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  1. The crazy thing is, I am able to sell eagles, maples etc for a higher price than what I paid for these korean coins. So to buy these on an outright basis or to sell some eagles/maples against it (since i have too many) as a switch seems to be a no brainer. I would rather scalp doing this than try to trade a rigged market like oil where insiders and their elk are already positioned before the tweets/headlines are released.
  2. LPM.HK I ended up buying a few of the 2018 and 2019. Price looked surprisingly good given low mintage and based on where ive seen these coins selling in Singapore. I presume they ship globally.
  3. Thanks everyone! Hope to make some new friends and contacts
  4. Can probably get a handful of the 2018/2019 pieces for under 20usd. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on whether its a good buy at that price point. Price seems reasonable and feel like I can probably flip a few units to reduce my overall cost as well
  5. Hello there, Just want to introduce myself, im a new member from Singapore. I got into stacking end of 2018, not necessarily because i am a silver lover (although it is nice and shiny), but because I hate fiat currency with a vengeance so I don't like to keep much of it at any given time. My background is finance so I understand where we are at in a world of ever increasing debt and money printing. With the current situation, debt burdens will increase dramatically. I compare it to a wartime situation without the war. Instead of govts paying for tanks, planes and bombs, they will be paying for medical equipment, care, social security etc I was out of work for a while last year so was selling silver to past the time and ended up learning a lot of lessons. In Singapore we don't have to pay GST (goods and services tax) on bullion coins and bars and there is no capital gains tax so its a perfect jurisdiction to buy and store precious metals. I have bought from maybe upto 15 dealers around the world so I try and keep in tune with who is competitive etc. But I still have a lot to learn so I am hoping to expand my knowledge and network with fellow collectors.
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