest deal for 1oz coins or bars, but I also want to have coins and bars from all minters in my collection Eagles, Britannias, Pandas ect. are all 999.0 but they seem to cost more than Maples which are 9999. I can understand that the designs of most coins look more attractive than the Maples, but I'm thinking as an Investor here!! so will 9999 coins be worth more due to the higher purity than 999.0 coins? I quess my question is does 9999 or 999.0 matter when i comes to investment? Any thoughts!!! @AgentBullion
  20. Given the price of Gold and Silver today (and generally this year) do you think we are seeing price manipulation in order to allow the financial institutions to buy up huge quantities before a USD collapse or do you think PM prices are on a downward trend given the perception of an uplift in the global economy (traditionally gold and silver prices go down in a boom time)? I myself am not sure. I've watched the series of Mike Maloney videos recently and, whilst not convinced of an Armageddon scenario just yet, I am mindful that history has some interesting insights into money vs currency. I will keep on stacking irrespective of price at the moment (taking a longer term view of c. 10 years plus). Thoughts?
  21. The PWC Gold, Silver and Copper Report has been produced and makes for interesting reading. The link is: Broadly speaking 47% of participants think Gold prices will rise in 2014, 46% believe they will remain unchanged and 7% forecast a decrease. Average gold prices are predicted at around $1309 (ranging from $1,000 - $1600) rising to $1378 by 2016 53% of participants believe silver prices will rise in 2014, 38% believe they will remain unchanged and 9% forecast a fall. Average 2014 silver price is predicted at $22 (ranging from $15 - $28) and average price for 2015 equates to $23 It has to be borne in mind that these figures can be hugely affected by any 'black swan' events that may or may not occur.
  22. CurryMuncher69

    New Member + Where you buy your silver

    Has anyone got silver from Silver to and have received it VAT FREE with delivery? I am looking to spend around £700-£1000 per month on silver, and gold. looking to get the most silver for my money. What Type of Silver is good for investment and saving purposes? I AM NOT A COLLECTOR ! NO NUMISMATIC COINS, THEY DO NOT INTEREST ME I have attached a Excel Sheet Please have a look on my silver information!. I never knew there was a silver forum based in the UK, Just got your website now from Silverfish VT! March 2014.xlsx
  23. Hi, Just introducing myself to Forum members. My name is Richard from Wales UK. I am a former Bank Manager (please don't hate me ;-) ) UK Investment Adviser and International Wealth Manager. Now retired from the Financial Services Industry I run my own marketing company helping small businesses improve revenue and profitability. Despite having advised clients in the past to invest 10% of their wealth in precious metals, it was primarily directed at gold and mining funds, shares and ETF's. Having over the past few weeks, followed most of the gold, silver and currency gurus on You Tube, I am presently persuaded of the importance of holding physical as opposed to 'paper commodities' should the 'Armageddon Prophecy' occur. I am currently leaning closer towards Gold at present in view of the enormous appetite of World Banks and Governments - especially in Asia and the East - to purchase as much as they can at current prices. I also admire the Chinese Government's efforts to persuade their people to do likewise. Whilst I prefer to touch and admire silver coins and bars (as they are more affordable) my concern stems from reading the World Silver Survey 2013 (from the Silver Institute) which shows that (at least 2012 and recently prior) there has been a surplus of silver available - especially when compared to Industrial and Investment demand - and this surplus is predicted to continue - despite what the Guru's (most of whom incidentally own gold and silver brokerages) suggest. However, I will admit, I can see the argument that should economies around the world collapse, there will be a flight to gold and silver, thereby rapidly increasing its price. It therefore occurs to me that Silver is a great bet in an 'end of the financial world' situation and a good bet in a 'rapidly improving economy' world (because of industrial demand) but a questionable one, when neither occurs. BTW 20% VAT on the purchase of silver hardly helps its investment case as one would need rises close to previous highs to make just a small profit, (even at current prices). Having said that, if i were closer to 20 years old as opposed to 50 years old, I would certainly invest £20 - £100 per month in physical silver (depending on income) on the basis that i was saving it over the long term and not tempted to use it to make depreciating asset purchases. If I had a good job/income, I would probably purchase a sovereign every month with the same view in mind. That's me ladies and gentlemen - not certain that I am right - who is? I am looking forward to many debates on here and believe that a UK forum for PM Investors and potential investors is a great idea! Richard