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  1. Yes of course, thought that went without saying would be a bargain if they were available...
  2. He's been clear he doesn't believe in free delivery and gave a fair explanation.
  3. Hang on isn't the intrinsic value of that £155?
  4. All week? It was available Monday–Thursday.
  5. They clearly mark ex VAT so I doubt they will decide there's any attempt to mislead but might offer some advice. Baird are the only ones I've seen where it's so clearly against the letter and the spirit of the law.
  6. To be precise not a lot of big business give prices ex vat. B2B businesses give prices ex vat as is entirely logical and sensible and legal. B2C businesses never do because it's misleading and illegal for obvious reasons. The issue is with the B2C arm of Baird's. Its well known to be a huge company which makes it even more surprising they are trying this cheap trick rather than being up front.
  7. It is when they don't even mention it's ex. VAT and then don't add it until after clicking through three further pages involving entering your full personal details. And in general companies should be encouraged to follow consumer protection law as too many always try their best to get one over their customers.
  8. We'll know if it's a waste of time after they finish their investigation. I'm sure nobody expects Trading Standards to be done in one day even in normal circumstances.
  9. Started an investigation as is standard practice... Added 0 minutes later... The problem is it's against the law. The law was introduced to prevent misleading marketing to consumers. We are obliged to obey all the laws of this country especially if we are a profit-making company selling to the public.
  10. Thanks., Never understood why forgers go to all this trouble then don't even bother to put things in the right places....
  11. How odd. Confusing why they have a different price and listing for tubes of 25 then?
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